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You Disappoint Me


Sep 2, 2015 , , 0 Comments


I don’t like to write negative things. I tend to be very positive. However, I have to walk my talk here and be honest.

You disappoint me.

I’ve had some of you write me basically asking for a reading free of charge. Question: How does that honor me and this work?

Also, my mom passed away in June this year, not even three months ago. Another question: Why are you so impatient with me in getting back to you with emails? Chill out.

I’m also disappointed when you ask for patience and understanding and folks do not provide it to me as a business owner or a human being. I send out my email newsletter monthly to stay in touch. At times, there are links and helpful things, but lately, I’ve been a bit tired due to grief and other life stuff. I politely asked in a recent email newsletter if you wouldn’t mark my email as junk. Well, one of you thought it was rather cute to mark it as junk. Question: Did you enjoy that? I sure hope it was worth it.

To be honest, I don’t have a ton of bandwidth any more to write here on this blog. I don’t turn down clients, however.

The thing is, it’s not my job to be your endless source of inspiration on this blog or on social media. I will write or share when I feel like it. I keep this blog and website mostly up for a source of information, to be of service.

One last question: What are you doing lately to be of service?



Punk Rock Psychic


You Gotta Stop to Listen.


Jun 11, 2015 , , 0 Comments


If you’re running around so busy all the time, it’s hard to be in touch with your intuition.

You gotta stop to…LISTEN.

Even if you just sit for a few moments to take a deep breath or two, this counts as a meditation of sorts.

Spirit or Source or your guides or angels…whatever terms you use…cannot reach you if you’re always busy on your smartphone.

Why not try plugging into the universe or spirit?

Unplug for a few hours from texts, emails, the internet, or watching movies or shows…

Try it…it could be one of the most “punk rock” things you will ever do.

Blessings and love,

Lisa, Punk Rock Psychic


Authenticity Makes Me Happy


Feb 26, 2015 , , , , 0 Comments


Authenticity makes me happy, but you know what? It doesn’t necessarily make me financially wealthy. If anything, at times, it’s negatively affected my business’ bottom line. I’ve had losses such as people leaving my tribe by hitting the “unlike” and “unsubscribe” buttons. I’ve lost friends, acquaintances, and colleagues.

So many internet marketers and business coaches talk about how being authentic is so important in life and business. I agree with them. I do my best to really show up as the real me. I probably am not as successful (in a traditional sense) as I could be, since I don’t want to follow the formulas that work for others. Those formulas never work for me. Some will say that the formulas can be customized, which I disagree with a bit. If you paste in your information and details and even essence into a formula, it’s still a formula.

Living authentically for me means that I listen to my heart. It means that I contribute to the world in ways that feel good to me. There’s things I enjoy helping others with and I trust that the right people will find me.

I’ve not really found that authenticity pays the bills. I know that this will sound negative to some.

I’ve been on the planet for 40 some years and each year, I’ve found that my heart speaks to me louder and louder. It’s hard to ignore your heart’s messages and your callings. More and more, my definition of “success” basically is “just be happy.” I have found that when I’m happy, everything mostly falls into place. I’m not saying I’m happy all the time, but the more I am, the easier it is to be that way most of the time.

Some want me to be scowling, a depressed or dark punk rocker. That’s not me. I’m really more of a happy-go-lucky, very silly faerie. Yes, I’ve written a book about the rebel’s spiritual path. Yes, I’ve branded myself as “punk rock.” The thing is, punk rock for me has always been about being true to yourself. I don’t always listen to punk music or dress in a punk rock way. I just show up as me. Some days, it means I’m listening to Howlin’ Wolf and wearing jeans and a hoodie or yoga pants. It’s all good.

What about you? What’s your definition of authenticity? Share in the comments below.

With love and respect,



©2015 by Lisa Selow

You Don’t Need Lots of Psychic Readings


Jan 8, 2015 , , , , , 0 Comments
(Be Your Own Authority, baby!)

(Be Your Own Authority, baby!)

