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You Don’t Need Lots of Psychic Readings


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(Be Your Own Authority, baby!)

(Be Your Own Authority, baby!)

I know it’s bad grammar with my title here, but I’m an informal, down-to-earth kind of gal. I’m sure you knew that.

It’s true though…you don’t really need many psychic readings.


You already know your inner truth.

You are smart. You are wise. You are intuitive and yes, even psychic (It just takes practice and you got this, as they say.)

You know what is best and for your highest good. You really do.

You might get a reading now and then. Maybe it’s once a quarter? Maybe every six months? Maybe once per year? Maybe every 2 years?

You know what is best.

The thing is, I’m not gonna pressure you to get readings. No, I don’t work like that.

I’m in the business of putting myself out of business. I hope that one day, no one needs a psychic reading ‘cause everyone has embraced their inner wisdom and intuitive gifts.

I just invite you to get a reading when it feels right for you. Then, you just email me and ask for a reading. I’ll send you a PayPal link and we’ll work out the day and time…but, it’s not about the money for me. I love giving readings and it’s one of my passions. I’d do it for free and I have, but I burned out. Money just happens to be our modern culture’s exchange. (Sorry, I can’t take chickens as payment, ha ha!).

It’s all really easy.

It really is.

Loving you,

Lisa, Punk Rock Psychic™



I’m Psychic. So What.


Apr 25, 2012 , , , 8 Comments

If you have been following my work,  you know that I’m pretty honest. You also might know that I’m really into empowerment. I strive to give you psychic readings that help you to create  your own, best possible future. I always intend when working with spirit that you receive useful, practical, easy-to-understand, loving, and positive information. Most important, I encourage you to honor and trust your own inner authority and only take what information resonates with your heart and spirit.

So, I have to stop you when you say things like the following. (Warning: Some slightly snarky comments of my own appear after each of the comments. Please know that I mean these in the most loving way!)

“Oh, wow, how did you know that? Wow, you really are psychic!” (My response: “Well, I am psychic, but so are you. I simply have chosen to use my skills. You can too. Everyone is psychic. I’m not special.”)

“It must be nice to be psychic!” (My response: “At times, yes. But, it’s really no different than choosing to use any other skill set in life. You are intuitive or psychic too.”)

“What will happen with x, y, or z situation in my life?” (My response: “What do you want to happen? I only can tell you a few likely outcomes, based on whether you stay with your current mindset and action plan. Once we get off the phone, things may change. Whether you change your mind, game plan, or energy, something will be affected. Chances are, your destiny will already shift. That is why ‘psychic predictions’ are not 100% accurate.”)

“You are so awesome.” (My response: “Well, thank you. So are you! I’m just mirroring your awesome-ness. Please don’t put me on a pedestal. You’re just admiring the way I’m brave in claiming and using the psychic skills. You can do this stuff too, you know?”)

“You are my new best friend!” (My response: “Oh, no, I’m not. Besides, I don’t tend to make ‘friends’ with clients. You wouldn’t say that best friend bit to your doctor, lawyer, or mechanic would you? I’m a professional too, you know.  I strive to keep my business and personal life separate. Once you become a friend, I tend to not allow you to get readings from me. It’s far too difficult to be objective when you give a friend a reading. So, please, keep this in mind.”)

“What you told me came true!” (My response: “Oh, wow, isn’t that interesting? Please know that you can’t really give me the credit though for your reality coming into form. You create your own destiny via your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions. Chances are, something in the reading you had with me resonated with you and you claimed it as your own truth. Most likely, I was just confirming what you already know in your heart. Hey, confirmation is a large part of psychic readings. We’re human and we need this at times. It’s all good. Just don’t ascribe any magical powers to me or the psychic world. You’re the magical one, baby!”)

“You added life coaching into my psychic reading, why?” (My response: “Yes, it’s how I roll professionally. I don’t believe in just giving you your answers. I like to relay messages and guidance from spirit. However, unless you take action, nothing will happen or change for the positive in your life. So, I can’t help wanting to nudge you. I care about you as a client, after all.”)

I’m psychic. So what.

There, I said it.

It’s really not a magical, esoteric thing. The psychic is very practical and useful. What are you thoughts about the psychic world? Have you ever found yourself giving your power away to a psychic? What did you learn, if so? In what ways have psychics empowered you? Feel free to share.

