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You Gotta Stop to Listen.


Jun 11, 2015 , , 0 Comments


If you’re running around so busy all the time, it’s hard to be in touch with your intuition.

You gotta stop to…LISTEN.

Even if you just sit for a few moments to take a deep breath or two, this counts as a meditation of sorts.

Spirit or Source or your guides or angels…whatever terms you use…cannot reach you if you’re always busy on your smartphone.

Why not try plugging into the universe or spirit?

Unplug for a few hours from texts, emails, the internet, or watching movies or shows…

Try it…it could be one of the most “punk rock” things you will ever do.

Blessings and love,

Lisa, Punk Rock Psychic


Why You Don’t Have Limitations on Your Intuition


Sep 29, 2014 , , , , , , 0 Comments


Some kind souls recently have wrote me publicly and privately asking for guidance about their intuition. I love answering questions on this topic, not that I come close to having all the answers.

These lovely people wrote things in their emails or messages that made me wanna give them a hug. (I’m a hugger.)

Some said, “I’m too old to start developing my psychic abilities.”

Hey, age is just a number. I’ll bet you were psychic as a kid. You still can do this. You got this.

Others mentioned not being able to sit and meditate.

Being able to meditate isn’t required to be more intuitive. Yes, it helps, but it’s not the only way to access spirit and quiet your mind. 

A few sweethearts argued that they don’t have time to develop intuition.

There’s always small increments of time at traffic lights or in line to steal. Maybe you can start to play intuition games and try to guess where you’ll find a parking spot? Maybe you will feel a strong knowing about which pair of jeans to buy? These count! Intuition is actually a very practical thing that we can use in our every day lives. 

One or two folks mentioned that they have tried for years to be more psychic and have failed.

Oh, honeys, I relate! I’m working my tail off on guitar right now. Anything worthwhile will require practice. You’re not a failure. Don’t give up.

I’m not trying to single out anyone in this post. Rather, I’m trying to help you stop arguing for your limitations. You can do this!

I’m cheering you on and sending you lots and lots of love and good vibes.

IMG_4122Rock your intuition,


Punk Rock Psychic


The Creative Portal


Sep 30, 2011 , , , , , , , , , , , , 22 Comments

(Photo Credit: Gilderic, Flicker, Creative Commons License)

Lots of healing this past month for me. In hindsight, I laugh at myself for sometimes (well, usually) taking a hardcore approach to my own healing process. (Gosh, eating two tins of Rescue Remedy Pastilles in two weeks is not a good idea for me!  Oops!) But, sometimes,  healing works that way. It can be intense or gentle. It can be gently intense–okay, that is how I will describe the recent version.

I was processing a ton of emotions about love, life, work, and the past. I felt overwhelmed. Thank goodness that I knew when to take a break. I had purchased my friends’ guided shamanic journey as an mp3 a while ago. It seemed appropriate this week to take some time for my own healing. (My shaman friends specialize in helping artists and other creatives get past blocks.)

When I did the journey, I went through a creative portal of sorts. I recognized it as an enchanted forest leading to of all things, my grandparents’ home. You see, my late grandparents lived with us in a basement apartment from the time I was around four years-old until I was around 11 years-old. I was truly blessed to have them be such a major part of my upbringing. While doing the shamanic journey, I came across the bookshelf that had my coloring books, favorite story books, and a prized, wooden music box of my late grandma’s. I picked up the music box, winding it up in the meditation journey. It felt soothing to my spirit. I walked into the living room of the magical basement sitting right down on the floor at the coffee table. (My late grandma always teased us about replacing it one day when we got our first jobs since it  had cracks in it, but she was only joking. It seemed to convey more loving energies with the cracks in it, so she kept it for years, for the rest of her life.). In the meditation, I colored in some books, drew some pictures, and listened to the radio with my late grandparents. They were younger, as I always remembered them. We sat and enjoyed each other’s company.

My late grandma and I always played music, whether it was on the stereo (vinyl records still are my favorite), radio, or one of us playing the organ (we both took lessons). As I finished up the shamanic journey, it was hard to leave. I realized how much I missed that sacred, creative portal, the magical basement. Yet, my grandma conveyed to me in the journey that I always could come back if I needed to do so. My intention with the shamanic journey was to heal blocks related to my guitar playing. In the journey, I saw my late grandma hand me my TV Yellow Les Paul Jr. electric guitar, which is my baby. It felt like my grandparents were approving of me.