I know it’s bad grammar with my title here, but I’m an informal, down-to-earth kind of gal. I’m sure you knew that.

It’s true though…you don’t really need many psychic readings.


You already know your inner truth.

You are smart. You are wise. You are intuitive and yes, even psychic (It just takes practice and you got this, as they say.)

You know what is best and for your highest good. You really do.

You might get a reading now and then. Maybe it’s once a quarter? Maybe every six months? Maybe once per year? Maybe every 2 years?

You know what is best.

The thing is, I’m not gonna pressure you to get readings. No, I don’t work like that.

I’m in the business of putting myself out of business. I hope that one day, no one needs a psychic reading ‘cause everyone has embraced their inner wisdom and intuitive gifts.

I just invite you to get a reading when it feels right for you. Then, you just email me and ask for a reading. I’ll send you a PayPal link and we’ll work out the day and time…but, it’s not about the money for me. I love giving readings and it’s one of my passions. I’d do it for free and I have, but I burned out. Money just happens to be our modern culture’s exchange. (Sorry, I can’t take chickens as payment, ha ha!).

It’s all really easy.

It really is.

Loving you,

Lisa, Punk Rock Psychic™



Comforted by Comfort


Nov 6, 2014 , , , , , , 0 Comments


Adventure. Change. Freedom. Comfort. These are some of my values and I”m sure they seem conflicting when you notice the word. “comfort” thrown into the mix. The thing is, I don’t always do the change thing very well in my life. At times, I’m really tested by change. Throw me into a new situation and at first, I feel a little “off,” wondering where I am and if things will be okay. I’m dong my best to honor my human side lately. My human side wants comfort and to have some constancy in my life. It’s okay to need those things a little bit, I’d say.

I think it’s okay to have a little bit of comfort, especially when you’re not physically well. End of last month, I became really sick with an upper respiratory infection, probably the flu. It has taken about two weeks to completely go away. I’m still working on feeling better.

I really need hot beverages when I’m sick. I need a bed, blanket, book, and journal. Such small comforts, but for me, they mean the world. At times, some of my ways of bringing comfort into my life do not serve me well, such as always checking my Facebook for things such as private messages or my news feed for cool or inspiring things. I procrastinate way too much at times. So, I wonder if comfort isn’t always a good thing. It serves my ego at times, but not my soul.

Addictions show up in different forms for people. We’re just trying to do our best to bring comfort and homeostasis into our lives. I myself notice that when I get stressed out, I can’t eat, so comfort eating is not something I have to worry about luckily. I also rarely drink alcohol and well, I don’t do drugs or smoke cigarettes. On the other hand, I do like to zone out with digital fixes such as Etsy browsing, Amazon book browsing, blog reading, Facebook or email. I also can find a zillion and one things to do around the house, such as cleaning or organizing to lose myself in and avoid doing my important work (writing, art, music, yoga, meditation, and marketing). In the past, I bordered on addiction with my fitness stuff, racing my bicycle and training like a madwoman. I think, too, I used to be addicted to achievement and trying to be a success. I let go of the fitness and success addictions too. I do still really love a decaf espresso and I don’t plan on giving that up anytime soon.

In the past, I used to try to find comfort through being with other people. I’d sit and talk about my problems. I’d try to support the other people. I’m not sure if I was a good friend or not. Then, I noticed some of my friends leaving my life. I think that this happens naturally with relationships. It’s that whole “reason, season, or lifetime” cliche bit. It wasn’t until I reached my 40s that I found comfort more from art, music, writing, and following my callings, instead of trying to be comforted outside of myself by people. I guess some vestiges of this remain with some of the remaining aspects of my digital addictions that I’m working to heal.

One thing Buddhist teachers of mine talk about is how as humans we’re all trying to avoid suffering. It’s what we all have in common. We want to feel good and avoid pain. The past two years, I’ve noticed that my pain has really tried to get my attention. At times, I think it’s gone, but other times, I notice it’s still there, just a bit. The disappointment and heartache of not living up to your own expectations might seem insignificant or like “first world pain,” but when you’re going through the waves of emotion and processing through it, it’s very real.

