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Ch, Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes :)


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David Bowie sang about changes about turning to face the strain. Here’s the song, I’m talking about, in case it didn’t embed for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCgzX7vwlFk Heehee!

Since I’m a positive type of rebel, I don’t believe that life has to be hard any longer. Of course, a little hard work hasn’t hurt me. It helps you to move towards your goals. I say though it’s good to have a little fun in the process ‘cause getting there is half, I mean, all the fun.

I once had a teacher who said that you can tell the character of a person when they are going through changes. Oh, goodness, I think of this and can’t help but to think of how in the past, I’ve sucked at changes. When massive life changes hit, I used to really freak out. Spiritual teachers say that change is all there is and I believed this intellectually, until it happened to me. The “it” being big life changes back in 2008. It felt like my life was falling apart. Have you ever been in that place?

Yet, things must fall apart for the new and good stuff to come in, I think. As things fall apart, you can think about how your life is becoming simpler. Even if things suck, it’s only temporary. That is the best guidance I’ve ever received about going through changes.

Don’t worry if you don’t like things ‘cause they will change again, that’s for sure.

I’m curious about how you handle the changes in your life? Do you categorize them into small changes or big changes? Do you ever freak out at first when faced with a change in life? Please share ‘cause I’d love to hear what you think.

Rock on,

Lisa, Punk Rock Psychic™


So, You Think You’re “Advanced”?


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(Photo Credit: WingedWolf, Flickr, Creative Commons License)

“I’m an advanced practitioner of healing.”

“I’m taking an advanced psychic development class.”

“I’m in advanced Reiki.”

“I’m advanced as a spiritual practitioner.”

So, you really think you’re “advanced”?

Oh, really?

I myself don’t think there is such a thing as advanced when it comes to things in the spiritual or healing realms. To me, it’s a construct of the human mind to say one is advanced. It goes against my own spiritual mindset to use that term, when it comes to describing studies or levels of being.

I thought that in spiritual terms, everyone is equal. There aren’t levels. Not real ones. Chances are, we’re all advanced ’cause we’ve been through various life lessons and if your belief system allows, some of these lessons have been in many lifetimes. By saying you’re advanced, you also in a way are saying that you are special. No one is more special than anyone else. Everyone is special.

It makes your ego feel really good to use the term advanced, I’m sure. Yet, the ego is the opposite of your spirit. Your ego believes that you are separate from others. Not so spiritual, is it?

When it comes to approaching spiritual and healing things, why not approach it like you’re a beginner. In Buddhism, the idea of beginners mind really appeals to me. Even my favorite guitar legend, Jeff Beck has talked about how each time he picks up the guitar, he pretends it’s the first time he’s ever played. I like that. It means you’re willing to learn.  You’re open-minded.

When you start calling yourself “advanced,” you might miss out on opportunities to learn and grow. You may miss out on having fun, seeing the world in a fresh way. I’d rather approach the world with kid-like curiosity anyway. I adore how children learn things so quickly, including foreign languages and music. Yeah, I’d rather roll that way.

You’re special in your own way, but it doesn’t mean you’re advanced. It just means that you are dedicated. You’ve learned a lot in the process. So, why not teach it to others?

Just some food-for-thought for you today from me on a rainy, Monday afternoon.


Lisa, Punk Rock Psychic™



I’m Psychic. So What.


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If you have been following my work,  you know that I’m pretty honest. You also might know that I’m really into empowerment. I strive to give you psychic readings that help you to create  your own, best possible future. I always intend when working with spirit that you receive useful, practical, easy-to-understand, loving, and positive information. Most important, I encourage you to honor and trust your own inner authority and only take what information resonates with your heart and spirit.

So, I have to stop you when you say things like the following. (Warning: Some slightly snarky comments of my own appear after each of the comments. Please know that I mean these in the most loving way!)

“Oh, wow, how did you know that? Wow, you really are psychic!” (My response: “Well, I am psychic, but so are you. I simply have chosen to use my skills. You can too. Everyone is psychic. I’m not special.”)

“It must be nice to be psychic!” (My response: “At times, yes. But, it’s really no different than choosing to use any other skill set in life. You are intuitive or psychic too.”)

“What will happen with x, y, or z situation in my life?” (My response: “What do you want to happen? I only can tell you a few likely outcomes, based on whether you stay with your current mindset and action plan. Once we get off the phone, things may change. Whether you change your mind, game plan, or energy, something will be affected. Chances are, your destiny will already shift. That is why ‘psychic predictions’ are not 100% accurate.”)

“You are so awesome.” (My response: “Well, thank you. So are you! I’m just mirroring your awesome-ness. Please don’t put me on a pedestal. You’re just admiring the way I’m brave in claiming and using the psychic skills. You can do this stuff too, you know?”)

“You are my new best friend!” (My response: “Oh, no, I’m not. Besides, I don’t tend to make ‘friends’ with clients. You wouldn’t say that best friend bit to your doctor, lawyer, or mechanic would you? I’m a professional too, you know.  I strive to keep my business and personal life separate. Once you become a friend, I tend to not allow you to get readings from me. It’s far too difficult to be objective when you give a friend a reading. So, please, keep this in mind.”)

“What you told me came true!” (My response: “Oh, wow, isn’t that interesting? Please know that you can’t really give me the credit though for your reality coming into form. You create your own destiny via your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions. Chances are, something in the reading you had with me resonated with you and you claimed it as your own truth. Most likely, I was just confirming what you already know in your heart. Hey, confirmation is a large part of psychic readings. We’re human and we need this at times. It’s all good. Just don’t ascribe any magical powers to me or the psychic world. You’re the magical one, baby!”)

“You added life coaching into my psychic reading, why?” (My response: “Yes, it’s how I roll professionally. I don’t believe in just giving you your answers. I like to relay messages and guidance from spirit. However, unless you take action, nothing will happen or change for the positive in your life. So, I can’t help wanting to nudge you. I care about you as a client, after all.”)

