...’cause what could be more punk rock than following your intuition and your heart?

IMG_3716Hey there, Rebel Soul! 

I’m Lisa Selow and I’m a new school, warm, big-hearted psychic and modern mystic chick for rebellious, outlaw hearts and misfit souls…at your service!

I know that you’re yearning for freedom, authenticity, abundance, intuition, inner peace, love, romance, fulfillment, creativity, purpose, comfort, happiness, and self-acceptance.

The world needs more visionaries, artists, healers, musicians, writers, dreamers, entrepreneurs, activists, teachers, and love spreaders. It’s your time to be BRAVE and rock the world!

I’m so honored to be a part of your path…I give readings and provide coaching for YOU, so that you can:

Connect with the messages from your heart and spirit, your true self, and your inner truth and obtain clarity, answers, and a-ha’s for your path!

Create a road map of next steps to get to where you want to be

Design your future (since the best way to know the future is to CREATE it)

Live your purpose more fully

Learn how to follow your own intuition, trust it, and move forward with less worries

Have more courage to make changes, dream bigger, and go for what you desire

Get the PMA (positive mental attitude) that Napoleon Hill wrote about in his books and that the punk band, The Bad Brains sang about!

Learn how to meditate and create a regular practice for more inner peace and happiness

Learn how to be your own psychic with DIY oracle card readings

Get clear on your book idea and learn how to launch your book, so you can serve a larger number of people with your wisdom

Thanks and love to you!


The Fine Print: I don’t tell you the lottery numbers or predict when you’ll meet Mr./Mrs. Right. Please don’t ask me to spy on your ex! That old school, psychic sh*t is whack! Instead, I specialize in transformative, life-changing, healing-intended readings, NOT psychic first-aid, parlor tricks, or dog-and-pony-show type of stuff.



©2015 by Lisa Selow
Carpe Diem!