As I’ve healed my post-publishing depression, I’ve looked closely at my habits each day to see where I’m avoiding myself or life or my emotions and feelings. I’ve tried to be compassionate towards myself the best I can. It’s been really hard for me. My health suffered and I had a relapse of chronic fatigue syndrome, which I’ve been working to heal since early 2013. I thought I was done with those lessons, having healed it in early 2000s.

Then, when I really started to feel better, it seemed like all of these critics came out of the woodwork. Some were kind enough to write me privately, ha ha. All of them were woman. Their main criticism of me and my work was that I seemed to be a “kept woman.” I’m paraphrasing and no, they didn’t use that term, but they basically suggested it. The thing is, my life and finances are no one’s business. Also, I’ve had massive health challenges over the years.

So what if I don’t work a traditional day job. I work for myself and it works for me and yes, I do make money and hell yes, I work hard…maybe a bit too hard. I’d like these critics to see my medical bills, many of which I’ve paid out of pocket because I use holistic treatments. While they’re typing away about how “privileged” I am, I can’t help but wonder how they don’t see themselves as having privilege too. They have a computer, a job, and can read and write, which not everyone in the world can say that they have. My British friend said to tell them to “bugger off,” ha ha ha! I should have, but I’m not wanting to be mean to others. I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of that and I’d rather be kind…but, I have started to speak up for myself.

Zoning out is sometimes way easier. I don’t have to feel the hurt that others try to project onto me. I don’t have to feel the disappointments I’ve experienced from living on the planet and not living up to my own or others’ expectations for me. I don’t have to be disappointed when stuff goes awry.

What works for me is being gentle with myself in this process of returning to my true self. I’m not trying to live others’ dreams any more. I’m actually zoning out much less and working on some fun projects that I enjoy. I am working on enjoying and loving the moment as much as possible, even if I’m not a success on paper or according to what some in society dictate. It’s liberating and it “only” took me some 42 or more years to sort of get it.

What is comforting to me is knowing that I have so much to be grateful for, including my creativity, my connection to the divine, and my relatively good health. I feel comforted by nature, including friendly animals and birds. I love how the sun shines on my back and how the clouds look so yummy. I enjoy the rainbows and the rain. Good books are good friends, as are journals. I love to get messy with paint, Mod Podge, and glitter. I love sunsets, but there’s something so tranquil about the sunrise, being up before everyone else. Comfort can come from these so-called small things. I don’t need fame, fortune, or media placements. I’m so over all of that.

What brings you comfort? Are there addictions you need to release? Is there a way to be gentler and more kind with yourself? Share in the comments. I’d love to hear from you.


Why You Don’t Have Limitations on Your Intuition


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Some kind souls recently have wrote me publicly and privately asking for guidance about their intuition. I love answering questions on this topic, not that I come close to having all the answers.

These lovely people wrote things in their emails or messages that made me wanna give them a hug. (I’m a hugger.)

Some said, “I’m too old to start developing my psychic abilities.”

Hey, age is just a number. I’ll bet you were psychic as a kid. You still can do this. You got this.

Others mentioned not being able to sit and meditate.

Being able to meditate isn’t required to be more intuitive. Yes, it helps, but it’s not the only way to access spirit and quiet your mind. 

A few sweethearts argued that they don’t have time to develop intuition.

There’s always small increments of time at traffic lights or in line to steal. Maybe you can start to play intuition games and try to guess where you’ll find a parking spot? Maybe you will feel a strong knowing about which pair of jeans to buy? These count! Intuition is actually a very practical thing that we can use in our every day lives. 

One or two folks mentioned that they have tried for years to be more psychic and have failed.

Oh, honeys, I relate! I’m working my tail off on guitar right now. Anything worthwhile will require practice. You’re not a failure. Don’t give up.

