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7 Ways to Make the Best of the Blah’s


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Have you ever just felt “blah”?  I know that one of my most recent posts is about having a case of the Mondays.  I apologize in advance for being negative.  I can’t always be a beacon of hope, you know? :)

Although I don’t believe that creative energy is finite, sometimes, it sure feels like it.  Lately, I just feel that my creativity has been drained.  I once read a spiritual teacher or someone equally wise say that creativity is life force energy since the Universe creates constantly.  So, maybe my issue is that I have a depletion of life force energy?

You might be wondering why I’m so blah-like.  I guess it’s because I’m tired from putting my heart and soul into a project that I’ve been working on since early February of this year.  In fact, I feel like I’ve spilled my heart and soul all over it.  It’s time for me to replenish myself.

I smile as I look at this naked post.  It doesn’t even have a photo.  I don’t have the energy to find a suitable one as I usually do for my blog posts.

I mainly wrote this post so that you would not feel so alone.  I know that some of you have written me asking about how to get your mojo back.  Some of you feel challenged by life in general, especially when it comes to having an uninspiring job.  Or, you might feel that your dreams are so far out of reach.  Did you know that it’s okay to feel like this from time to time?  If you are feeling “blah” most or all of the time, however, you might want to get some support as in talking to a loved one, counselor, physician (some health conditions can cause depression), or the like.

But, let’s say that your Blah Feelings are a temporary thing.  Do you ever wonder how you can make the best of the Blah’s?  Here’s some guidance for you coming from someone who truly understands:

1. Get physical. When you’re stuck in ego, it can be very helpful to get out of your head. The ego doesn’t like it when you go for walks or exercise.  Physical activity clears the mind and heart of negativity.  Get outside, if possible.  Fresh air will help you to gain perspective.  Put on some music and shake your booty.  This will loosen up your energy field’s debris, clearing the way for inner peace.

2. Bitch and Moan. Complain to a trusted friend who will just listen without trying to fix you.  Bitch and moan in your journal.  But, set a time limit on it.  Don’t dwell there.  Give yourself 1-2 hours or 8 hours maximum to get the bitching and moaning out of your system.

3. Do something nice for another. Be of service to someone, even if you just simply open a door for him or her.  Surprise your friend, family member, or significant other with a small gift.  Do one small thing to make another person’s life easier and more joyful.  This will open your heart and the blah’s will soon be gone.  Don’t knock it until you try it.

4. Laugh. Find a funny video on YouTube or elsewhere that will make you laugh.  Then, repeat this over and over until you feel better.  Laughter, as they say, is good medicine.  It might feel fake at first, but soon, you will find it becomes genuine fun and joy.  Read on-line about studies that show the healing power of laughter.  You just might buy into it.

5. Be ridiculous. Write a country song or poem about your blah’s.  Write really silly or bad lyrics or lines.  Write a kids’ book about your current life story.  Be dramatic with your word choice.  Then, dispose of it.  Flush it down the toilet or burn it (safely, of course!).  Then, laugh at yourself.  Embrace your humanity in all of its glory.

6. Shred. Pick up a guitar.  Get on a mountain bike.  Get out a garbage bag and go to town on weeding out your old paperwork.  Release the frustration in a safe, fun way.  Let your inner child out.  Run wild in a park.  Roll down the windows in your car, singing on the top of your lungs to a song on your stereo.

7. Get some love. Get or give a hug.  Have someone hold you.  Have hot sex.  Watch small animals play in a park.  Feel the healing energies of Mother Earth.  Eat some chocolate.  Get a massage session or a pedicure.  Take a healing bath.  Love yourself as much as you love others.

So, this is my list of how to make the best of the blah’s.  I hope you find it helpful in some way.

What do you do when you have a case of the blah’s?  What works for you to get out of your ego?  Feel free to share here.  I’d love to hear your ideas!


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