As I came to, tears of healing came, the type that are partly sad and the type that are joyful all at the same time. I woke up in my own living room, on my couch. I smiled as the first thing I saw were my amplifiers and my very own coffee table. Later that night, I was driving home from a couples’ class that hubby and I are taking the next month or so still processing from earlier in the day from the shamanic healing journey, as well as from hubby’s kind, healing appreciation expressed to me in the couples’ class. I felt happy, but just a bit teary ’cause I wear my heart on my sleeve. It’s just the way I roll.

As I drove home, I was randomly changing the stations on my satellite radio, when I heard my grandma and I’s favorite song to dance to when I was growing up. Saturday mornings we would put some records on and crank up the volume and dance around. The song, in case you’re wondering is “Peace Train” by Cat Stevens. (My grandma was hip, what can I say?) I heard my late grandma whisper in my ear, “Don’t forget about our dancing.” I smiled and cried at the same time.

How divine, to have your creativity on all levels nurtured by an adult while growing up, whether it is singing, dancing, playing music, doing artwork, making up plays, and reading and writing poems. I enjoyed all of this with my grandparents. What a gift!

I invite you to find your own creative portal or magical place where you can go for healing and support. Us artists can be very sensitive to the world at times. We feel more deeply. We sometimes use addictions to mask our true selves or our pain, instead of reaching out for love, hugs, and support. Or, we use addictions to numb ourselves from feeling at such a deep level. I did the shamanic journey yesterday for removing blocks around my book project too. I was taken to one of my favorite beaches in the journey, El Matador in Malibu, California. I saw myself starting my day with meditation and yoga. It was such a profound message since I usually start my day with coffee and answering emails (two of my own personal “addictions” I use to self-medicate). I had been receiving repeated guidance for a very long time about starting my days differently. Wow.

I envision a world where artists and creatives are championed, appreciated, and paid their worth. This would be utopia, in my eyes. The world would be rather boring without art and music.  The world needs you, by the way. The world needs your creativity to be expressed.

Here’s my shaman friends’ link, if you are interested in going on your own journey:  http://www.abundantheartliving.com/Products.html

Here’s to creative expression!


Lisa, Punk Rock Psychic™



(FTC disclaimer: I mentioned a product in this blog post and do not receive commissions or payments for any purchases of said product.)

Caution: Grumpy and Need Nap


Aug 2, 2011 , , , 12 Comments

(Photo Credit: ucumari, Flickr, Creative Commons License)

If you’re read my blog for a while, you know that I’m a big proponent of self-care.  One of my favorite ways to take care of myself is to take power naps.  I know that the experts will say to only do a 15-20 minute power nap so you don’t wake up feeling groggy.  Well, it takes me that long to fall asleep, so mine tend to be 30 minutes long.

In college, I could nap anywhere.  I was working part-time with a full class load.  I would take naps in the graduate library study kiosks (some even had a door for privacy), along with the computing cluster.  I used to take naps at half-time at football games since I was so tired.  Nowadays, I prefer my futon.  (Futon or couch naps work better for me than my bed.  If I go into my bed, I will sleep for hours since it’s too comfortable.)  Oh wait, I also should mention my ability to sleep in any moving vehicle.  I somehow developed the skill of sleeping in the passenger seat quite comfortably.

I’m a really happy, laid back type of person, but when I’m tired, I get grumpy.  Anyone who knows me well knows this about me.  I don’t get grumpy towards you.  I just find a way to take a quick nap and then, get on with the rest of my day.

My one confession about my naps is that I like to make productive use of the time by listening to a guided meditation.  (Yes, I even like to make sure that my nap time is productive.  I know, I am a Type A person.)  Or, at times, if I only have 15-20 minutes, I’ll do a brief meditation on my own.  I once read that 15 minutes of meditation time was equivalent to eight hours of sleep.  I’m not so sure that I buy that 100% yet, but I keep trying.  I keep putting it out there that I’ll awaken to feeling totally refreshed and relaxed.  It seems to be working, but progress is slow.

When I’m working on a big project, I still like to make sure that I take care of myself by getting sleep, exercising, meditating, playing guitar, and getting some fresh air.  I used to try the sleep deprivation, work-around-the-clock, and ingest as much caffeine as possible method.  It doesn’t work.  I end up getting exhausted.  A few months ago, I lowered my caffeine intake substantially.  I used to drink a full French press pot each day.  Now, I have one cup of green tea each day.  I’ve noticed that I sleep much better, almost like a rock (or like a bear, perhaps?  I sure hope that I’m not snoring. Poor hubby.).