I’m not trying to single out anyone in this post. Rather, I’m trying to help you stop arguing for your limitations. You can do this!

I’m cheering you on and sending you lots and lots of love and good vibes.

IMG_4122Rock your intuition,


Punk Rock Psychic


Getting Out of the Boxes


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(I'm a bit girlie and sometimes, punk. Often times, not anything or anybody.)

This past spring, I had a friend over. I had my iPod on shuffle, since I was cooking dinner for us and didn’t want to have to stop to change the music.

At some point, a Dinosaur Jr. song shuffled. My friend pipes up, “Dinosaur Jr. is a hipster band. I know a girl who’s a hipster who likes them.”

Hmm, that was news to me. I remember listening to Dinosaur Jr. in the early 1990s while in college. I recall many of my fellow skateboarder friends enjoying them. I was lucky enough to see Dinosaur Jr. recently and well, I stood right by the stage. There weren’t any Chuck Taylors, Orange Amps (my guitar hero, J. Mascis plays some Marshalls, turned all the way up to 11, seriously), or other hipster paraphernalia of any sort. (Not that there’s anything wrong with hipsters. In some cases, *gasp*, my tastes are similar to theirs with certain things.)

It’s interesting how as humans we love labels. We love to put music, things, and people into neat boxes. I get it and hell, I use labels. It’s convenient to say, “Hey, can you pass me the ketchup?” or, “Can you hand me that book over near that lady over there?” It’s part of our language.

Labels, however, can be used to discriminate, cause pain or hurt, or marginalize others. I never feel bad when I call myself a girl or when a female friend calls me a girl. Yet, when a male calls me a girl, I feel myself shrinking smaller, especially if the male is around my age. I don’t mind if a grandfatherly male uses it. Interesting, huh?

I’ve been into punk rock since 1986. Since I was born in 1972, I was a bit young to go to Max’s Kansas City or CBGB’s. Just sayin.’ Over the years, I’ve had my fair share of rude comments made to me by other punk rockers. Of course, the P-Word (poseur) has been dropped in my direction. I’ve always give that word back with much gusto, ‘cause isn’t the whole point of punk rock to be your true self and not fit into any sort of box?

The past couple of years, I’ve been working to get out of the boxes that some have tried to neatly put me in, including ones such as Rebel, Punk Rocker, Self-Help Author, Psychic, Coach, Speaker, Rocker Chick, etc. I’m far too eclectic to fit into any of these. It’s probably why I don’t get media for my book and why I’m not successful as some. I don’t want to be a neatly packaged persona online. So, instead, I just show up as the quirky, weirdo, geeky me…it feels much better than trying to be somebody.

I’m so much more than a punk rocker or punk rock psychic. I wear a lot of jeans and hoodies and even some *gasp*, girlie, trendy clothing at times. Even musically, I don’t fit the typical punk rock profile. I mean, if you saw my iPod right now, you’d crack up. I have everything on there from Amy Winehouse to The Allman Brothers to Albert King to Howlin’ Wolf to Guns ‘N Roses to Cream, and well, everyone in between. Sure, I have some punk music I like, but mostly these days, I’m really into blues and classic rock. Being a musician makes you really open up to many genres of music, I’ve discovered.

Of course, I’m still carrying on with my mission with this website. I believe that punk rock is an internal thing, a type of consciousness. (Read more in my book, A Rebel Chick Mystic’s Guide. Go find it. I’m not your Google, ha ha!). I do feel the most punk rock thing you can do today is follow your intuition. Listening to your intuition requires that you get really quiet, turn off the cell phone, unplug from television, Facebook, and your devices. It requires that you really tune into your heart to feel and notice what feels best for you, instead of zoning out with materialism, accomplishments, being “busy,” overwork, too much food, substances, and keeping up with the Joneses.

So, yep, I’m no longer fitting into the punk rock box…but, well, hey, that’s punk rock, I’d say.

Have you ever felt stuck in boxes? What did you do or think to live more authentically? What advice do you have for us? Share in the comments below.

