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Don’t School Me!


Apr 23, 2011 , , , , , , , 6 Comments

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I like to learn and grow.  I enjoy stretching my mind.  I love to read books.  I enjoy conversation on-line and in-person with a variety of people.  There’s something about ideas, thinking, conversing, and learning that really turn me on, for sure.

I’ve been in metaphysical or spiritual circles for many years now.  I know that I might come across as young-ish due to my image here on my website.  The thing is that I’m in my late 30’s.  I have been consciously working towards my healing and evolution for almost 20 years.  I have been doing it in many lifetimes too, I’m sure.

I’ll bet you relate. You’ve been working on yourself for a long time. You’re most likely very educated, smart, well-read–or use your own term to describe it.

I consider myself to be a pretty tolerant and open-minded person.  However, I’m all about being human, admitting to my short-comings.  I’m not very tolerant or accepting of one sort of behavior.  I don’t do well when someone tries to tell me how to think or feel.  And, if someone says that their way, belief, or opinion is the only right way, well, I get a bit pissed off.

I honor this inside of me as a trait that just helps me to see the areas I need to work on myself.  I always can learn more compassion, empathy, patience, love, and acceptance towards others.  It’s part of why I’m  here on the planet.  This is the true classroom, planet Earth.  Our souls decided to come here to learn.  It’s not always easy or for the faint of heart, but it’s necessary for our soul’s growth.

Another area popped up recently into my consciousness that annoys me.  I think it always has annoyed me, to be honest.  I get a bit rubbed the wrong way when someone claiming to be spiritual comes around to try to school me.  Well-meaning people sometimes come around in my life to show me the error of my ways or thinking.  They see themselves as wise souls who want to teach me better so I’ll get it.  How nice and loving of them–NOT!

Part of me sees the kind, loving intentions behind their actions.  I can even handle hearing, “Oh, honey, you attracted this.”  (Of course, there are other universal laws than just the Law of Attraction, but that is a post for another day.)  I smile and nod.  I will thank the person if they are a friend who I love and we have an agreement to keep each other accountable.  But, when it’s someone that I don’t know or love, I get a bit annoyed ’cause again, I’m human.

There’s another part of me that feels some of these “spiritual” people who are trying to school me as evangelical.  I was damaged by traditional religion growing up, so I feel a bit sensitive to these sorts of energies.  I can feel it when people are preachy.  In my eyes, they are just thumping a replacement book or philosophy, instead of the bible or other religious book.  I don’t need to hear about how I attract what I am (no sh*t!).  I don’t need to hear about how a plant-based diet is better for me (well, duh!).  I don’t need to hear about how it’s better to being loving and compassion (again, no sh*t!).  I think you catch my drift.

If you really want to school someone in a positive way, just shine as a beacon of hope.  Do some volunteer work that makes the world a better place.  I’ll see your light and example and be inspired.  I might even take similar action.  Actions speak louder than words or ideas.  The rubber has to hit the road.

So, don’t school me, please.  I am on a similar journey of learning as you.  But, my journey is not the same.  I might not have asked you to be my personal teacher, although I see everyone as teachers and students for each other.  Honor my boundaries.  Ask me before you try to teach me.  Or, use your own life as an example. Talk about your own lessons and that might inspire me.  But, please, realize that my lessons are different than yours.  I’m a different soul.  I’m a different person.  I elected to do life differently than you.  If you understand this about me, then, we can talk.  If not, I’m not interested in you.  This sounds harsh, I know, but this is who I am and what I’m about.

Have you ever felt schooled by someone claiming to be “spiritual”?  How do you handle this sort of thing?  What lessons have you learned along the way about this?  I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on this. Feel free to comment here.

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