What about you?  Do you ever take naps?  Does napping help you?  How do you alleviate your grumpiness?  I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas.  Feel free to leave me a comment.

Off to take a nap,

Lisa, Punk Rock Psychic™


My Top 5 Methods of Self-Care


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(Photo Credit: Paul Vallejo, Flickr, Creative Commons License)

I’m a big believer in self-care.  Self-care simply means taking care of yourself. It’s not selfish.  If you are rested and peaceful, you not only function better in the world, but you’re able to help others from a place of well-being and peace.  When you take care of yourself, it’s easier to want to serve and help since you’re coming from a place of love, not resentment.

Okay, enough of my soap box.  Self-care also is healthy.  Stress is so rampant in modern times.  Reduce your stress and you reduce the likelihood of many dis-eases and of course, the worst dis-ease of all–unhappiness.

I like to do self-care as a break from hard work.  It feels good.  I feel better.  Life is good.  Here are my favorite, top 5 methods of self-care:

1. Salt baths.  I love to soak in the bath tub.  I use sea salt in the bath water to help clear my energies.  Sometimes, I add a few drops of essential oils.  I intend when I take a bath to allow the water to clear away all negativity, stress, or whatever no longer serves me.  It’s a necessity for me as a professional psychic, not a luxury, I always say.  I love working with people, but it can be easy to pick up energies.  Salt helps to neutralize the energies, clear the biofield and chakras, and ground you.  Try it after a hectic day at work or after being in a large crowd of people.

2. Meditation. When in doubt, meditate.  Sit down, close your eyes, and breathe.  That’s it.  You don’t need to sit fancy.  You don’t need to stop your thoughts (you can’t).  Just observe your body, mind, and spirit.  Just see what happens.  Try 5 minutes per day and then, work up to 10 or 15 minutes per day.  I used to think if I meditated more, I’d become enlightened.  Nope, living in Earth School is what gets you enlightened.  It’s the way you handle the people and situations in your life that creates enlightenment.  Meditation gives you the tools to handle whatever life throws at you, or whatever you create in your life–however you wanna look at it.

3. Retail Therapy. I’m not going to lie, I like to shop.  I mean, I’m frugal and don’t always buy stuff.  I also am not very materialistic, so I don’t like to acquire a lot of stuff.  It’s just fun to sometimes look at things for inspiration.  Although I’m a big fan of Urban Decay makeup and buying books and music, I find that sometimes, browsing around a thrift store brings joy to my heart.  It’s fun to see all of the treasures, and once in a while, I find a retro party dress for $5.  Fun, fun, fun.

4. Driving with the windows rolled down.  Okay, this one is weather permitting.  I also don’t advocate just driving to drive since I’m an environmentalist, but there is something delicious about driving with the fresh air.  I love it at night, especially with music playing.  Since I don’t have a motorcycle, this will just have to do for now.

5.  Exercise. Working out is my salvation.  It keeps me sane.  If I had to pick a religion (ha ha ha!), I’d pick exercise.  It always works.  I feel more so much better when I work out.  It reduces my stress and anxiety.  It helps me to fit into a size 4, yadda, yadda, yadda.  I don’t have to convince you since it’s something you just have to do in order to understand the benefits.

Now, your turn!  What are your favorite methods of self-care?  I’d love to hear your ideas and thoughts on this.  Feel free to share here!


Lisa, Punk Rock Psychic™


(This is my post #15 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. )

The Worst Excuse Ever


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(Photo Credit: xcode, Flickr, Creative Commons License)

“I can’t afford it.”

Yep, that is the worst excuse ever.

By affirming lack and limitation for yourself, you close yourself off from Source.  Source is infinitely abundant.  There is more than enough time, resources, and money for everyone in the entire Universe.  The best way to connect to your divine birthright of abundance is to connect to Source (whether you call it God, Goddess, Higher Power, The Big Kahuna, Universe, Love, etc.).

There are many ways to connect to Source, whether it’s through meditation, prayer, being in nature, exercising, or just being engaged in something that you enjoy.  When you are filled with love in your heart, that is how you know you are connected to Source.

