Are you ready to hear what your soul wants you to know?

Hey! Ho! Let’s Go! (For you Ramones’ fans…)

I’m Lisa: A new school, revolutionary, big-hearted psychic and modern mystic chick for the new generations of rebellious, outlaw hearts and misfit souls–at your service! Welcome to Punk Rock Psychic™!

Are you sick and tired of not being able to make lasting changes in your life?

Have you tried everything from acupuncture to meditating to yoga and you still don’t feel happier or more peaceful?

You’re in the right place!

Using a combination of my smart-assed humor and loving ass kicking style, we’ll excavate your true self and life purpose — so that you can design a life that rocks, not sucks!

Here’s what’s in it for YOU:

  • Guidance about moving past your present blocks (I use my woo woo healing arts tools to help you kick ass!)
  • Clarity about which action steps to take next (I use my psychic skills, but I don’t just tell you your future. We’ll take it one step further, teaching you how to create the future you desire!)
  • Inner peace and happiness in bigger doses (I use my punk rock cheerleader side mixed with life coaching to get you on the right track!)

The world needs more visionaries, artists, healers, musicians, writers, dreamers, entrepreneurs, activists, teachers, and love spreaders, so it’s time to get your ass in gear and get off the couch!

If you feel ready to say, “F*ck It!” to mediocrity and staying stuck in misery and angst, check out my services. Let’s help you get the PMA (positive mental attitude) that Napoleon Hill wrote about in his books and that the punk band The Bad Brains sing about!

Check out my edgy, honest blog about personal development and I spill the “secrets” of the psychic arts:

(Be warned: I don’t tell you the lottery numbers or predict when you’ll meet Mr./Mrs. Right. Also, please don’t ask me to spy on your ex! That old school, psychic sh*t is whack! Instead, I specialize in transformative, life-changing, healing-intended readings, NOT psychic first-aid, parlor tricks, or dog-and-pony-show type of psychic crap.)

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If you are interested in fueling your purpose, spiritual path, and rocking the world, I urge you to check out my first book, A Rebel Chick Mystic’s Guide: Healing Your Spirit With Positive Rebellion (November 26, 2012, Hay House, Inc.):

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