I’m psychic. So what.

There, I said it.

It’s really not a magical, esoteric thing. The psychic is very practical and useful. What are you thoughts about the psychic world? Have you ever found yourself giving your power away to a psychic? What did you learn, if so? In what ways have psychics empowered you? Feel free to share.

Thanks and in service,

Lisa, Punk Rock Psychic™



Are we getting lazier?


Feb 24, 2012 8 Comments

(Photo credit: from personal collection, 2011 in Tampa area)

I don’t like to rant in my blog. I prefer to be questioning, instead of definitive. By asking questions, it helps me to learn more about how I think or feel about certain things in life. I also enjoy being the observer, especially as it pertains to human nature. The thing about observing human nature is that it sometimes gives me incomplete details. I mean, how can I really know what is going on internally with someone? I don’t really know people that I encounter daily. Even when it comes to friends and loved ones, I think we only get a small picture of who they are–there’s so much more going on underneath. So, my post here is very surface level, I’ll admit. I don’t mean to come across as snobby or smug when I write about my observations (my disclaimer, ha ha ha!).

But, my latest inquiry here sounds potentially judgmental, I’ll admit. I’ve been wondering (as you can tell by my title) if some people are getting lazier? I’m old enough to remember things like eight-tracks and vinyl records, so I’ve been alive in a very exciting time period of our history, able to witness the technological explosion. I love technology, but at times, I wonder if it’s really made our lives easier. I’ve wondered if it’s made us more lazy.

I’ve observed strange things such husband and wives texting each other in the same house (or even room). (I silently thought, “Why not go talk to your spouse in-person and give them a big hug?” Oh, yeah, that might require walking, ha ha ha!) Or, children playing video games for hours on a perfectly sunny, warm day (these don’t come often in Detroit, Michigan). (I quietly thought, “Gosh, when I was your age, I was riding my bike or skateboarding all day!” Side note: I’m really sad about the pre-dominance of childhood obesity in American culture. ) At times, I’ve received a Facebook message posted on my wall wishing me “Happy Birthday” and although I’m thankful, I’ve wondered what ever happened to mailing greeting cards (To be honest, I prefer the electronic versions, so maybe it’s more accurate for me to say, “Why not phone me to wish me a good day?”)

Sometimes, some people I know will ask for help on something, saying they couldn’t find anything about how to do it. I get my little butt onto Google and I find hundreds, if not thousands of options and ideas. (My husband recently found a video on YouTube that even showed him how to replace the headlight in his truck–it was even specific to his make and year of vehicle.) Or, potential clients will ask me my rates. No offense to anyone who has asked, but this is on my website. I want to say, “Well, you found me on-line, why not take a few extra seconds to click on ‘Services,’ you know?”


I suppose I’m imposing my style on others, I’ll admit. But, I’m a curious person. Curiosity is a good thing, don’t you think? It keeps your brain fresh and learning, right? I myself tend to research and try to find my answers, exhausting all possibilities before asking for help. I find that it’s actually a good thing to ask for help at times when I’m stuck, but there’s a part of me that takes delight in finding out things on my own. It’s rewarding in my book. I read in a book recently about the brain that we’ve short-circuited or dulled our reward centers in our brains by doing things like social media, email, texting, and instant messaging. So, it’s harder for us to enjoy simple pleasures that once made us feel good. Yet, there are excuses still (it’s possible to heal your brain).

I’ve heard people make excuses for being lazy saying, “Well, I’m busy and I want a short-cut.” I’m busy too–aren’t we all? And, the thing is…really, honestly, our lives are so much easier nowadays. Chances are if you are reading this, you don’t have to walk miles to retrieve your drinking and bathing water. You don’t have to kill your own food (unless you want) (apologies for graphic image!). You don’t have to walk miles and miles to get to your job most likely (you most likely have a car or at least, a bicycle!) You don’t have to leave your house to shop for certain things, watch movies, find recipes, read the newspaper, etc. With a few keystrokes, you can find information on anything your heart desires. In modern society, most people tend to have everything (or most everything) that can make our lives simpler.

So what is making you so busy?  I’m just curious. What is it exactly? How are you spending your days? Chances are, you have more time for the things (and people who) matter. You really do have the time. You just have to make it a priority.

So, are we getting lazier? I think it’s all relative, of course. But, I’m thinking in some ways, we have become lazy (and impatient). Living in a technological society, answers, people, and information are available instantly, as mentioned. Yet, our tolerance for waiting has lessened. We want more at times and we want it quicker. I remember dial-up internet connection speeds. Then, you get DSL or cable and wow, you are less patient with the upload times. I used to go wash my hair and shower when I was downloading an ebook back in the 1990s. Can you imagine doing that today?

I mean, seriously, life is easier. But, yet, we’re less patient. Just the other day, I felt my heart almost burst out of my chest in nervousness driving home from an appointment at my doctor’s office in a snowstorm. A younger guy was tailgating me. I wondered why someone would tailgate in such treacherous conditions. And, I wondered why he wouldn’t just pass me. Then, I saw, he was texting and driving…in a snowstorm. It must’ve been an important, life or death matter, right…for him to put my life and others’ in danger? What I observed was an energy of “I need my answer and I need it now.” Most things can wait…until you’re safely home or at least in your car, safely texting while parked.

Sometimes too, some are not willing to do the hard work it takes to achieve the results they desire. My husband and I really enjoy the reality show, “The Biggest Loser.” Although we’re fit and at our healthy weights, it appeals to us. We used to be serious, competitive athletes, so we know a bit about sweat and hard work. That TV show though really portrays what it takes to be a success with losing weight (or reaching an important goal). It’s realistic, honest, and it is not a quick fix or magic pill.