Thanks and in service,

Lisa, Punk Rock Psychic™



The Power of “No”


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(Photo Credit: vonKinder, Flickr, Creative Commons License)

Warning, this is a longer post than usual…

I’ve been a student of the Universal laws for many years. One of my favorite Universal laws is the Law of Attraction, popularized by the movie, “The Secret.” Basically, the Law of Attraction states that you attract who you are, not only what you desire. Ponder this for a moment when it comes to your own life.

Lately, I’ve been pondering the Law of Attraction in my own business, more so than usual. An idea that I have learned in studying the work of Esther and Jerry Hicks’ Abraham teachings is clarity through contrast. Basically, clarity through contrast is the idea that you need to experience what you don’t want in order to know what you do want in life. Being clear on what you do desire in life is so very important. If you don’t know, you might find yourself wandering around in circles, going from one thing to the next, without any of the results you desire.

When it comes to my own business, I really believe in being transparent and honest, sharing my own thoughts and feelings. I’m always talking about how important it is to be the real you. Well, if I didn’t do that myself, I wouldn’t be a very good teacher. I like to do my best to walk my own talk. These are my intentions in writing this post–to walk my talk and be authentic.

For a while, I’ve been  hesitant to share the following information. My human ego worried that I might piss some people off. Or, I might hurt someone’s feelings. Yet, the idea of clarity through contrast spoke to me strongly. Previously, I attracted some of the clients that are described below.

Last year, a wise coach I hired had me fill out a clarity through contrast worksheet when it came to my business. I listed all of the readings that I didn’t want to do any more.  After I made my list, I attached a note to the Universe, basically saying, “Hey, I’m done with these types of readings and clients.” Soon after, really instantly, I no longer attracted clients who would request the types of readings that I no longer desired to give.

I never went into business with the intention to be all things to all people. Instead, my intention was to be of service to the people I enjoyed working with and who enjoy working with me. I decided to carve out my own niche, target market, etc., creating an authentic web presence that was from the heart.

Since it is my business, I decided that I can do things in my own way. I don’t have to follow anyone else’s rules. I also don’t have to give service in ways that don’t resonate with me.

I’m going to describe the readings that I don’t do below. I thought you might like to see the list that I made when I did my homework last year. By claiming what I don’t do, it helped me create my services in a way that felt right for me. As I write this blog post here, I’m working to develop packages of my services that feel in alignment with not only how I desire to work with others, but also, conversely, the ways I don’t wish to work with others.

I figure that if someone does not resonate with the list of readings that I don’t do or it creates some negativity in their being, that person is not my ideal client. There are tons of psychics, healers, and coaches to serve those who don’t resonate with me. I don’t live in a lack and limitation Universe, feeling that I have to serve everyone. I also honor others’ realities and I know they are most likely different from mine. It’s all good. I think it’s a U2 song that says, “We’re one, but we’re not the same.” Thank goodness we’re all different, bringing a variety of food to the buffet table of life.

Here’s my clarity through contrast list of readings that I DON’T do:

–I will not do readings for other people within your own reading. (I simply can’t give guidance that you’ll pass along to another person due to psychic (and my own) ethics.)

–I will not do readings about the lottery numbers or other gambling-oriented results information. (I once heard Sylvia Browne say something like, “Don’t you think I would have won by now?”)

–I will not do readings about whether there is infidelity in a relationship, whether it is your own relationship or another person’s. (I highly recommend counseling, instead of a psychic reading in these cases.)

–I will not do readings about what others are thinking. (I recommend that you ask them yourself!)

–I don’t do pet readings or animal communication. (I can give you a referral, however.)

–I don’t do readings about ghosts (earthbound spirits) or other entities. (I only will talk to kind, loving deceased loved ones who have crossed over to the Other Side.)

–I don’t do readings about when you will get a job. (I only can provide guidance about steps spirit is showing that you need to take.  And, well, if you don’t have a job, I wonder if you really be spending your precious money on a psychic reading?  Please return for a reading when you’re financially stable and on another subject. I’d love to work with you then.)

