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You Disappoint Me


Sep 2, 2015 , , 0 Comments


I don’t like to write negative things. I tend to be very positive. However, I have to walk my talk here and be honest.

You disappoint me.

I’ve had some of you write me basically asking for a reading free of charge. Question: How does that honor me and this work?

Also, my mom passed away in June this year, not even three months ago. Another question: Why are you so impatient with me in getting back to you with emails? Chill out.

I’m also disappointed when you ask for patience and understanding and folks do not provide it to me as a business owner or a human being. I send out my email newsletter monthly to stay in touch. At times, there are links and helpful things, but lately, I’ve been a bit tired due to grief and other life stuff. I politely asked in a recent email newsletter if you wouldn’t mark my email as junk. Well, one of you thought it was rather cute to mark it as junk. Question: Did you enjoy that? I sure hope it was worth it.

To be honest, I don’t have a ton of bandwidth any more to write here on this blog. I don’t turn down clients, however.

The thing is, it’s not my job to be your endless source of inspiration on this blog or on social media. I will write or share when I feel like it. I keep this blog and website mostly up for a source of information, to be of service.

One last question: What are you doing lately to be of service?



Punk Rock Psychic


The Patience Practice


Feb 10, 2012 , , 14 Comments

(Photo: From My Personal Collection 2012)

Last week, I ventured out to the store. I had to pick up some essentials like office supplies, coffee, and some greeting cards. I jumped at the chance when I saw a line without any waiting, stepping just behind a customer who seemed to be done checking out. As I put my items down, the neighboring cashier took my shopping basket away, which I thought was so kind. Suddenly, I noticed that the person ahead of me was not gone yet. I looked down at the conveyer belt, which had stopped, only to find a pile of 20-30 or so coupons. Ugh…

I didn’t think it would take 20 minutes for the transaction to be completed, but it did. Other lines had a long wait, so I just decided to be patient, which was hard ’cause well, I’m human. I took some deep breaths and decided to see if I could be patient, I mean truly patient. The cashier did her job, looking at the coupons to make sure they hadn’t expired. The customer with all of the coupons was agitated, saying she had to leave soon to pick her kids up from school. Meanwhile, her younger daughter was throwing fish-shaped, cheddar crackers at me, her mom oblivious to it all. It was hard not to laugh at the little girl because she was having fun, but I didn’t want her mom to take notice of her antics, in case the little one would get into trouble. Hey, I don’t fault the little girl, she was trying to entertain herself.

The cashier pointed out several coupons that had expired to the customer. Then, some other coupons were for items that the customer hadn’t even purchased. Yet, the cashier was patient, even when the customer became even more frustrated because her gift card didn’t have enough money to cover her bill. I just waited calmly. I thought, “Oh, this isn’t too bad.” As I had that very thought, the child of the woman in line behind me started to have a very loud, screaming tantrum that included a plethora of blood curdling screams and characteristic toddler, “NO!” I took more deep breaths and just decided to not let my blood pressure rise.

Finally, it was my turn to check out. Before the cashier started to ring me up, I alerted her to my one and only coupon. It was for $1.50 my Vanilla Starbucks coffee, one of those coupons you redeem the day of your purchase. I cracked a joke, saying I only had one coupon. The cashier didn’t seem amused at first, but then, she let out a few hearty laughs. The lady behind me giggled too. And, I interrupted one of them before they could disparage the coupon-toting lady that had just left, saying, “Gosh, I must have needed an opportunity to practice patience today.” Suddenly, it was very quiet for a few moments. Then, the cashier said, “Oh, wow, I am going to use that one! I need that for my job!” The lady behind me said, “Yeah, as a mom, I could use that too.”

I cracked up as I walked out. I learned so much. I also had an opportunity to make others laugh and think, which I may not have had if I had gone to another checkout line like the other, hasty shoppers. I really feel that lessons repeat over and over again until we learn them. I decided that day I really don’t want to keep on having to learn about patience. If I’m patient, I’ll experience others being patient. I keep reminding myself of this when I’m driving or out in public, especially when I notice so many people who are multi-tasking, doing things I disapprove of such as texting and driving. By the way, I also stopped trying to multi-task as much while at home. I notice that I encounter fewer “annoying” people. Perhaps, it is because I’m not so annoying? :)

I’m still a work in progress with the patience bit. I’m human. There are times I want lights to turn green quicker than their timers or I yell at people to drive faster. I sometimes want others to even talk faster or at least write shorter emails or leave shorter messages on my phone. I sometimes get impatient due to others’ impatience. I don’t like to be rushed. So, I realized I have to put on my big girl pants and grow up, being patient as I can be. I gotta be like I wanna experience (not grammatically correct, but it’s how I roll.)

I’ve noticed that really no time is ever “lost.” It all seems to balance out in the end. The extra five minutes I seemed to have had to wait at the post office is balanced out by the trip to the grocery store where there was not waiting in line. That three seconds I was forced to wait behind a slower driver is balanced out by me finding my item I needed right at the counter (yes, mints!). The one hour I waited in line for the doors to open for a concert is enjoyed ’cause I get to talk to my sweet husband.

And, who knows? Maybe I’m being delayed for a reason? I recall being so angry one time since I had a mishap at home and needed to get to an appointment on time. (I despise being late, just so you know. Yep, I have Virgo rising.) Well, as I drove to my appointment, I saw that there had been a major car accident on my way. I said some prayers and sent love to those involved, but I couldn’t help but to wonder if I had purposely delayed for some reason by the unseen, divine forces. When I arrived at my appointment, the doctor was running late anyway, so I really ended up being “on-time.”

This is not a post where I have preached to you about how patience is a virtue. I just want you to know that there are simply learning opportunities in daily life. There sometimes are reasons why things don’t seem to go as fast as we want. There’s blessings from waiting. You get to talk to cool people. Life sometimes is trying to tell us to go with the flow. The universe says, “Chillax!”

Yeah, and we don’t listen to this chillax guidance at times, rushing around to the next, big important thing, which might just be soccer practice, the grocery store, or a doctor’s appointment. The world is not going to stop if you are late. And, for me, I’ve learned that I don’t always have to be 10 minutes early for everything. And, there is no race, really. Everything seems to get done, doesn’t it? The modern conveniences invented in the 1950s were supposed to give us more leisure time, but it seems like we have even more to do today. What gives? I invite you to rethink these sorts of things. Maybe see how it feels to go with the flow. Yeah, go with the flow, baby!

I’m going to try that too…flowing through life…Yes!

What do you think about things like patience, multi-tasking, rushing around, or the like? What are your ideas? What challenges you? I’d love to hear from you! Leave me a comment here.

Blessings and as Guns ‘N Roses sang, “Have a little patience…”

Lisa, Punk Rock Psychic™


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