I don’t tend to believe that life is all about hard work, since I like to balance things out with fun activities. But, to be honest, it does take hard work to get what you want at times. I mean, if you talk to successful people, they will say stuff like, “It only took me 15 years to become an overnight success.” Really, there is no such thing as overnight success. When I watch TV or read magazines, I’m bombarded with ads about the latest wrinkle creams that promise overnight results. Sure, hydration is good for the skin, but no amount of cream is going to reverse some of your bad habits of the past such as smoking, suntanning, making poor dietary choices, and heck, even smiling causes wrinkles (I refuse to stop smiling myself).

Just a few of my thoughts. I’m interested in what you think. Do you think we are getting lazier as a society? Or, is this just me? I’d love to hear what you think. Feel free to leave a comment.

Thanks and blessings,

Lisa, Punk Rock Psychic™


The Patience Practice


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(Photo: From My Personal Collection 2012)

Last week, I ventured out to the store. I had to pick up some essentials like office supplies, coffee, and some greeting cards. I jumped at the chance when I saw a line without any waiting, stepping just behind a customer who seemed to be done checking out. As I put my items down, the neighboring cashier took my shopping basket away, which I thought was so kind. Suddenly, I noticed that the person ahead of me was not gone yet. I looked down at the conveyer belt, which had stopped, only to find a pile of 20-30 or so coupons. Ugh…

I didn’t think it would take 20 minutes for the transaction to be completed, but it did. Other lines had a long wait, so I just decided to be patient, which was hard ’cause well, I’m human. I took some deep breaths and decided to see if I could be patient, I mean truly patient. The cashier did her job, looking at the coupons to make sure they hadn’t expired. The customer with all of the coupons was agitated, saying she had to leave soon to pick her kids up from school. Meanwhile, her younger daughter was throwing fish-shaped, cheddar crackers at me, her mom oblivious to it all. It was hard not to laugh at the little girl because she was having fun, but I didn’t want her mom to take notice of her antics, in case the little one would get into trouble. Hey, I don’t fault the little girl, she was trying to entertain herself.

The cashier pointed out several coupons that had expired to the customer. Then, some other coupons were for items that the customer hadn’t even purchased. Yet, the cashier was patient, even when the customer became even more frustrated because her gift card didn’t have enough money to cover her bill. I just waited calmly. I thought, “Oh, this isn’t too bad.” As I had that very thought, the child of the woman in line behind me started to have a very loud, screaming tantrum that included a plethora of blood curdling screams and characteristic toddler, “NO!” I took more deep breaths and just decided to not let my blood pressure rise.

Finally, it was my turn to check out. Before the cashier started to ring me up, I alerted her to my one and only coupon. It was for $1.50 my Vanilla Starbucks coffee, one of those coupons you redeem the day of your purchase. I cracked a joke, saying I only had one coupon. The cashier didn’t seem amused at first, but then, she let out a few hearty laughs. The lady behind me giggled too. And, I interrupted one of them before they could disparage the coupon-toting lady that had just left, saying, “Gosh, I must have needed an opportunity to practice patience today.” Suddenly, it was very quiet for a few moments. Then, the cashier said, “Oh, wow, I am going to use that one! I need that for my job!” The lady behind me said, “Yeah, as a mom, I could use that too.”

I cracked up as I walked out. I learned so much. I also had an opportunity to make others laugh and think, which I may not have had if I had gone to another checkout line like the other, hasty shoppers. I really feel that lessons repeat over and over again until we learn them. I decided that day I really don’t want to keep on having to learn about patience. If I’m patient, I’ll experience others being patient. I keep reminding myself of this when I’m driving or out in public, especially when I notice so many people who are multi-tasking, doing things I disapprove of such as texting and driving. By the way, I also stopped trying to multi-task as much while at home. I notice that I encounter fewer “annoying” people. Perhaps, it is because I’m not so annoying? :)

I’m still a work in progress with the patience bit. I’m human. There are times I want lights to turn green quicker than their timers or I yell at people to drive faster. I sometimes want others to even talk faster or at least write shorter emails or leave shorter messages on my phone. I sometimes get impatient due to others’ impatience. I don’t like to be rushed. So, I realized I have to put on my big girl pants and grow up, being patient as I can be. I gotta be like I wanna experience (not grammatically correct, but it’s how I roll.)

I’ve noticed that really no time is ever “lost.” It all seems to balance out in the end. The extra five minutes I seemed to have had to wait at the post office is balanced out by the trip to the grocery store where there was not waiting in line. That three seconds I was forced to wait behind a slower driver is balanced out by me finding my item I needed right at the counter (yes, mints!). The one hour I waited in line for the doors to open for a concert is enjoyed ’cause I get to talk to my sweet husband.

And, who knows? Maybe I’m being delayed for a reason? I recall being so angry one time since I had a mishap at home and needed to get to an appointment on time. (I despise being late, just so you know. Yep, I have Virgo rising.) Well, as I drove to my appointment, I saw that there had been a major car accident on my way. I said some prayers and sent love to those involved, but I couldn’t help but to wonder if I had purposely delayed for some reason by the unseen, divine forces. When I arrived at my appointment, the doctor was running late anyway, so I really ended up being “on-time.”

This is not a post where I have preached to you about how patience is a virtue. I just want you to know that there are simply learning opportunities in daily life. There sometimes are reasons why things don’t seem to go as fast as we want. There’s blessings from waiting. You get to talk to cool people. Life sometimes is trying to tell us to go with the flow. The universe says, “Chillax!”

Yeah, and we don’t listen to this chillax guidance at times, rushing around to the next, big important thing, which might just be soccer practice, the grocery store, or a doctor’s appointment. The world is not going to stop if you are late. And, for me, I’ve learned that I don’t always have to be 10 minutes early for everything. And, there is no race, really. Everything seems to get done, doesn’t it? The modern conveniences invented in the 1950s were supposed to give us more leisure time, but it seems like we have even more to do today. What gives? I invite you to rethink these sorts of things. Maybe see how it feels to go with the flow. Yeah, go with the flow, baby!