There is no need to do thousands of affirmations, make vision boards, or chant standing on your head to create an abundant life.  Source sees you as already perfected.  Source and you are One.  Source doesn’t make any junk.  You are perfect right now.

So, when you say that you can’t afford something, you’re saying that you are unworthy or that you don’t believe that Source sees you as worthy.  It’s like you’re flipping Source the bird, saying, “Since my abundance hasn’t shown up in physical form yet, screw you, I don’t believe in this manifestation stuff.”  It doesn’t really matter if you believe in the laws of the Universe or not.  They still operate in your life, whether you’re aware of them or not.  You don’t need a belief in gravity for it to work.  (Right now as I type this, I’m so glad my herbal tea is not floating up into the ceiling.)

While it may be true that you don’t have the money perhaps right now, consider these ideas:

–It’s on its way.

–It’s here now, but you haven’t noticed it.

–You don’t need money necessarily.  What about someone gifting you what you need?  What about barter and trade?  What about your electric company giving you an extension?

–You’re not being creative enough.  Source is creative, so why not try being creative with it.  Thing of alternative ways to make what you need or desire come into being.

Another thing I’d like to mention about the “I can’t afford it.” excuse is that perhaps, you just haven’t made it a priority.  Energy follows intention. If you intend that you can afford something, believe me, you will.  I remember working a part-time job to supplement my business income for a while.  It helped to pay our bills, along with groceries and gasoline.  I made it my priority to pay for things each month.  I avoided debt and other trauma.  My mortgage was paid each month.  Now, of course, things are vastly better in our household.  But, each time a potential client now says to me, “I can’t afford a reading,” I respond with, “Yes, you can. You just haven’t made it a priority.”  I also affirm their perfect abundance in the same sentence.

I guess I think of all of the people who can manifest food and shelter each day, even if it’s not as luxurious as some people have.  I think about how even people with drug addictions are able to manifest $100’s and sometimes, $1,00’s each day to support their habits.  I see some people buying $5 drinks each day at Starbucks.  If you want it bad enough, you will find a way to afford it.  This applies not just to psychic readings, but anything you require or desire.

But, first you have to ask.  You have to ask the Universe to bring it to you.  Don’t demand since this comes from a place of lack.  Be grateful for what you desire right now, before it shows up.  You also might need to learn how to let go of ego and ask for help.  It’s humbling to call your relatives for a loan, but you might have to do this to avoid living on the street or not having food to eat.  You might need to call a friend or two for some professional contacts in your job search.  It’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help.  Show the Universe you’re doing your part while trusting things will show up for you in surprising and even miraculous ways.

I’ll also let you in on a little “secret,” help others get what you desire and require.  Desire it more for them than for you.  Give what you need.  If you’re looking for a job, help someone else find a job.  If you need money, give even $1 to a charitable organization or even gift your time.  Trust me, this is the REAL “secret.”  It works more than any New Age tricks.

Stop saying you can’t afford it.  Say “yes” to life.  Say “yes” to the Universe.  If you are tempted to say, “I can’t afford it,” instead say, “It’s not a priority right now for me, but I’m working on making it one.”  This will shift you into a more neutral place.  Then, shift into a more positive place internally, affirming that the Universe has your back and will provide it to you in a wonderful way when you least expect it.

Have you ever made this excuse of not being able to afford something?  How do you personally shift your abundance issues?  What are your manifestation “secrets.”  Feel free to share here!  I’d love to hear your thoughts…

Affirming your abundance in all areas,

Lisa, Punk Rock Psychic™


(This is my post #11 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.)

The Hardest Piece of Homework Ever Given to Me


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(Photo Credit: Midpath, Flickr, Creative Commons License)

I’ve consciously been working on my personal healing for quite some time.  Gosh, come to think of it, it’s been since I was around 17 or 18 years.  So, it’s been over 20 years of growth work, including me consulting with healers from time to time when I get stuck.

Towards the end of last year, I consulted with a medical intuitive for a reading.  I just wondered what was going on not only physically, but also on other levels.  I was feeling like having more understanding about how to shift old patterns.  The session was pretty profound.  Of course, the pricing was way out of my comfort zone, but it was money well spent.  I learned a lot about why I have certain physical health conditions.  I knew some of it, but the medical intuitive went to a deeper level with it all.  And, in some cases, she pointed out the obvious.

