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Use Your Powers For Good!


Apr 26, 2011 , , , , , 4 Comments

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As a psychic, I sometimes get asked to do things that I refuse to do.  One person asked me to tell her what she ate for breakfast.  Another woman asked me to give me the name of the person who was having an affair with her husband.  I’ve had people ask me for the lottery numbers.  I’ve had some people ask me to guess the color of their undergarments–seriously.  This is called Test the Psychic.

This stuff is just parlor tricks.  I prefer to use my psychic gifts for good.  I prefer to tell you helpful messages that  your divine team of guides and angels have been trying to deliver to you.  I like to give you details about how to live more of your life purpose.  Stuff like that.

The title of this post says it all.  Use your powers for good.  I’m not just talking about psychic ability here.  Everyone has talents, gifts, and skills.  You can choose to use these for making the world a better place or to make it less beautiful.

Also, the way you do things matters.  I myself appreciate it, but also find it annoying when people correct my spelling in informal settings such as on Facebook.  To me, that says a ton about someone.  That person would rather focus on my flaws.  That person is choosing to be right versus being loving.  (I didn’t hire them to be my editor, so I didn’t ask to be corrected.)  This is just one example out of many ways to use your powers for good.

I have met people with brilliant minds that are using their skills to do things like work in the defense industry.  I try my best not to judge, but it’s hard for me since I tend towards being a pacifist.  I will never understand why some people use their computer skills to wreak havoc on others.  I don’t get stuff like that at all.

But, it boils down to this–it’s all about choice.  You can choose to be loving or not.  It’s really up to you.

This post is intended as food for thought.  What do you think about these ideas?  Feel free to comment here.

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