I’m going to try that too…flowing through life…Yes!

What do you think about things like patience, multi-tasking, rushing around, or the like? What are your ideas? What challenges you? I’d love to hear from you! Leave me a comment here.

Blessings and as Guns ‘N Roses sang, “Have a little patience…”

Lisa, Punk Rock Psychic™


What’s Been New With Punk Rock Psychic™


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Hi there! I’ve been asked if I was in hiding by some clients and readers. Yes, I’ve been a bit busy. Even though I risk breaking that internet marketing rule about writing evergreen blog posts, I am going to share what has been new with me, Lisa (a.k.a Punk Rock Psychic™).

The first fun thing that I’ll share is that hubby JT and I went on a vacation to San Diego over the holidays for eight nights (our trip coincided with Hanukkah). I’ve always dreamt of waking up in Southern California on Christmas Day. We made it happen! My husband was very happy to surf at Torrey Pines near La Jolla on Christmas Day, along with some other days surfing at Pacific Beach. (He has a variety of wetsuits that he travels with.) I myself hung out to watch him surf, taking a few rejuvenating naps on the beach as I read, journaled, drank coffee, and did some people watching. It was our first vacation together in about two years, so we were long overdue. Besides hanging out in San Diego and the beach towns nearby, we drove up to some of our favorite parts of Orange County to visit Dana Point (said “hi” to Mary at Girl in the Curl surf shop, our buddy!), Laguna Beach, and Huntington Beach too. It was one of our first trips together that didn’t involve a schedule for a conference of some kind, so it was nice to eat (Wahoo’s Fish Tacos is our favorite!), shop, relax on the beach, and just talk. Here’s one of my favorite photographs of us together on our trip (taken further down from Main Beach in Laguna Beach, CA):

Once we arrived home to Detroit, it was time for me to get really serious about my manuscript again. I have been working hard on it since last summer 2011. I’ve spent a lot of time polishing and editing it, along with getting some editorial help before I submit it to my publisher soon. Whew, it’s hard work! I have learned so much about myself as a writer. It was an eye opener for me. Even if you have writing experience, writing a book is so different than writing shorter works. This may sound like I’m stating the obvious, but your first book will push you to your limits. Thank goodness for my French Press, along with hubby JT helping me out with house work so much.

Besides vacation and writing, I had a milestone birthday earlier this month, exactly one week after hubby JT’s. We celebrated by going rollerskating (before doing dinner and Starbucks). We wore the old school quad type of skates. The music wasn’t like we remembered from our childhood days of the 1980s (well, they did play Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.”). Rollerskating (and skateboarding later) was my passion as a kid. I felt good about myself. As I skated, I regained my mad skills rollerskating. I still can haul. Not bad for a 40 year old at all! That night, I rocked a 1940s replica red dress I was saving for turning 40, showing more of my rockabilly side as Punk Rock Psychic™. I’ll share a picture of myself, the really goofy one (I purposely smiled goofily ’cause chocolate cake is not something I splurge on much in my life.):

The past couple of months I’ve been thinking really hard about my direction in life too. I think that milestone birthdays cause you to do that, perhaps? I’ve had a few realizations that I’d like to share next, instead of talking about my New Year’s resolutions (I don’t make NY’s resolutions any more.):

1) I don’t want to be an internet marketer. I will use internet marketing as a tool in my business, but I don’t want to be an internet marketer. I’m an on-line business owner, but I don’t resonate with using some internet marketers’ techniques. I have studied their tricks of the trade for a long time. I always say to learn the rules so that you can break them :) So, I’ve preferred to build connections and meaningful relationships with clients, colleagues, and others I’ve met in my work on-line. I tend not to do things according to internet marketers’ rules. So, you won’t see me tweeting ten times per day. You probably won’t get a weekly email newsletter from me (I prefer once or twice per month maximum.). And, nope, I don’t have much of a marketing funnel.

2) I’m going to be doing readings on a limited basis. I only want to work with clients with a sincere desire to make lasting changes in their lives. When my book comes out, I’m making the switch more to coaching, speaking, teaching, and writing as my career path. I will always give readings on some level, but they will not be available as much once my book comes out. (Feel free to email me about my availability, however. My service pages have changed somewhat, you’ll notice.)

3) I’m a spiritual teacher, not just a psychic. My psychic readings only contain about 10% or less predictive content. Spirit usually says that we need to focus on the present moment. I tend to have a style as a psychic that is more about you creating your own reality. A wise person once said, “The best way to know the future is to create it.” I believe this too. I prefer to give you guidance about how you can move forward. (This stuff is not new if you’ve followed my work, but it is important to me, so it bears repeating.)

4) I enjoy helping. Instead of just giving psychic readings, I’m going to start offering some products for you to make your life easier and more fun. My intention is to make these affordable for you.

5) Music calls to me. It’s part of my path. I need to devote more time to my guitar studies (I play electric). One of my dreams is to play guitar in a band, so I want to make this happen before I get grey hair or they change GarageBand where I can’t figure it out. It means I will be spending more time on-line with guitar lessons I subscribe to, not on social media as much. Thanks for your support. (A few of you fellow musicians and artists have been my cheerleaders.)

Just wanted to share what is new with you. I hope that your 2012 is going well and you’re having a lot of fun too. I also hope you enjoyed your holidays…

Blessings and love,

Lisa, Punk Rock Psychic™


Energy Management For Punk Rock Souls


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The entire Universe is made up of energy. This is nothing new. You’re made up of energies too. Others have their own, unique energy imprint too. It all mixes up. Mystics of old have been saying that we’re all one for years. Quantum physicists have written about it.