As the intuitive read my energy, she went straight to talking about my root chakra.  The root chakra also is called the first chakra (it’s the color red).  (A chakra is an energy center, a biologic oscillator of sorts that powers your endocrine glands with correlations to other life areas such as the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects, besides the physical.)  The root chakra is about safety, security, and feeling a sense of belonging.  One of the areas of the physical body that corresponds to the root chakra is the adrenal glands (they sit atop of your kidneys; think of the chakras corresponding to nerve plexi in the body, so sometimes, the corresponding organs are a bit distal from the chakra).  To keep it simple, the adrenal glands serve an important function in the body by releasing hormones during stress.  If you are too stressed, it’s possible to burn out your adrenal glands.  You’ll end up being pretty tired.  (The traditional, allopathic medical field doesn’t really acknowledge this idea of adrenal burnout, by the way.)

As the medical intuitive talked to me about my root chakra issues, I felt a bit of relief.  I’ve healed adrenal fatigue before, and I knew what supplements to take and what lifestyle changes to make.  I felt in the clear until she mentioned two things.  She said we had to look at other areas of my energy. (Okay, it was a one hour reading, and I knew more would be coming.)  Then, she said to help to heal my root chakra stuff, I’d need to find a group to join.  A sense of belonging helps you to feel safe, secure, and loved.  It apparently makes your root chakra quite happy.

The rest of the reading was just as profound.  The other homework was doable.  I could meditate and rest.  I could do that stuff.  I’m a hermit, after all.  (Yeah, I did have monastic past lives.  Luckily, we didn’t waste my session talking about those!)  I’m also energy sensitive.  I prefer my own company to being in large groups.  Even if I shield my energy, I get exhausted in large groups.  So, towards the end of the reading, I asked if on-line groups counted.  Oh, man, I was put in my place (lovingly at least).  She said it only counted if I found an in-person group.

I felt scared of finding a group.  What if people didn’t like me.  And, worse yet, she mentioned a class that I could take to help me feel supported in my goal of writing a book on a big ass boat in the middle of the ocean.  I took that class and lived to tell about it.  Yet, I still haven’t found an official group to belong to in an in-person, regular basis type of way.

For a while, I shopped on the website Meetup.com.  I joined some to check out the energy and people, but for some reason, most of the ones I subscribed to went under.  They are no longer meeting.  The knitters disbanded (or is it “unraveled”?).  The women’s networking groups I was in closed.  I was kicked out of one or two groups for not attending a meeting (well, excuse me for having to visit a family member in the hospital that month!).  Writing groups asked me for 6,000 word writing samples to even be considered to be a part of their group.  I asked if I could send the link to this blog.  I was refused entry since they were looking for “serious writers” only.

It’s funny actually to write all of that.  I was afraid of rejection, and so, of course, this is what I received in return.  So, instead, I thought I’d create more of a social life for myself.  I’m a social butterfly on-line, so I started to try to get together with friends in-person locally.  Again, this seems to fall through for me.  I’ve learned to let go and just enjoy life as much as I can.  Hubby and I love being together.  And, well, I have squirrel and bird friends too.

The other day as I drove to my guitar lesson, I had a brilliant (to me) thought.  I realized I was a part of a group.  I am a musician, part of many who receive guitar lessons at the shop.  This counts to me.

Slowly, I’m rebuilding my life after the most stressful three years of my life.  Although my finances have healed considerably the past year, there was a time when due to budget, I couldn’t have a social life, aside from coffee with a friend.  When you go through hard times, you do find out who your true friends really are, I’ll say that.  I’ve had a major shift in friends.  It’s all good.

Usually, I can accomplish any assignment that a healer or coach gives me.  But, so far, I feel like I have not really done the homework of finding a group so well, at least not on the healer’s terms.  This is okay though.  I know all is in divine order.  The right people and groups will be in my life soon.

My question to the medical intuitive now is, “Does being in a band count?”

That gives you a hint about the next chapter of my life.  Stay tuned.


Lisa, Punk Rock Psychic™


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Confessions of a Mildly Left-Brained Psychic


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(Photo credit: vaXzine, Flickr, Creative Commons License)

The right hemisphere of your brain is often associated with creativity, intuition, artistic ability, feelings and emotions, and the big picture.  The left brain is associated with logic, details, reasoning, analytical ability, decision-making, and problem-solving.  I’ve read that people tend to favor one way of being over the other.  Hence, the terms “right-brained” and “left-brained.”  However, most people use both sides of their brains to function in the world.

