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How to Get Spiritual Messages from Music


May 2, 2011 , , , , , , , , , , 6 Comments

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It has been said that music is the language of the soul.  As a psychic and musician, I couldn’t agree more.  If you read my previous blog post, The 4 Psychic Powers, you will remember the term clairaudience, which means clear-hearing.  (You can read this post here:  http://punkrockpsychic.com/uncategorized/the-4-psychic-powers/)  Clairaudience is a form of psychic ability which involves the physical sense of hearing.  However, you might hear messages from spirit that sound like they are from the sound of your own voice.  (No, it’s not the same as hearing voices, as in the psychological disorder!)  As I mentioned in my prior blog post, if you tend to be an auditory sort of person in your daily life, you might find that your intuition comes from messages that you hear.

Some of the messages you might hear are things you overhear in others’ conversations–not that I’m advocating eavesdropping.  It the type of thing that you just happen to hear, without a lot of effort.  Or, you might hear something on the television or on the radio.

I myself started to get a variety of messages from music, whether it was music I heard on the radio or shuffling on my mp3 player.  I started to smile as the radio became my accidental divination tool, much like an oracle deck is for some.  I would flip through the stations and something about a song would stick out.  I would hear a word, phrase, or series of notes that keyed my intuition brain into thinking or feeling something.  Remember, your intuition comes via your thoughts and feelings. Other times, I would hear a song  that was a favorite of a deceased loved ones.  For example, my late grandma sometimes sends me songs that she enjoyed or songs that we both enjoyed together.  It’s her way of sending me a loving, shout-out.  So, music is a way to get mediumship messages for yourself too.

I also have experimented with putting my mp3 player on shuffle, asking my divine team of guides and angels to send me messages.  I’ve had profound results using this method.  Try it out and let me know how it goes for you.  You might be wondering how you’ll get messages.  Well, it works differently for everyone.  This method might not work for you, but I say, try it.

I only can speak about the results that I’ve achieved with using music as a spiritual tool.  I’ll give some more examples.  I have asked the divine at times for a sign that things would be okay.  Soon after, I’ll just happen to hear a song that always inspires me.  It feels like a big hug sent from the divine.  Or, I’ll hear a song that has a line in it that gives me the chills.  These chills are a recognition that some word or concept is about me, and it’s trying to get my attention.  I always have loved the music of Bob Dylan.  In one of his songs, I heard the word revolution and it gave me the chills. I’m a very revolutionary sort of person.  If you know about astrology, let’s say that I have the planet Uranus prominently in my chart (often, that planet is considered revolutionary).  It was confirmation that my soul is on the right path for me.  At least, it felt like that way to me during the time I had this come through for me.  I felt I needed to be reminded about my true identity.

Yes, the divine likes to give us a boost now and then of inspiration.  I have used music as a way to connect to my inner muse too.  I’ve sometimes felt stuck in my writing or guitar playing, and I’ll put on my mp3 player, asking for guidance about where to go next in my creative work.  Sometimes, I’ve heard a song that just brings me back to who I was when I was 16 years old.  That will make me smile.  I’ll think of how I’m so similar to how I was back then, but it some ways, I’m so different.  I’ll start to think about something that happened back then and it will give me some emotions and feelings that I can use in my creative work.  This example is just one of many ways I’ve used music to blast past creative blocks.

I also enjoy using music in meditation.  I’ll pick some relaxing music to just do a free-form of meditation.  I allow it to take me places in my mind, allowing my spirit to show me some messages.  I also enjoy guided meditations of others that are set to music.  These really are uplifting, and I find them helpful when I have times when I can’t do my own meditations due to being tired or lacking focus.

Really, there is an unlimited amount of ways in which you can use music to get messages from spirit.  Use your creativity and have fun with it!  Let me know what you think.  Have you ever had experiences like these?  If not, do you want to have them?  Feel free to share here!

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Punk Folk Music


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I always like to explore music. I like to look at the roots of my favorite music, along with learning about musical history. My musical collection is very diverse. Of course, I enjoy punk rock, but I also love other genres with protest or rebellion themes. I consider some early folk musicians that say protest songs to be pretty punk rock. I respect Woody Guthrie’s work. For more information on his music, be sure to check out his website: http://www.woodyguthrie.org/

I selected the song above of Woody’s since it reminds me of the recent revolutions in parts of the world. Some no longer want to put up with fascism or dictators in any form. This music is timeless, isn’t it?

I also adore the music of Frank Turner, who calls himself a punk folk artist. I enjoyed seeing him play live, opening up for Social Distortion recently:   http://www.frank-turner.com/His music rocks!

I think most forms of music are so close to each other. Music is the language of the soul, as they say. It expresses what is deep inside someone. It can be both a personal and global healing force used to create positive changes.

What music moves you lately? Do you have any examples of music or artists that you’d like to share that are helping to change the world? I’d love to hear about what moves you. Feel free to share and comment here.

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