Some argue ’cause you can’t see energies, they don’t exist. This is ridiculous to me, since there’s tons of things that are invisible to the unaided human eye in our world, yet they do exist. (Things like microscopic organisms, right?). Just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. (Don’t get me started on the Observer Effect though ’cause this will contradict everything!).

“So what?,” you might be saying. “What does energy have to do with me?” Actually, energy is everything. Your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and feelings create your world. These are forms of energy. It’s so easy to blame others for our life sucking. But, nope, you’re responsible for everything you create in your world.

This doesn’t mean that you blame yourself or beat yourself up for something bad happening, it just means that you are more empowered than you think. When certain things happen to you, it might be that you elected these soul lessons on some level. By the way, there are more universal laws than just the law of attraction. (This is a topic for another blog post, or really, a book!). Yet, starting with the law of attraction can do wonders for your life.

Every day, you have a myriad of choices. You can choose what to wear, what to eat, how you’ll respond to others, and your attitude (positive or negative). I see these choices similar to picking out which radio station to tune into. You can pick the radio station filled with doom, negativity, naysayers, rudeness, or hate. Or, you can pick the radio station filled with love. Yes, it’s a choice.

Sometimes, it’s overwhelming ’cause you might be getting interference from others’ radio stations. You might be picking up their signals. You might hear, feel, know, or see their stuff, including their thought forms, energies, beliefs, feelings, and emotions. I’m not blaming you, I’m just trying to give you some food for thought. All of this being tuned into others’ stuff can be tiring, even exhausting, draining, and be interfering with your own life in some small or big ways.

But, you can remedy this. Energy follows intention. So, start with an intention each day to only be tuned into your own radio station. You don’t need to get every piece of data and energy imprint from the Universe, the people around you, etc. Ask your divine helpers to customize your station to only what you need for any given moment, task, or day. Ask them to bring you positive information that energizes, heals, and inspires you. (Of course, use your own wording.)

Even when I give psychic readings, I’m not fully tuned into the entire cosmos, just to what I need to hear, see, feel, and know, which are my guides and divine helpers and the client’s. Of course, the divine is huge, but since it’s everywhere, you can adjust the level of its “bigness,” seriously. In my daily life, I like to keep my energies focused, specific, and positive. Even when I’m in public, such as at a grocery store, shopping mall, or park, I have my energy contained, so that I don’t get drained. It might sound like I’m living in my own world, but not so. I’m just choosing my radio station. I also include an intention to be connected to the oneness that exists in the Universe, but in a way that is best and most positive for me, without draining me.

I also am a big believer in grounding, connecting yourself to the earth. Just imagine your feet connected to the planet with roots going down in Mother Earth. This helps you to feel focused, instead of spread too thin. You won’t bump into walls or stub your toe as much (heehee!). Have you ever been around ungrounded people? They change their trains of thought 10 times in one sentence. They lose their keys every day. They try to text and drive. Or, they can’t make decisions. (Do you relate to any of this? No worries, no judgment from me.) They bombard you with their problems, and well, they mostly seem to function from a place of chaos. You might feel exhausted just being in their presence.

Another way to manage your energy is to use shielding. You can use different colors for different purposes–use what feels right for you. Place a bubble or tube of light around you. Some spiritual teachers say you don’t need to shield. It really comes down to what you believe works for you. I love hot pink, which carries the heart vibration, so this is special to me and it works. I rarely encounter impatient, rude, or negative people since I’m in the heart space and loving vibration. If I do encounter them, I know I need to return to my heart. Whatever you put out there, you get.

I also clear my energy, my energy fields and chakras. I’ve studied energy work since 1998. I always seem to come back to the simple methods. I just simply use breath to clear away any density. I ask my divine helpers and angels to clear away all that no longer serves me. I have them remove energy cords. Energy cords result when you get hooked by a situation or person. You can’t cut love, but you can get rid of the ones that drain you. I prefer to remove them with the help of my angels, especially Archangel Michael who is the energy -clearing, bouncer of the spirit realms who can be in multiple places at once. (Check out the works of Doreen Virtue for additional information on energy cords and clearing methods.)

When others are challenging to you, have you ever stopped to regroup and reorganize your energy? Maybe leave the room, wash your hands (water is a great cleanser, especially sea salt baths–please use discretion if you have high blood pressure or are pregnant with hot baths, by the way!). Take some deep breaths. Put on some high energy music and dance. If you need to let off some steam, go for a walk, even five minutes is healing. Or, go scream in your car (please clear the energies in the car afterwards).

I also use energy clearing sprays to cleanse my energy, to really feed my energy field, if I feel depleted. You can Google instructions on how to make your own sprays. (Often, these are called aura sprays.)

Meditation or prayer, yoga, tai chi, breathwork, chanting, being in nature, and bodywork and massage are great ways to recharge too.

You can clear the energies of your house, work place, or public places too with the methods I’ve discussed. I simply ask my angels to clear the energies of my house, car, and all of the physical locations I visit. I actually ask that they are cleared for me, without interfering with what works for others. Some people don’t like the relaxed type of energy that I prefer. So, I try my best to honor what others need too, when it comes to public places.

It’s empowering to take charge of your own energy. You won’t feel like a victim of circumstances any more. You can choose how you respond to others–more from a place of love and patience. You won’t feel so rushed, scattered, or depleted. This is true self-empowerment. It’s a big relief. It just takes practice and a daily dedication to having positive energy and outcomes. Intention is key, as mentioned.

I hope this is helpful to you. As of late, I’ve had a lot of questions about managing energies. I share this information from my heart, with the intention of serving and helping you.


Lisa, Punk Rock Psychic™



5 Things Not to Do When You’re Working on a Book


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Hey there! How’s life? Life is good here. I’m getting back into the swing of running my business. I’ve been a bit busy working on my manuscript. Also, I’m developing a new, author website. (I’m waiting until the Mercury Retrograde is done though before I upload it all and publish it.)

