Hardcore Self-Acceptance

(photo credit: HA! Designs –ArtbyHeather, Flickr, Creative Commons License)

Have you ever wondered what it takes to totally and completely accept yourself?  Or, have you ever found yourself thinking again about your faults and then, either silently or out loud yelled, “ENOUGH!”

You became sick of yourself, in a way.  But, it’s not your real […]

How to Be Happy All of the Time

(Photo credit: Arthaey, Flickr, Creative Commons License)

After reading the title of this post, you might be wondering, “Okay, Lisa, is this really possible?”  My response is, “Hey, why not?”

I like to be my own lab rat.  After recently returning from a vacation, I decided to experiment.  I was so happy at sea, in […]

Respect and Boundaries

I was playing on YouTube the other day, listening to some old and new songs.  As a musician, I love it when modern groups remake the old songs (if they are good).  Although not classified as punk, I loved Avenged Sevenfold’s remake of Pantera’s song, “Walk”:

I used to sometimes be a push-over.  I’d let people […]