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Why You Don’t Have Limitations on Your Intuition


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Some kind souls recently have wrote me publicly and privately asking for guidance about their intuition. I love answering questions on this topic, not that I come close to having all the answers.

These lovely people wrote things in their emails or messages that made me wanna give them a hug. (I’m a hugger.)

Some said, “I’m too old to start developing my psychic abilities.”

Hey, age is just a number. I’ll bet you were psychic as a kid. You still can do this. You got this.

Others mentioned not being able to sit and meditate.

Being able to meditate isn’t required to be more intuitive. Yes, it helps, but it’s not the only way to access spirit and quiet your mind. 

A few sweethearts argued that they don’t have time to develop intuition.

There’s always small increments of time at traffic lights or in line to steal. Maybe you can start to play intuition games and try to guess where you’ll find a parking spot? Maybe you will feel a strong knowing about which pair of jeans to buy? These count! Intuition is actually a very practical thing that we can use in our every day lives. 

One or two folks mentioned that they have tried for years to be more psychic and have failed.

Oh, honeys, I relate! I’m working my tail off on guitar right now. Anything worthwhile will require practice. You’re not a failure. Don’t give up.

I’m not trying to single out anyone in this post. Rather, I’m trying to help you stop arguing for your limitations. You can do this!

I’m cheering you on and sending you lots and lots of love and good vibes.

IMG_4122Rock your intuition,


Punk Rock Psychic


So, You Think You’re “Advanced”?


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“I’m an advanced practitioner of healing.”

“I’m taking an advanced psychic development class.”

“I’m in advanced Reiki.”

“I’m advanced as a spiritual practitioner.”

So, you really think you’re “advanced”?

Oh, really?

I myself don’t think there is such a thing as advanced when it comes to things in the spiritual or healing realms. To me, it’s a construct of the human mind to say one is advanced. It goes against my own spiritual mindset to use that term, when it comes to describing studies or levels of being.

I thought that in spiritual terms, everyone is equal. There aren’t levels. Not real ones. Chances are, we’re all advanced ’cause we’ve been through various life lessons and if your belief system allows, some of these lessons have been in many lifetimes. By saying you’re advanced, you also in a way are saying that you are special. No one is more special than anyone else. Everyone is special.

It makes your ego feel really good to use the term advanced, I’m sure. Yet, the ego is the opposite of your spirit. Your ego believes that you are separate from others. Not so spiritual, is it?

When it comes to approaching spiritual and healing things, why not approach it like you’re a beginner. In Buddhism, the idea of beginners mind really appeals to me. Even my favorite guitar legend, Jeff Beck has talked about how each time he picks up the guitar, he pretends it’s the first time he’s ever played. I like that. It means you’re willing to learn.  You’re open-minded.

When you start calling yourself “advanced,” you might miss out on opportunities to learn and grow. You may miss out on having fun, seeing the world in a fresh way. I’d rather approach the world with kid-like curiosity anyway. I adore how children learn things so quickly, including foreign languages and music. Yeah, I’d rather roll that way.

You’re special in your own way, but it doesn’t mean you’re advanced. It just means that you are dedicated. You’ve learned a lot in the process. So, why not teach it to others?

Just some food-for-thought for you today from me on a rainy, Monday afternoon.


Lisa, Punk Rock Psychic™



The 4 Psychic Powers


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(Photo Credit: vpickering, Flickr, Creative Commons License)

If you’ve been following my blog or my work for a while, you know that I’m all about embracing the real you, especially your intuition.  I truly believe that everyone is intuitive or psychic, if you prefer.  It’s just whether you use your intuition that matters.  Some are too busy or uninterested to work on listening to or developing their intuition.  Or, some are nervous or even afraid about it.  Chances are, you have had things happen to you such as gut feelings or even known when someone is calling, without having to look at your caller identification feature.

A big part of my life mission as a psychic is to not only demystify the psychic world, but also, to help you to embrace your intuition.  I see intuition as a practical thing that helps you to make decisions and become more of your true self.  It is not magical or mystical.  I actually used the term “powers” in this blog post’s title a bit tongue-in-cheek.  I have a silly sense of humor.  I also am pretty modest.  (I hope that I seem that way, at least!)  So, I actually don’t see myself as being special or unique.  I just have made a choice to use intuition in my life.  Everyone has the power right now.

So, before I digress further, here are the 4 Psychic Powers.  All of these are the psychic counterparts to your physical senses.  So, if you tend to be a visual person, you might resonate with clairvoyance.  The pre-fix “clair” means clear, just for reference.  Often, many people have a combination of these four.

1) Clairvoyance (clear-seeing).  You get intuitive insights via visual cues in the physical world such as number sequences, words on signs, animal sitings, or anything else meaningful to you.  Or, you see things in your mind’s eye during daily life or in meditations, dreams, and spiritual practices.  You tend to be drawn to colors, artwork, pretty stuff, and might consider yourself a visual learner.

Spirit gets our attention in subtle ways, but sometimes with a sense of humor.  I once asked for a sign about if I’d ever move to California.  Well, the next day watching “The Today Show,” someone was holding a sign that simply said, “California.”  I heard my guides loving say, “Is this what you meant?”  (Hey, you get what you ask for!)

2) Clairaudience (clear hearing).  You hear voices.  (Please, this is not a psychological disorder, by the way!)  But, you’ll hear messages that almost sound like your own voice.  Or, you might actually hear a voice or word(s) that sound different.  It’s in the mind mostly though, similar to how in clairvoyance, you will see images in your mind’s eye.  I guess you might say it’s like your mind’s ear with clairaudience.

I notice I will hear songs on the radio or conversations in public that have messages for me. I tend to be an auditory person as a musician especially, so this makes sense for me.  You might find that you are tuned into the finer frequencies with this clair.

3) Claircognizance (clear knowing).  You know things without knowing how you know them.  Intuitive insights come to you via your thoughts.  Often, these insights will come out of the blue.  It will feel too simple at first, but please know that spirit works in simple ways.

Actually, intuition works via your thoughts and feelings, so since you’re always feeling and thinking, you are always able to plug into your intuition.  Some claim that the great scientific discoveries of modern times came to the scientists via claircognizance.  The formulae or solutions came just out of the blue when they weren’t working on their stuff.

Intuition comes more easily when you’re relaxed, by the way.

4) Clairsentience (clear feeling).  You feel things in your own body.  You might have gut feelings about a situation or person.  You feel others’ emotions and feelings (sometimes this is called being an emotional empath).  You might even feel their pain, whether it is emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual.

When you walk into a room, you can tell if there has been an argument or something else is off about the situation.  When you meet someone, you get feelings about whether they are a good person or not.  You are very tuned into the heart and compassion aspects of life.

When you love, you do it with your entire being.  In arguments or tense situations, you might feel not only your emotions and feelings, but you will feel others’ stuff too.  It can be overwhelming, so it requires knowing how to manage energies and take care of yourself.

At times, those with pronounced clairsentience become dumping grounds for others’ baggage.  You might gain weight unintentionally to protect yourself.  You might be everyone’s free counselor, but you need support too, so don’t be shy about getting it for yourself.

Well, those are the 4 Psychic Powers in a nutshell.  I gave only brief descriptions ’cause I’m a simple sort of gal.  If you want to know more about all of this, be sure to check out my freebie Mini Course, “How to Be More Psychic” that you get as a gift for signing up for my monthly email newsletter.

You’ve got the power!

Blessings and gratitude,


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