Some people assume since I’m a psychic and musician that I’m pretty right-brained.  This is true for the most part.  But, I am pretty highly left-brained too.  My engineer husband says it’s ’cause he has rubbed off on me in a positive way.  Yet, I see that I’ve rubbed off on him in good ways too (encouraging him with his guitar-playing and embracing his inner child).

I’ll explain how my mildly left-brain side of my being works in readings.  For starters, I prefer to give you useful information.  I wouldn’t just tell you that your aura is purple and not tell you what that means.  (By the way, aura is a term for the human energy biofield.  Purple is a high vibration color that corresponds to the crown chakra often, possibly inferring a big spiritual connection with the divine.)

I also like to use logical observations with the psychic insights I receive to help you to interpret possible meanings of messages.  These are just a starting point, however.  Actually, I prefer to just tell you what I get and leave the interpretation up to you since you most likely have your own meanings of symbols, etc.

I enjoy sharing knowledge from my spiritual studies with you too.  I don’t just leave you hanging, trying to figure out the terminology of the psychic world.  I also am a big believer in common sense.  If you are getting some guidance to quit your day job, I might ask you simply, “What is your Plan B?”  What are you going to do to earn an income?  Some spiritual folks might say to throw caution to the wind and just trust in the Universe.  That can work, in some cases.  But, it’s always nice to honor your human side that needs the feeling of security, you know?

My mildly left-brained side comes out in daily life too.  I’m a big believer in locating information to help with decisions or to solve problems.  Things such as store hours, names of people/places/things, and other factual information are easy to find on-line.  I dislike having conversations where people are wondering about the facts.  I want to say, “Just look it up and save the time!”  I refuse to be lost when driving, even when a passenger.  I surprised myself on a cruise ship recently with my ability to navigate the big boat.  I was constantly stopped for directions, even on the big boat!  I’m usually the one in my friends who figures out the gratuity at the meal.  I find that I’m a great detective combined with my psychic skills) when looking for lost objects.  Friends often come to me for common sense type of advice, and I don’t mind helping.

At times, I have a hard time being around ungrounded people.  I have my space cadet tendencies at times, mostly when I’m physically tired.  The ungrounded and spacey New Agers or spiritual types are a challenge for me.  Once I was at a yoga ashram to see a lecture by the guru.  We had a break, so naturally, some of us went to use the restroom.  I politely asked the woman ahead of me if she was in line to use the restroom.  Part of the bathroom was sinks and part was stalls for the toilets, which made it easier to determine who was in line, but I still asked since she was stopped in front of me and didn’t go to the next available stall.  She looked at me blankly, saying, “I’m not sure.”  I was shocked by this and it sort of annoyed me.  I just said matter-of-factly, “Hey, you’re either in line or you’re not.”  I wasn’t mean or impolite, but she reacted negatively.  I suppose my bladder was speaking for me, but I was so put off by this ungrounded, spacey way of living.  I realized that the ashram was definitely not going to be my spiritual home.  Of course, there is a time and a place for being in the ethereal.  I mean, if you’re meditating, you might not be fully present in your physical body.  But, if you are not meditating, it’s not good to be spacey–since we grounded folks want to talk to you or not be hit by you in a car!

When I relayed the ashram story to my hubby, he was rolling on the floor laughing.  I didn’t really get what was so funny about it.  I suppose hubby saw that I had evolved into a left-brained being.  Of course, when hubby walked in with my pal’s hubby to pick us up after the lecture at the ashram, the receptionist asked if they were the drivers, there to deliver some packages.  It must have been hubby’s Social Distortion work jacket that caused the receptionist to think that.  Hubby found it hilarious.  Later on, the guru walked by when hubby was in the library waiting and browsing, giving hubby a nod.  You see, gurus and teachers usually make many less assumptions.  Making assumptions is not left or right-brained really.  They are just ridiculous at times.

My female friend laughed at me recently too.  She wanted to pay for a concert ticket using her charge card.  The machine wasn’t working.  I suggested that the guy either 1) write down her information and run it later 2) use the manual charge machine to make a carbon copy, etc. 3) use the bar’s charge machine, instead of the box office’s and just have the bar refund it to the box office.  Both the attendant and friend thought I was brilliant, but really, I was just using my problem-solving skills, mixed with a little creativity.

So, I prefer to live in a both left and right-brained way.  It’s more fun that way.  You’ll make more friends and enjoy life more…ha ha ha!