To be honest, I’ve been resistant to blog here. It’s for a really dumb reason. I don’t have the energy to look for photographs and artwork to decorate my blog posts. So, oh, well, you get plain black and white text without a visual aid. Ha ha ha!

I believe in sharing parts of my life that can help others. I like to have a bit of humor in the process too. So, here’s the 5 Things Not to Do When You’re Working on a Book:

1. Detox diet. I didn’t do a hardcore fast or do any raw food or juice fasts, but I did go on a candida (yeast) destroy diet. After a recent bout with the upper respiratory flu in October that lingered, I thought maybe I was toxic or something. Now, mind you, I eat super healthy and rarely ever eat refined sugar. My body was not happy that I decided to push it in this way. I workout and so my body was  yelling for some sort of carbos, at least brown rice, you know? I don’t do gluten or dairy about 99% of the time in my normal diet. So, silly me, thinking I was all toxic. It didn’t really make that much of a difference for me.

2. Sleep deprivation. This one might seem obvious as something not to do. But, the problem for me was getting restful sleep. Ideas were pouring through me so much at night. I had to keep a notebook in my night stand drawer. I finally told the divine, “Hey, can you catch me in the morning, please?” Apparently, I’m their scribe, which I totally got this in the past intellectually, but wow, it’s really true, for reals!

3. Do your first informational product. November was busy. I was in a telesummit. I felt like rising to the occasion and doing my first informational product (digital one). Lots of hard work. I recorded my podcasts, after teaching myself how to use GarageBand. Wow, I learned so much about the tech end. I’m so grateful for my hubby’s help too with the tech side. I’m glad I did this, but I relate to the Far Side comic, “Teacher, may I be excused, my brain is full?”

4. Have the holidays. Okay, I couldn’t control this, but it’s the holidays, right? I’m working hard, but oh, yeah, I gotta get gifts, do the holiday events. My solution is to just take it all one day at a time. It’s not easy ’cause I’m sometimes a punk rock, Martha Stewart, all crazy during the holidays. No handmade gifts this year, friends and family!

5. Go on a vacation. Just kidding! In November, I went on a one-week trip to Tampa, Florida to attend the Hay House, I Can Do It conference. Hubby and I had fun. We accidentally booked a hotel in Ybor City, which we had no idea how cool of a place it would end up being. While there, I picked up some Cuban espresso at a local coffee roaster–the best coffee I’ve ever used in my writing process! The nice thing is that I came home and I had to really focus and get down to work. Whew, time for a nap or two…or three.

Just wanted to touch base and say “hi.” If you have a good photo for this blog post, I’m happy to add it, especially if you want to share your own artwork!

Happy December!


Lisa, Punk Rock Psychic™



Bad, Bad Marketing


Oct 21, 2011 , 2 Comments

(Gosh, I couldn’t even find a photo or artwork to compliment this post.)

I’m doing the heavy duty personal growth work…again. I’ve been doing things like re-examining relationships, letting go of what doesn’t work or resonate in my life.

One area I’ve pondered as of late relates to marketing, specifically when the marketing is directed at me. Again, I recently found myself unsubscribing to various email newsletters, un-liking pages on Facebook, and reducing other marketing messages in my life.

I’ve been thinking about the “why” behind my paring down. I started to recall some scenarios and experiences I’ve had as a consumer that have left me feeling less than happy.

Please realize that I’m not venting, I’m just processing how I feel about these situations. I like to use writing as a vehicle to process my emotions and feelings. So, keep this in mind as you read. (Also, please don’t take any of it personally, since chances are, I’m not writing about you personally or specifically.)

Here’s the scenarios where I felt negative about the marketing directed at me:

Scenario #1: About four or five years ago, I met a cool person at a networking event. We exchanged business cards. She was an interesting person. She followed up first with me via email. We kept running into each other at local events, and would enjoy good conversation. Eventually, this person not only emailed me, but added me to her business email list without asking me. I received a slew of emails that did not contain any way for me to unsubscribe. I let it slide. Soon after, the phone calls started. She kept sending me post cards. You see, she was involved in selling multi-level marketing products. Not only was she doing a hard sell with the products, but also, pushing me to sign up. I didn’t want to purchase the products or be a salesperson for the company. I already took my own supplements that worked for me, recommended by my holistic physician. I wrote her a kind email, asking if she’d take me off her marketing lists. I told her it was nothing personal and I enjoyed connecting with her, but maybe it would be fun to get together for coffee and pursue a friendship. She took my rejection really personally. And, she didn’t take me off her marketing lists. I wasn’t sure what to think or do. A few years later, she gave up. It left me feeling strange and a bit sad.

Scenario #2: I am a member of an on-line group. It’s a place to go to for support and healing. I rarely post about my life trials, but at one point, I really needed support. A colleague wrote me, using the group’s private messaging system, to tell me about the system of healing she studied and was a practitioner in. She wanted to offer me a session, but it would cost me $250, which was a 50% off discount from her regular price of $500. At the time, I was on a strict budget, and I told her that although I appreciated her discount, I couldn’t spend money like that since I had different priorities. The person became really upset, saying that I was rejecting help offered to me. This shocked me. I mean, I had others write me privately, offering loving words, prayers, affirmations, and a listening ear. The interaction with the one woman made me feel judged. It felt like spiritual ambulance chasing.

Scenario #3: A self-published author sent me a friend request on my personal Facebook profile. He had a note about how he found me and why we might enjoy being friends. I tended to accept all friend requests back then (since then, I don’t.).  Soon after we became “friends,” this author sent me a message about his book. I wrote back, saying, I had a lot of books to read right now, but would consider buying his book once I became caught up.  He wrote me a long message with a link about how/where to buy his book. I thanked him. Soon after, he was sending me a link to his book every day. He posted the link on my Facebook wall each day. I had to delete him from my friends because I felt so dishonored. Before deleting him, I asked him politely to quit messaging me and posting on my personal wall. He said that he had a right to market himself. I told him about Facebook Fan Pages and how it might be something to consider. Still, his bad marketing behavior continued, so I had no choice but to delete him. I felt a bit annoyed.