Rock on,

Lisa Selow,

Punk Rock Psychic™


©2014 by Lisa Selow

Are You an Inspiration Addict?


Aug 5, 2014 , , 4 Comments

We live in miraculous times. There’s so much information and media that we can partake. It’s possible to buy books, courses, music, and teachings with a few clicks. This is amazing, especially for us types who are spiritual practitioners and students of life.

I’m sure that if you make just a quick glance at any of your social media newsfeeds, you’ll notice a plethora of inspiring quotes, graphics, and links. We have 24/7 inspiration.

Back in the day, we had to dig through physical books, magazines, journals, or other print material to find inspiring quotes or stories. We’d browse the local library, maybe even befriending a librarian who would bring us a large encyclopedia of quotes ‘cause we couldn’t remember if it was Thoreau or Kerouac who said a certain thing.

Once the internet came along, we were able to search for information much quicker. If we were writing a paper for school or a report for work, we still had to do some fact-checking to make sure the information we discovered was correct.

These days, social media bombards our lives. As I type this, I have one more month remaining in a self-imposed, social media detox of four months. I’ve done detoxes before, abstaining from social media for one day, one week, and then, two different times, a one month. I needed a break from being plugged in and to restore my soul, after years of hard work that created quite a bit of exhaustion for me. I also tired of my own ego falling into the self-comparison trap seeing others’ glamorous, happy lives on Facebook.

The thing I worried about missing the most being off social media (besides some people) was the inspiring quotes or graphics in my newsfeeds. Before my hiatus began, I set up a daily quote to be sent to myself through my Evernote app.

So far, I’m cool. I don’t need to scroll newsfeeds on social media sites to be inspired.

Inspiration comes from within.

Sure, things external to us can be inspiring. Really though, those are just triggering what we already know inside of us. If you’ve been alive for 10 or more years, chances are, you already know what or who inspires you. It might change as you evolve as a person. I’m sure that you’ll at least have two or three things or people who bring you joy, inspiration, and reminders of your passions.

I’ve been thinking about this since someone who unsubscribed from my email newsletter wrote that my last two months’ content hadn’t been useful or practical. I had offered free readings to people the past two months, since I wanted to give back. I ended up doing 75 or more free readings.

Um, yeah, I was a bit busy. I’ve also had some paid clients, along with finishing up a training program in oracle cards (Yes, I love to further my skills, even though I’m a natural-born psychic). Sorry I’ve not blogged, written articles, tweeted or posted on social media. I’ve been pretty honest about my challenges health-wise too the past year.

I started to wonder if some are inspiration addicts? I get that it’s part of my job to bring good content and value to those in my tribe. But, if you’re really meant to be part of my tribe, maybe you’d have patience or even be supportive of me? I mean, do I really have to be a content-making machine for you to be interested in me or to care about me?

If you’re constantly checking your social media accounts and newsfeeds or reading things on the internet to get motivated, inspired, or healed, when do you have the time to just simply BE? When do you quiet your mind and allow the divine to work its magic through you? How’s your intuition working? How are you sleeping at night?

Being still and quiet are needed. To me, those are the states that bring the inspiration.

Only you can answer if you’re an inspiration addict. If being online takes up valuable time of yours that could be used to work on your hobbies, passions, business, or things that matter, I’d look at that. If others in your life feel negatively affected by you always being online, I’d also look at that.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Rock on,


Punk Rock Psychic™



I Never Did This to Become Famous


Jul 10, 2013 , , , 2 Comments

It’s been a while since I blogged here, I know. In case you didn’t know, I’ve been a bit busy the past two years, getting my book, A Rebel Chick Mystic’s Guide written and then, published by Hay House, Inc. I’ve also been on my author website, blog, and social media more than here.

I felt inspired by something from Facebook yesterday on my Punk Rock Psychic™ fan page. I wrote a couple of short sentences. I think it was, “I never got into psychic work to become famous. I just do it ’cause I enjoy it.”

