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Authenticity Makes Me Happy


Feb 26, 2015 , , , , 0 Comments


Authenticity makes me happy, but you know what? It doesn’t necessarily make me financially wealthy. If anything, at times, it’s negatively affected my business’ bottom line. I’ve had losses such as people leaving my tribe by hitting the “unlike” and “unsubscribe” buttons. I’ve lost friends, acquaintances, and colleagues.

So many internet marketers and business coaches talk about how being authentic is so important in life and business. I agree with them. I do my best to really show up as the real me. I probably am not as successful (in a traditional sense) as I could be, since I don’t want to follow the formulas that work for others. Those formulas never work for me. Some will say that the formulas can be customized, which I disagree with a bit. If you paste in your information and details and even essence into a formula, it’s still a formula.

Living authentically for me means that I listen to my heart. It means that I contribute to the world in ways that feel good to me. There’s things I enjoy helping others with and I trust that the right people will find me.

I’ve not really found that authenticity pays the bills. I know that this will sound negative to some.

I’ve been on the planet for 40 some years and each year, I’ve found that my heart speaks to me louder and louder. It’s hard to ignore your heart’s messages and your callings. More and more, my definition of “success” basically is “just be happy.” I have found that when I’m happy, everything mostly falls into place. I’m not saying I’m happy all the time, but the more I am, the easier it is to be that way most of the time.

Some want me to be scowling, a depressed or dark punk rocker. That’s not me. I’m really more of a happy-go-lucky, very silly faerie. Yes, I’ve written a book about the rebel’s spiritual path. Yes, I’ve branded myself as “punk rock.” The thing is, punk rock for me has always been about being true to yourself. I don’t always listen to punk music or dress in a punk rock way. I just show up as me. Some days, it means I’m listening to Howlin’ Wolf and wearing jeans and a hoodie or yoga pants. It’s all good.

What about you? What’s your definition of authenticity? Share in the comments below.

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Clarity According To An Illuminated Mind


Aug 10, 2011 , , , , , , , , 10 Comments

(Artwork by Gustavo Silva, used with permission)

Today’s blog entry is a guest post by Gustavo Silva of Frugal Science.  Check out his website/blog here:  http://frugal-science.com/blog/ Gustavo writes about creating more simplicity in our lives.  Read more about him here:  http://frugal-science.com/blog/about/ His following post really resonated with me since I work in the business of helping people find more clarity.  And, well, I’m a big fan of Krishnamurti’s work, considering him to be a paper mentor of mine.

Anyway, here’s Gustavo’s post:

Clarity has become ubiquitous lately. Ever since the anti-marketing approach stated that you should search deep within yourself for authentic branding, many bloggers are trying to seize a bite of it.

In order to be successful in your online biz, you have to start by answering “What do you rally want in life?” –they say. With infinity of choices available nowadays, Clarity becomes a great tool.

Moreover, loads of information incoming every second thanks to new technologies from the “age of distraction” makes Clarity of Perception a very good option against “information overload.”

But, what is Clarity? And, how can we get some? Let’s take a look at what one of the wisest men of the twentieth century said about the topic (shall we?).

The “Holy Man” goes solo.

Jiddu Krishnamurti was very smart. Of all the authors I have ever read, I consider Mr. K to be one of the smartest. His writings however, are not the easiest thing to digest–not much for clarity there–but, once you courageously decide to follow his argument, you discover that his proposal is clean and consistent.

Raised to be “the chosen one” amidst his fellows, he abdicated to his holy man status when he was still a young man, and decided to become an independent thinker.

And independent he was.

If you know the man’s work, you may acknowledge that his ideas were not aligned with any trend of thinking. In fact, he was an acrid critic of all religions and ideologies; he often stated that any kind of preconceived idea, judgment, ideology or belief defeated any possibility of really finding the Truth. In his own words:

“All ideologies are idiotic, whether religious or political, for it is conceptual thinking, the conceptual word, which has so unfortunately divided man.”


“I maintain that Truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect.”

Via Negativa.

Clarity was one of Mr. K. recurring topics. The main idea was that Clarity could not be reached by any kind of method but only by identifying what is obstructing our perception.

That is called “via negativa”: trying to infer the outcome by identifying what is preventing it: (i.e.: health defined as the absence of sickness and happiness defined as the absence of sadness)

The full argument is much deeper than that and has a lot of connotations. This is my attempt to synthesize it:

* Clarity is there for anyone who really is serious about finding the truth.

* Clarity can not be obtained by any kind of method.

* The moment you propose a method, you are introducing a concept.

* Conceptual thinking provides a false sense of security to people.

* People search for the sense of security and not for the Truth.

* People are ready to fight to defend this concept against everybody.

* That is how Conceptual thinking produces division among people.

* That is how Conceptual thinking prevents persons from obtaining clarity.

Summing it up:

If we really want to have Clarity in our lives, we have to identify what is obstructing our perception of reality. If we are really serious about the Truth we have to be ready to dismiss all our pervious knowledge of what is the Truth. We have to discard all preconceived ideas of reality and life. Only then we could start seeing life as it is.

    ©2015 by Lisa Selow
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