Scenario #4:  A Facebook friend posted some exciting news about a class she taught on weight loss. I hit “like” since I enjoy reading about people’s success, especially when they are so happy. Well, this person wrote me privately on Facebook, asking me if I wanted to join her next class since I had hit the “like” button. I said thanks for the information, but I didn’t really need it at this time, but would keep it in mind for others, if I felt called to refer them. It felt again like the whole spiritual ambulance chasing bit. Ugh.

Scenario #5:  Another time on Facebook, someone tagged me in a photo. I checked it out to make sure it wasn’t something crazy (like naked people! ha ha ha!). Nope, it was a Facebook “friend” trying to sell me some shoes. Again, I learned about what NOT to do to market myself. Unfriend!

Scenario #6: I once had a package of healing sessions with a local healer. She kept raising her rates, and added that if I wanted to work with her on healing my stuff, I’d have to buy packages, not individual sessions. She also told me I needed to work on healing my past lives or I’d never move forward. She tried to sell me supplements and other products too. I didn’t feel comfortable working with her any more, so I told her I was going to be done after our one session. She protested saying that we weren’t done with my healing. It felt so strange and disempowering to me. She took out her marketing materials, showing me how kind she was to offer me so many “discounts.” I felt like running to my car and peeling out in it, just to get away from her. But, I calmly left. I felt a bit weird for a while. Again, I learned about what NOT to do in marketing.

Scenario #7:  Years ago, I went to get my engagement ring inspected and cleaned for my yearly insurance policy. The woman that helped me made some comment about how I really should consider getting my ring re-set to look bigger, since it was such a “small” diamond. I almost fainted. I mean, 1/2 carat is small? I guess size is relative (keep your mind out of the gutter!). I calmly said, “Well, I appreciate your feedback, but we bought this ring here at your store when we were in our early 20’s. Our priorities are different than some people. My husband bought me a nice, new mountain bike since I was a racer back then as part of my engagement gift, in addition to this lovely ring that I enjoy wearing. Aren’t I a lucky woman?” I felt a bit like the high school girl who is told that she’s not pretty or her clothes are not in style. I stopped myself from going down the path of self-abuse. Here I was, an adult in my late 20’s or early 30’s, feeling a bit dissed. I didn’t let it get to me. Still, it didn’t feel very good at all. It felt like bad marketing. I wasn’t offered any brochures on getting my ring re-set either.

Scenario #8:  I had a coupon for a bit of money off a facial on the 10-year anniversary of my late grandma’s death. I booked the appointment, showing that I had a coupon to use. The day of my service, the person working with me said that she had to take the client that was supposed to be before me first. That client was late, but she didn’t want to lose the service. She asked if I’d wait. I was understanding and waited. I had a facial that was so-so. When I went to pay, I had my coupon and she said I couldn’t use it. I wasn’t super concerned, but simply and kindly said, “Oh, you guys said I could use the coupon when I booked.” I asked to talk to a manager. The manager said the person that booked my service was wrong. The manager offered no apology. Nothing. I felt challenged by this. The company sent a survey later asking me how I felt about the experience and my service. I went into detail about my frustrations. No one wrote me or called me back. I continued to get tons of coupons, emails, phone calls, and print fliers in the mail from this company. I asked to be taken off their mailing list. They asked why I’d want to do that. I told them about my frustrations. There was silence on the other end. I still get their stuff, and it gets recycled!

I called this post, “Bad, Bad Marketing,” but I suppose some of it could be called “Bad, Bad Customer Service.” I’m easy-going and laid back, but I’m clear about my boundaries. I suppose it’s all a good example of what NOT to do in my own business. I’m grateful for these learning experiences.

What about you? Have you ever experienced “Bad, Bad Marketing”? How did you address it? What about handling the customer service issues? What do you do differently in your own business? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks and blessings,

Lisa, Punk Rock Psychic™


The Power of “No”


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(Photo Credit: vonKinder, Flickr, Creative Commons License)

Warning, this is a longer post than usual…

I’ve been a student of the Universal laws for many years. One of my favorite Universal laws is the Law of Attraction, popularized by the movie, “The Secret.” Basically, the Law of Attraction states that you attract who you are, not only what you desire. Ponder this for a moment when it comes to your own life.

Lately, I’ve been pondering the Law of Attraction in my own business, more so than usual. An idea that I have learned in studying the work of Esther and Jerry Hicks’ Abraham teachings is clarity through contrast. Basically, clarity through contrast is the idea that you need to experience what you don’t want in order to know what you do want in life. Being clear on what you do desire in life is so very important. If you don’t know, you might find yourself wandering around in circles, going from one thing to the next, without any of the results you desire.

When it comes to my own business, I really believe in being transparent and honest, sharing my own thoughts and feelings. I’m always talking about how important it is to be the real you. Well, if I didn’t do that myself, I wouldn’t be a very good teacher. I like to do my best to walk my own talk. These are my intentions in writing this post–to walk my talk and be authentic.

For a while, I’ve been  hesitant to share the following information. My human ego worried that I might piss some people off. Or, I might hurt someone’s feelings. Yet, the idea of clarity through contrast spoke to me strongly. Previously, I attracted some of the clients that are described below.

Last year, a wise coach I hired had me fill out a clarity through contrast worksheet when it came to my business. I listed all of the readings that I didn’t want to do any more.  After I made my list, I attached a note to the Universe, basically saying, “Hey, I’m done with these types of readings and clients.” Soon after, really instantly, I no longer attracted clients who would request the types of readings that I no longer desired to give.

