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You Might Be in Train-ing


Jul 28, 2011 , , , 4 Comments

I purposely have a play on words here with this blog post’s title.  At times, in the path of life, you might not know where the path (or, track) is leading you.  If you are on a train, sometimes, there are stops along the way.  You might even need to change trains.  Or, you might find that the train you’re on has switched tracks.

But, you will get to your destination.

If for some reason, you feel derailed, it usually is only temporary.  It could be that you’re in training for something that you can’t see yet.  You might need to learn some lessons about life—things such as patience, flexibility, or going with the flow.

Yeah, it sort of sucks at times.

If you are not at your destination yet, just remember that you’re a work in progress.  But, you will get there.  It’s all being worked on behind the scenes by the divine who loves you so much.  Right now, you can’t imagine it, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

Just stay on the track.  Ride that train.

On a side note, I’ve always been fascinated with trains.  As a kid, I remember riding the AmTrak train from Dearborn to Ann Arbor, Michigan and just loving it so much.  When I lived in Washington, D.C. one summer in college for an internship, I loved the Metro.  I didn’t need a car to get to work, the mall, or to the movies.

Today, I always make an effort to ride the public transit system when I’m traveling. I’ve met the most interesting people that way, and I’ve heard their life stories.  It’s amazing how many people don’t allow hardships to get in their way.  On a vacation, I once talked to an older gentleman who was on his way to his second job.  He was working two jobs to support his family, but also, to put his children through college.  He was very positive and for some reason, he told me about all of his hardships in his life and how he turned it all around.  I was changed forever.  I knew I had to quit my complaining!

I’ve had many clients ask me, “When?” in regards to things like getting a job, meeting a soulmate, or earning more money.  The divine frequently gives a time line, but usually, it’s when you decide you want it badly enough.  If it doesn’t come fast enough, remember, you might be in training for something important.

What do you think?  Have you ever been in training, realizing later on that all of the stuck times were for a reason?  What wisdom can you share with those feeling stuck right now?

Thanks and blessings,

Lisa, Punk Rock Psychic™


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California Dreamin’


Apr 22, 2011 , , , , , , , , 6 Comments

(Photo Credit: bdinphoenix, Flickr, Creative Commons License)

As I write this post, metro Detroit is getting some snow.  I write my blog posts ahead of time, so this technically happened on Monday this week.  I was not a happy camper when I woke up, opening the blinds to see that icky white stuff on the ground.  I wondered what we did here to deserve this treatment by Mother Nature?

I have lived in Michigan all of my life, except for a brief stint in Virginia one summer.  I have traveled a fair amount to warm places though, especially Hawaii and to my favorite, California.

My hubby and I both love California. About four or five years ago, we were looking at relocating to Southern California.  It was an exciting time.  I was happy since my music, spiritual, and creative life would thrive out there.  Hubby loves to surf, so he was stoked.  It seemed like a win-win.

Well, life made other plans.  My hubby’s dad became sick with cancer and passed away a couple of years ago.  We decided to stick around here for a while since his mom is in her 80’s and widowed.

It sort of sucked at first, but, I’ve worked on having gratitude for my life here in Michigan.  I love my cozy home.  I love the lower cost of living here.  Hubby found a way to surf out here (yes, he’s a Great Lakes surfer, that’s all I can say since it’s a secret, cult-like thing here).  I advertise in a California-based spiritual magazine.  I found a way to travel more to warm places.  I have many loving friends and family here.  Life is good.  I still miss my California Dream, especially during the cold and snow of Detroit, but I know it’s temporary (the weather, that is).

I still haven’t given up on my California dream.  I tell this humorous (to me) story when I discuss asking the divine for a sign.  I once asked them for a sign about me moving to California one day.  I woke up the next day, turned the television to “The Today Show,” and saw someone in the crowd assembled outside the television studio holding a sign that said, “California.”  They drew a sun wearing sunglasses, similar to my lame artwork attempts.  I knew it was my sign that I requested–quite literally.

I think the divine has a sense of humor, for sure.  But, the thing I’ve noticed is how the divine remembers our dreams. The divine still believes in our dreams.  The divine still wants for us that which we desire for ourselves.  It just takes a bit of time to make things happen at times.  I still hold onto my dream.

What are your dreams?  Has it seemed like the divine has been taking its time with your dreams?  What do you do to continue holding onto your dreams?  Feel free to share here.

California Dreamin’,


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Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway!


Apr 4, 2011 , , , , , , 16 Comments

“Feel the fear and do it anyway!”

(I can’t even find an image to go with this idea.  I don’t want to be boiler plate and use a skydiving photo.  Also, I can’t take credit for this idea.  The subject of this blog post is a book title by an author named Susan Jeffers.  Check out her website:  http://www.susanjeffers.com/home/index.cfm)

This was not the answer I expected. I asked a teacher for help.  I said that I was feeling apprehensive about putting myself out there very honestly in my book that I’m writing a proposal for right now.  Wow, so just make like the famous shoe company and get it done?

Could it really be that simple?

My ego protested:  “But, I’m scared.”

I asked my divine team of guides, angels, and helpers to give me messages about this guidance about feeling the fear and just doing it anyway.  This is what I heard, and it actually turned out to be a message that I’ve given to clients in psychic readings:

“Courage comes from taking action on something important to you.  You don’t wait for courage to find you.  You make it for yourself.”

I stopped in my tracks.  I always am big about walking my own talk.  I don’t like to tell clients some bullshit and not be living it and applying it to my own existence.

I also told my ego that I appreciated her trying to keep me safe, but I was going to write my book proposal no matter what she said.  I also thought of an ego repellant to use.  I made a list of all of the times I was scared and how in each case, things turned out awesomely!  I realized in my short life, I’ve done scary-at-first things like the following:

1) Racing my mountain bike

2) Swimming in the ocean

3) Public speaking

4) Dental work (getting it done to me, that is!)

5) Burlesque dancing class,

6) Inversions in yoga class,

7) Zip-lining

8) Submitting articles for publication

9) Flying in an airplane over the ocean (yikes!)

…and many more!  I still have learning how to surf on my list of so-called scary things to do!

And, I lived to write about it here.  Writing a book proposal shouldn’t be that scary, I mused.

I once read that everything that happens to me is happening for a divine reason and to help me.  The wise teacher wrote that all is in divine order and working out for my best good.  I was in an emotionally trying time and I was like, “Oh, really?!” I didn’t make sense.  I couldn’t understand why I had to go through such heartache.  Later, it made sense, of course.  I needed to learn about my inner strength.  But, in the moment, it sucked.  I was not feeling brave at all.  But, in hindsight, I still put my entire heart on the line.  I let myself be very vulnerable.  I let myself bleed onto the page practically as I wrote a well-needed letter to someone.  I wasn’t sure what the outcome would be, but I did it anyway.  It wasn’t easy, but I have hope that things can heal.  I’m taking it one day at a time.

One day at a time is all you can do really. Just take one step towards your goals and dreams.  Each one will lead to the next step, and the next, and so on.  You will expand your comfort zone every step of the way.  Things that used to scare the bejesus out of you will seem like a cakewalk.  Seriously!

You can do it!

I’d love to hear your story about how you felt scared to do something, but did it anyway.  I’d love to hear about how it turned out okay, more than okay.  Feel free to leave a comment here!  I’d love to hear from you!



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