A person or two “unliked” my page, which made me start thinking. (I’m not sure why I noticed, hahaha!)

Actually, I’ve been mulling over this stuff about “fame” for quite a while…

Fame has never been for me. I’m the type of person who was never one of the “cool kids” in school. I’ve rarely enjoyed anything that the masses like. I tend to be a hermit and like to fly under the radar.

I’ve studied with well-known teachers in my field. Even though I’ve always been psychic, I wanted to understand how my psychic senses worked. So, I read and took classes for many years. It was one of my passions.

Along the way, I’ve encountered egos. I mean, we all have an ego, right? We’re human. I get it. Thing is…it’s just stung more when I’ve met those in my field with big ego personalities. My own ego internally is saying, “This is sacred work. It’s spiritual. Why are people acting this way?” I mean, you expect the egoic behaviors in the traditional, corporate world, but not in the psychic industry. I think I might toss my cookies if I see another psychic talking about being “99% accurate” or “internationally known,” etc. (I’ve done readings on a cruise ship in the middle of the Carribean, does this make me “internationally known”?).

I’ve had other, fellow psychics at events be rude to me. I also have witnessed teachers of mine not being very “enlightened” in their dealings with their students and staff. I guess it surprised me. I thought everyone would be, well, nice.

I’ve attended both national and local based events with psychics just for fun, noticing how enamored the audience gets with psychics. I mean, you see it on television shows too? It all comes off as a glamorous field. Then, those of us with well-known teachers might aspire to be in their shoes one day. Some of my friends have wanted to “be famous like our teachers.”

Everyone has different reasons for wanting fame. Some want the money or financial security. Others might like the prestige or feel like they have the good reputation or seal of approval or social proof. Or, perhaps, is it the American dream wanting to be fulfilled?

I have met people who use their fame for good. The type of people who are giving back and making a difference in the world with their causes and charity work. I’ve met some famous people who are similar to Oprah, helping emerging folks by giving them shout outs or perhaps, giving them a bit of advice. This is the type of fame that is pretty cool and the only type that feels right in my heart. These people didn’t act like “divas” or put on airs or act like they were better than anyone else. People who are in integrity with their fame are kind and generous, at least to me.

During my book publication process, I received a few private messages and emails from critics. I had some say that I “sold out” as a punk rocker getting traditionally published. I had some say, “Oh, you did this to be famous.”

That second one really made me stop in my tracks. When I received my book contract, I was so stoked ’cause it meant that I’d have an opportunity to share my message I wanted to share for 15 years and help more people (women especially).

I never sat there thinking, “Oh, yay! I’ll now be famous!” And, I definitely never thought, “Oh, I’ll be on Oprah!” I never thought, “Oh, yay, I’ll be rich too!” (Ha ha ha! If you are a first-time author, whether self-published or conventionally-published I’m sure you are laughing your ass off by now?).

When I received my book contract, here’s what else I thought:

“I can’t wait to empower more women.”

“I’m going to meet more of my tribe!”

“I get to help others.”

“I get to live more of my life purpose.”

I never started my psychic biz to become famous. I never started my book journey in order to be famous. I think fame is overrated.

I also think that far too many people in the Western world have a fixation with famous people’s lives. I know I’ll sound judgmental, but I can’t even fathom sitting down wasting time, numbing my brain to watch television shows like “The Kardashians.” I’d rather clean my bathroom, hahaha!

Some in society, even in the psychic industry have a bit of the Rock Star Syndrome. They fantasize about it would be like to be a household name and about all the privileges that come with it. So, they might start hanging out with famous people, taking their classes and trying to get into their inner circle. Then, all of a sudden, everyone in the circle starts acting like the teacher is a rock star. (I mean, Keith Richards or Slash, they are rock stars. Not many others are, hahaha!)

When I myself took classes with well-known teachers, it wasn’t to have the association with their name. It was ’cause I just enjoyed their work. To be honest, back when I took the classes, these teachers weren’t very well-known.