What do you think?  Do you prefer a certain side of the brain?  Does any of living challenge you?  Feel free to share!


Lisa, Punk Rock Psychic™


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The 4 Psychic Powers


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If you’ve been following my blog or my work for a while, you know that I’m all about embracing the real you, especially your intuition.  I truly believe that everyone is intuitive or psychic, if you prefer.  It’s just whether you use your intuition that matters.  Some are too busy or uninterested to work on listening to or developing their intuition.  Or, some are nervous or even afraid about it.  Chances are, you have had things happen to you such as gut feelings or even known when someone is calling, without having to look at your caller identification feature.

A big part of my life mission as a psychic is to not only demystify the psychic world, but also, to help you to embrace your intuition.  I see intuition as a practical thing that helps you to make decisions and become more of your true self.  It is not magical or mystical.  I actually used the term “powers” in this blog post’s title a bit tongue-in-cheek.  I have a silly sense of humor.  I also am pretty modest.  (I hope that I seem that way, at least!)  So, I actually don’t see myself as being special or unique.  I just have made a choice to use intuition in my life.  Everyone has the power right now.

So, before I digress further, here are the 4 Psychic Powers.  All of these are the psychic counterparts to your physical senses.  So, if you tend to be a visual person, you might resonate with clairvoyance.  The pre-fix “clair” means clear, just for reference.  Often, many people have a combination of these four.

1) Clairvoyance (clear-seeing).  You get intuitive insights via visual cues in the physical world such as number sequences, words on signs, animal sitings, or anything else meaningful to you.  Or, you see things in your mind’s eye during daily life or in meditations, dreams, and spiritual practices.  You tend to be drawn to colors, artwork, pretty stuff, and might consider yourself a visual learner.

Spirit gets our attention in subtle ways, but sometimes with a sense of humor.  I once asked for a sign about if I’d ever move to California.  Well, the next day watching “The Today Show,” someone was holding a sign that simply said, “California.”  I heard my guides loving say, “Is this what you meant?”  (Hey, you get what you ask for!)

2) Clairaudience (clear hearing).  You hear voices.  (Please, this is not a psychological disorder, by the way!)  But, you’ll hear messages that almost sound like your own voice.  Or, you might actually hear a voice or word(s) that sound different.  It’s in the mind mostly though, similar to how in clairvoyance, you will see images in your mind’s eye.  I guess you might say it’s like your mind’s ear with clairaudience.

I notice I will hear songs on the radio or conversations in public that have messages for me. I tend to be an auditory person as a musician especially, so this makes sense for me.  You might find that you are tuned into the finer frequencies with this clair.

3) Claircognizance (clear knowing).  You know things without knowing how you know them.  Intuitive insights come to you via your thoughts.  Often, these insights will come out of the blue.  It will feel too simple at first, but please know that spirit works in simple ways.

Actually, intuition works via your thoughts and feelings, so since you’re always feeling and thinking, you are always able to plug into your intuition.  Some claim that the great scientific discoveries of modern times came to the scientists via claircognizance.  The formulae or solutions came just out of the blue when they weren’t working on their stuff.

Intuition comes more easily when you’re relaxed, by the way.

4) Clairsentience (clear feeling).  You feel things in your own body.  You might have gut feelings about a situation or person.  You feel others’ emotions and feelings (sometimes this is called being an emotional empath).  You might even feel their pain, whether it is emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual.

When you walk into a room, you can tell if there has been an argument or something else is off about the situation.  When you meet someone, you get feelings about whether they are a good person or not.  You are very tuned into the heart and compassion aspects of life.

When you love, you do it with your entire being.  In arguments or tense situations, you might feel not only your emotions and feelings, but you will feel others’ stuff too.  It can be overwhelming, so it requires knowing how to manage energies and take care of yourself.

At times, those with pronounced clairsentience become dumping grounds for others’ baggage.  You might gain weight unintentionally to protect yourself.  You might be everyone’s free counselor, but you need support too, so don’t be shy about getting it for yourself.

Well, those are the 4 Psychic Powers in a nutshell.  I gave only brief descriptions ’cause I’m a simple sort of gal.  If you want to know more about all of this, be sure to check out my freebie Mini Course, “How to Be More Psychic” that you get as a gift for signing up for my monthly email newsletter.

You’ve got the power!