I never went into business with the intention to be all things to all people. Instead, my intention was to be of service to the people I enjoyed working with and who enjoy working with me. I decided to carve out my own niche, target market, etc., creating an authentic web presence that was from the heart.

Since it is my business, I decided that I can do things in my own way. I don’t have to follow anyone else’s rules. I also don’t have to give service in ways that don’t resonate with me.

I’m going to describe the readings that I don’t do below. I thought you might like to see the list that I made when I did my homework last year. By claiming what I don’t do, it helped me create my services in a way that felt right for me. As I write this blog post here, I’m working to develop packages of my services that feel in alignment with not only how I desire to work with others, but also, conversely, the ways I don’t wish to work with others.

I figure that if someone does not resonate with the list of readings that I don’t do or it creates some negativity in their being, that person is not my ideal client. There are tons of psychics, healers, and coaches to serve those who don’t resonate with me. I don’t live in a lack and limitation Universe, feeling that I have to serve everyone. I also honor others’ realities and I know they are most likely different from mine. It’s all good. I think it’s a U2 song that says, “We’re one, but we’re not the same.” Thank goodness we’re all different, bringing a variety of food to the buffet table of life.

Here’s my clarity through contrast list of readings that I DON’T do:

–I will not do readings for other people within your own reading. (I simply can’t give guidance that you’ll pass along to another person due to psychic (and my own) ethics.)

–I will not do readings about the lottery numbers or other gambling-oriented results information. (I once heard Sylvia Browne say something like, “Don’t you think I would have won by now?”)

–I will not do readings about whether there is infidelity in a relationship, whether it is your own relationship or another person’s. (I highly recommend counseling, instead of a psychic reading in these cases.)

–I will not do readings about what others are thinking. (I recommend that you ask them yourself!)

–I don’t do pet readings or animal communication. (I can give you a referral, however.)

–I don’t do readings about ghosts (earthbound spirits) or other entities. (I only will talk to kind, loving deceased loved ones who have crossed over to the Other Side.)

–I don’t do readings about when you will get a job. (I only can provide guidance about steps spirit is showing that you need to take.  And, well, if you don’t have a job, I wonder if you really be spending your precious money on a psychic reading?  Please return for a reading when you’re financially stable and on another subject. I’d love to work with you then.)

–I don’t do readings about if/when someone will die (including yourself!). (I’m psychic, but this doesn’t mean I know everything. The divine doesn’t always allow me to be privy to all information.)

–I don’t do readings on areas/questions that you already asked me about. (Chances are, if you haven’t taken action on things, you will get the same guidance or reading on this stuff…again!)

–I don’t do readings on what you should do about a situation. (It’s up to you to decide. I only give guidance to help you with making your decisions!)

–I don’t do readings providing mundane details such as names, places, dates, etc. (I’m not your psychic version of Google.)

–I don’t do readings about the name, looks, characteristics of your future romantic partner. (I can give you details about how to manifest your ideal mate, but that’s it.)

–I don’t do readings about if your house will sell. (Of course, it will. Why don’t you talk to your real estate professional?)

–I don’t do readings on readings that you have had with other psychics. (I can’t continue on from where the other psychics left off. I can’t comment on or confirm what they said, etc. All psychics are tapped in to the divine in different ways.)

–I don’t do readings that ask me to psychically spy on a third or other party. (Not ethical at all, in my opinion.)

–I don’t do readings where you expect me to dazzle, entertain, or impress you. (I’m not that sort of girl.)

–I don’t do readings for you when you’re really desperate financially. (Save your money for groceries and other essentials! I will refuse you service. If you really feel you need a reading, I offer a sliding scale, which I don’t overtly advertise, that you can request.)

–I don’t do readings on medical issues. (I can refer you to an appropriate medical professional for your situation.)

–I don’t do readings on the outcome of legal situation, including criminal or civil matters. (Yep, you need to defer to your attorney, not a psychic!)

–I don’t do readings focused too much either on the past or future. (I prefer to focus on the present and immediate future. It’s very rare to get information in readings that is too far off into the future. I tend to work with the next 3-6 months to 12 months or, up to 2-3 years maximum.)

Yes, it required courage for me to write about this stuff. I’d rather be 100% honest with you, instead of sugar-coating things. By the way, if you read this and found yourself having a negative reaction to some or any of it, good. It’s showing you were  you need to do some work on yourself.

My list also will help you to know where you stand in regards to your beliefs about psychic work. I’d love to hear how you feel about my view of psychic readings. I say we can learn from each other. And, all views are right. I’m simply providing this list as food-for-thought, as well as a conversation starter.

I also wanted to honestly share a part of my healing process from working with a coach. I sincerely hope that you will see how this stuff works. By me getting clear on what I don’t do, it helped me to create what I desired to do. (My new packages will be launched soon. Stay tuned for more details.)

I took my clarity through contrast worksheet one step further. I wrote down the opposite of each statement. I used the positive statements to focus on in my manifestation work, along with developing services. I also wrote down the positive statements as affirmations. I found all of this work from a year ago recently. I referred to my homework as inspiration in creating new packages.

It’s powerful to say “no” in  your business. After all, it is your business. You have every right to work in the ways that feel best for you. Do what makes your heart sing. You don’t have to try to be all things to all people in your business. I once read that specialists had more fun than generalists. (I’ve seen some internet marketers write that specialists make more money than generalists too. Nice to know, but I’m focused on the fun aspect mostly.)

Chances are, if you have your own business, you left the corporate world or working for someone else so that you can enjoy your work more. You don’t have to live by others’ rules. Your business can be whatever you decide it to be–it is yours, after all.

So, what do you think about saying “no” in your business? Does it feel scary or liberating? How do you show up authentically in your own business? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to share.


Lisa, Punk Rock Psychic™


©2015 by Lisa Selow
Carpe Diem!