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California Dreamin’


Apr 22, 2011 , , , , , , , , 6 Comments

(Photo Credit: bdinphoenix, Flickr, Creative Commons License)

As I write this post, metro Detroit is getting some snow.  I write my blog posts ahead of time, so this technically happened on Monday this week.  I was not a happy camper when I woke up, opening the blinds to see that icky white stuff on the ground.  I wondered what we did here to deserve this treatment by Mother Nature?

I have lived in Michigan all of my life, except for a brief stint in Virginia one summer.  I have traveled a fair amount to warm places though, especially Hawaii and to my favorite, California.

My hubby and I both love California. About four or five years ago, we were looking at relocating to Southern California.  It was an exciting time.  I was happy since my music, spiritual, and creative life would thrive out there.  Hubby loves to surf, so he was stoked.  It seemed like a win-win.

Well, life made other plans.  My hubby’s dad became sick with cancer and passed away a couple of years ago.  We decided to stick around here for a while since his mom is in her 80’s and widowed.

It sort of sucked at first, but, I’ve worked on having gratitude for my life here in Michigan.  I love my cozy home.  I love the lower cost of living here.  Hubby found a way to surf out here (yes, he’s a Great Lakes surfer, that’s all I can say since it’s a secret, cult-like thing here).  I advertise in a California-based spiritual magazine.  I found a way to travel more to warm places.  I have many loving friends and family here.  Life is good.  I still miss my California Dream, especially during the cold and snow of Detroit, but I know it’s temporary (the weather, that is).

I still haven’t given up on my California dream.  I tell this humorous (to me) story when I discuss asking the divine for a sign.  I once asked them for a sign about me moving to California one day.  I woke up the next day, turned the television to “The Today Show,” and saw someone in the crowd assembled outside the television studio holding a sign that said, “California.”  They drew a sun wearing sunglasses, similar to my lame artwork attempts.  I knew it was my sign that I requested–quite literally.

I think the divine has a sense of humor, for sure.  But, the thing I’ve noticed is how the divine remembers our dreams. The divine still believes in our dreams.  The divine still wants for us that which we desire for ourselves.  It just takes a bit of time to make things happen at times.  I still hold onto my dream.

What are your dreams?  Has it seemed like the divine has been taking its time with your dreams?  What do you do to continue holding onto your dreams?  Feel free to share here.

California Dreamin’,


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5 Good Questions to Ask in a Psychic Reading


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(Questions? Photo by Pieter Musterd, Flickr, Creative Commons License)

Questions always have felt very important in my life.  As someone who is punk rock, I’ve always believe in questioning everything.  Also, whenever I’m researching, thinking, or meditating, I work on creating effective questions.

Effective questions help you to get the information that is most pertinent or useful.  This applies to most any situation in life, whether you are talking to the divine (your guides, angels, and helpers), family, friends, clients, salespeople, romantic partners, bosses, or anyone else in your world.

In my work as a psychic, I find that the quality of questions affects the quality of information that is relayed in readings from the divine helpers.  Sometimes though, the questions spoken aloud do not get answered right away.  The question of the heart that is unspoken might come through more strongly.  For example, in a reading, you might ask about your career, but secretly you would like to know about your love relationship.  The information that comes through will more than likely be about love.  Even the oracle cards (if I use them) will show that you’re really desiring to know about love.  (Note:  I always do address your questions asked aloud, however, not just what comes through in the reading).

Divine guidance works much like every day matters.  If you asked someone for directions without saying where you were heading, you would not get any helpful information.  It’s good to be specific.  General questions are okay, but please remember, you will get general guidance from the divine as a result.

I compiled this list of 5  Good Questions to Ask in a Psychic Reading for you to ponder and utilize:

1.  What does the divine want me to know about the most?

This question is an excellent way to uncover what the divine has been trying to get your attention with for a very long time.  You’re human, so perhaps, you’ve been too busy to notice the subtle (or, not-so-subtle) messages that they’ve been trying to get to you.  The divine is just waiting to tell you the goods, but you have to ask.

This question is a good ice-breaker in psychic readings.  It is a great question if you are not sure what to ask at first.  Sometimes, you might know that you need a psychic reading, but you’re not sure what to ask.  It’s okay to be a little unclear, but usually, starting with this question will open your heart up a bit to feel comfortable in asking the burning questions during your reading.

2.  What are my major blocks, and how can I move forward more easily?

The divine loves action.  The divine favors the bold.  The divine favors those who do, not just talk about their dreams.  Chances are, you already know that you have blocks.  These don’t have to be permanent.  If you ask this question, the guidance will help you to get unstuck.  The guidance will be rather simple-sounding, but that’s how the divine usually works.  The divine likes our lives to be simplified.  Problems, obstacles, or challenges, whatever you want to call them, usually have simple answers.  Usually, too, you know the answers.  Readings help you to remember your answers!

3.  How can I live more of my life purpose?

When you’re living your life purpose, life feels happier.  Things flow to you more easily and effortlessly. You might be thinking, “Yeah, that’s great, Lisa, but I don’t know my life purpose!”  Well, I think you do know!

It’s that dream of yours that you can’t escape.  You think about it.  It’s there when you wake up in the morning, and it’s there before you fall asleep at night.  It speaks to you in quiet ways, and then, louder and louder until you just can’t ignore it.

Yeah, that one!

It might not be something you earn money at (yet), but you have to do it.  The divine will ask you to take small, baby steps each day towards realizing your dreams.  These 1-3 steps will come through in your reading.  Want to know them?  Just ask about them in your reading!

4.  How can I be more intuitive or psychic?

Great question!  I love this question because it means that you get it–everyone is intuitive!

It’s just a choice as to whether to live by the guidance you receive.  Often times, people protest when I tell them that they are intuitive.  Well, you ARE intuitive.  Chances are, you just don’t follow your gut instincts, your knowing, what you hear or see, or what feels right for you.  You’ve ignored your intuition.  Welcome to being human!  Even as a psychic, I have ignored my own intuition.  The thing is that you can get better each day at listening to your intuition.  It just takes practice.

If you ask me in a reading about how you can be more intuitive, I’ll tell you how your intuition comes through specifically for you.  This will get you started on the journey of honoring and trusting it.  It’s really your work, but I can get you started.  That way, you don’t have to rely on a psychic for the rest of your life.  Or, maybe, you just talk to me when you really need help or feel stuck.  (I never ever want to foster a dependence on me, by the way!)

5.  What do I need to be doing in order to be living to my full potential?

This question opens the door for you to receive very powerful guidance about how to stop holding yourself back in life.  You will hear some things that might evoke difficult emotions or feelings, but that’s because you know in your heart what you need to do in order to move forward.  The divine always says that you have within you everything that you need in order to be, do, and have all that you desire.

It just takes getting reminded gently about what needs to be done on your end. The divine is ready to help you.  You can’t get from New York to Los Angeles in one day driving.  But, if you fly on an airplane, it’s much quicker.  It’s similar with asking the divine for guidance.  The learning curve can be shortened.  As a psychic, I love helping you to shorten the learning curve.  I love inspiring your “a-ha” moments.  This helps to serve you (in my humble opinion) more than telling you how to win the lottery.

I’ll be writing about more good questions to ask in a psychic reading very soon.  These are just a starting point.  As a psychic, I don’t like to play around with “dumb questions.”  I’ve written about this in the past, if you would like to read about the types of readings that I don’t do:


As I finish up this post, I’m curious to know what types of questions do you ask in a psychic reading?  Please feel free to share here by commenting.

Thanks and blessings,


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