Blessings and gratitude,


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Meditation as a Healing Tool


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Meditation is a practical, easy way to get in touch with your inner self.  If you do an internet search, you will find tons of information and even studies about its benefits.

The nice thing about meditation is that you can do it anywhere.  Just find a comfortable seat.  Take a few deep breaths and simply observe your breathing and thoughts.  Try it for five minutes per day until you get to 15-20 minute sessions (or longer or more frequently, if you desire).

Just come as you are.  No need to be perfect.  No need to completely clear your mind.  By the way, most people find that it takes a while to stop the thoughts.  It’s not really the goal in meditation.  I’m not sure that meditation has a goal really.  I mean, of course, enlightenment is the goal, but that is different for everyone, depending on your spiritual path.  Even if you’re not into the woo-woo, don’t want to sit on a cushion, Om-ing for hours, you’ll find benefits from meditation.

Meditation can be a great stress reducer.  It is a great way to activate the relaxation response (parasympathetic nervous system, if you are a geek like me).  Some say that healing on all levels (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual)  is possible via the relaxation response, if utilized over time.

Some use meditation to clear their head a bit.  Others use it as a way to get insights or guidance about a pressing issue.  There’s multiple ways and techniques that you can use to meditate.

There are all kinds of schools of thought and disciplines when it comes to meditation.  There’s tons of classes, books, and even guided meditations.  I find that sometimes, guided meditations help me to relax.  It’s a guided relaxation really.  But, I also have my own personal meditation practice too.  By the way, don’t feel like you need to find a guru in order to learn how to meditate effectively, if that is not in your belief system.  Find a way or teacher that works for you and resonates with your heart and spirit.

Sometimes, it’s beneficial to learn to meditate in groups.  In groups, entrainment happens (a coordination of energies and nervous systems similar to when a group of grandfather clocks become coordinated over time).  Entrainment helps you to learn a new skill more easily.  However, if you’re sensitive to energies, you might not like this feeling of being intertwined with others’ energy fields.  I myself found that I was able to meditate in a group for learning, but when it came to do it socially of sorts, I was too sensitive for some reason.  (I can meditate with my hubby and feel okay, however.)

Meditation is really a state of awareness in the present.  So, you can use anything that gets you into the present moment or a state of flow as meditation.  Meditation and breath work create changes in or altered states of consciousness.  Search on-line to read about the various brain states’ differences (alpha, beta, and delta, etc.)  I’ve been able to get into an altered state via walking, bicycling, running, knitting, playing guitar, receiving massage, or watching my squirrel friends play outside.

I sometimes joke with people that I want to teach meditation so that people will rely less or not at all on chemicals or substances.  (On a side note:  I’m doing a meditation teacher training right now that I’ll soon complete after I’m finished this summer with my book proposal.  So, watch for some meditation tracks produced by yours truly.)

I’m often asked as a psychic if I meditate.  Well, yes, I do, as mentioned.  But, psychic ability and intuition are not really the goal of meditation.  Meditation simply helps your mind to focus.  You can use this focus in a way that supports your daily life.  Eventually, you might get to a place where your life feels like a meditation, even when you’re not technically meditating.  Meditation trains your mind and spirit in many ways, some of which have to be experienced first-handedly.

You might really enjoy reading about meditation at Wikipedia, for starters:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meditation Even if you are not spiritual or religious, meditation is still possible. You might prefer to look at the scientific or physiological benefits.  I myself combine traditions since I’m a religious/spiritual dabbler and embrace all positive paths to the divine.  I just don’t like to limit myself or fall for the stereotypes.

I put a photo of a child levitating in this post for a reason.  If you’re an adult, I invite you to think about the child’s mindset.  Children are so open-minded, and often, they don’t have limiting beliefs about what is possible (until their parents, society, or schooling tells them otherwise).

So, if you want to defy gravity, blast through plywood, or just get through another day at work, you can do it.  If you go there in your mind, you can achieve it physically.

Visualization is often not considered meditation.  It’s similar though since you’re using your mind as a tool, training it to focus.  Many studies with athletes show that at higher levels of competition, athletes spend a significant amount of their training time practicing visualization.  I myself can attest to having better race results from using visualization when I raced my mountain bike back in the day.  I also have used visualization and meditation to focus my mind with creative pursuits such as writing and playing electric guitar.

I would love to hear about your own meditation experiences.  Feel free to share here with your comments.  I always say with things like meditation, “The more, the merrier.”

Thanks for reading!



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