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with being famous or wanting to be famous. I’m just saying that it’s not for me. I myself can’t imagine all of the effort to get there. I can’t imagine living with worries of being scrutinized. As a private person, I wouldn’t want to have to cloister myself even more. When some in the media refer to someone being the next Sylvia Browne or John Edward, I feel so much compassion. I mean, if it were me being mentioned as the next, emerging star, I’d want to be referred to as, “The next Lisa.”

The thing is, if  you are so focused on fame, you might miss out on cool things and people. Your attention is focused inward, which to me, makes it harder to think about helping others. It makes your work about you, not your clients.

I say define success for yourself. Create and live by your own definitions. Have a vision and yes, have intentions to be a success, but ask yourself from time to time, “Who’s definition of success is this?” Just ask yourself as a gut check. See what answers you get.

I almost became sucked into the numbers game myself. I was measuring my success by the number of books sold, my number of blog comments, and social media numbers. Not very punk rock at all!

Yet, one day, seemingly out of the blue, I had the following thought, “What if I really helped 500 women to really kick ass and change their lives? Wouldn’t this be better than if 40,000 women bought my book and took no action?! Wouldn’t this be better than being “famous”? And, wouldn’t this be tons better than having 10,000 Twitter followers?”

WTF?! What ever happened to helping others and making the world a better place?

As I type this, I’m tempted to tell you all of my horror stories about dealing with “famous” people from a variety of fields. But, you know what? It won’t help me. It won’t help you. Thing is, that we are all human and learning. We’re not perfect. That has been my biggest lesson of the past 20 years. No one is perfect. Also, I’ve learned to never put anyone on a pedestal. They will fall down with a loud thud.

At the end of the day, I’d rather know that I really helped bring more love and light to the planet and that I helped to empower some folks from a genuine, heartfelt place.

So, you can take fame.

You can have it.

Give it to someone else.

Rock on,

Lisa, Punk Rock Psychic™



Sell Out With Me :)


Sep 27, 2012 , , , 8 Comments

The email came as a bit of a surprise to me. I’ll paraphrase, ’cause I’m nice and don’t want to subject you to poor grammar and spelling:

“Dear Lisa,

I’ve been watching your work and reading your email newsletter for a while now. I enjoy what you do, but I must say that I’m very shocked that you are choosing to be published the traditional route. If you are so PUNK ROCK, why wouldn’t you self-publish? Besides, you will make more money selling a self-published book, won’t you? I don’t get it. You’re not walking your talk here. You are a sell out. Just sayin’.”

–Email From Anonymous, Disgruntled Fan

Here’s my response to this email:

“Hi there, Anonymous, Disgruntled Fan,

Thanks so much for writing and sharing your thoughts. It’s always interesting to hear others’ ideas and thanks for taking the time to write me. Much appreciated. –Lisa”

You might be wondering why I didn’t defend myself. Or, why I didn’t just rip into the person. To be honest, I just don’t have the time or energy. Secondly, I’ve been working really hard on not taking things personally. A wise teacher once encouraged me to not take neither negativity or compliments to heart. It is what it is. If you view things as just feedback, in a more neutral way, it will cause you much less suffering, at least in my opinion.

I’ll admit that the term “sell out” had a bit of a charge for me. Yes, I’m punk rock, but isn’t punk rock about doing things your own way? I mean, if getting published by a traditional publisher feels right to me, how is that really selling out? If my goal is to help as many women as possible who read my self-help book, it makes more sense for me to go the traditional publishing route. They have a bigger reach than I do on my own. The idea that you have to figure out or do everything on your own is depressing. Life is short and since I want to follow my dreams, I believe in getting help and support. This is my own version of punk rock! :)

Just some of my thoughts. What do you think about selling out?

I decided to shift the selling out bit by listening to this funny song that came to mind by Reel Big Fish and it’s what I’ll leave you with below.

Let’s sell out together,


©2015 by Lisa Selow
Carpe Diem!