–I don’t do readings about if/when someone will die (including yourself!). (I’m psychic, but this doesn’t mean I know everything. The divine doesn’t always allow me to be privy to all information.)

–I don’t do readings on areas/questions that you already asked me about. (Chances are, if you haven’t taken action on things, you will get the same guidance or reading on this stuff…again!)

–I don’t do readings on what you should do about a situation. (It’s up to you to decide. I only give guidance to help you with making your decisions!)

–I don’t do readings providing mundane details such as names, places, dates, etc. (I’m not your psychic version of Google.)

–I don’t do readings about the name, looks, characteristics of your future romantic partner. (I can give you details about how to manifest your ideal mate, but that’s it.)

–I don’t do readings about if your house will sell. (Of course, it will. Why don’t you talk to your real estate professional?)

–I don’t do readings on readings that you have had with other psychics. (I can’t continue on from where the other psychics left off. I can’t comment on or confirm what they said, etc. All psychics are tapped in to the divine in different ways.)

–I don’t do readings that ask me to psychically spy on a third or other party. (Not ethical at all, in my opinion.)

–I don’t do readings where you expect me to dazzle, entertain, or impress you. (I’m not that sort of girl.)

–I don’t do readings for you when you’re really desperate financially. (Save your money for groceries and other essentials! I will refuse you service. If you really feel you need a reading, I offer a sliding scale, which I don’t overtly advertise, that you can request.)

–I don’t do readings on medical issues. (I can refer you to an appropriate medical professional for your situation.)

–I don’t do readings on the outcome of legal situation, including criminal or civil matters. (Yep, you need to defer to your attorney, not a psychic!)

–I don’t do readings focused too much either on the past or future. (I prefer to focus on the present and immediate future. It’s very rare to get information in readings that is too far off into the future. I tend to work with the next 3-6 months to 12 months or, up to 2-3 years maximum.)

Yes, it required courage for me to write about this stuff. I’d rather be 100% honest with you, instead of sugar-coating things. By the way, if you read this and found yourself having a negative reaction to some or any of it, good. It’s showing you were  you need to do some work on yourself.

My list also will help you to know where you stand in regards to your beliefs about psychic work. I’d love to hear how you feel about my view of psychic readings. I say we can learn from each other. And, all views are right. I’m simply providing this list as food-for-thought, as well as a conversation starter.

I also wanted to honestly share a part of my healing process from working with a coach. I sincerely hope that you will see how this stuff works. By me getting clear on what I don’t do, it helped me to create what I desired to do. (My new packages will be launched soon. Stay tuned for more details.)

I took my clarity through contrast worksheet one step further. I wrote down the opposite of each statement. I used the positive statements to focus on in my manifestation work, along with developing services. I also wrote down the positive statements as affirmations. I found all of this work from a year ago recently. I referred to my homework as inspiration in creating new packages.

It’s powerful to say “no” in  your business. After all, it is your business. You have every right to work in the ways that feel best for you. Do what makes your heart sing. You don’t have to try to be all things to all people in your business. I once read that specialists had more fun than generalists. (I’ve seen some internet marketers write that specialists make more money than generalists too. Nice to know, but I’m focused on the fun aspect mostly.)

Chances are, if you have your own business, you left the corporate world or working for someone else so that you can enjoy your work more. You don’t have to live by others’ rules. Your business can be whatever you decide it to be–it is yours, after all.

So, what do you think about saying “no” in your business? Does it feel scary or liberating? How do you show up authentically in your own business? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to share.


Lisa, Punk Rock Psychic™


Beyond Lottery Numbers, Dead Relatives, and Tall, Dark, Handsome Strangers


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(Photo Credit: A. Currell, Flickr, Creative Commons License)

There are many stereotypes about psychics and psychic readings.  I decided to use the common ones in my blog post title here.

I know that everyone does readings differently, so I only can speak about how I give readings.  Here’s what I don’t do:

–I don’t give you the lottery numbers. Come on, don’t you think if I could do this, I’d have won!  Ha ha ha!  Just because I’m psychic doesn’t mean I know everything.  How about we discuss things like how you can attract more abundance?  Or, let’s talk about career, life purpose, and your passions?

–Yeah, I see and talk to dead people, but in a reading situation, it’s for healing.  It’s not a parlor game or trick.  If you have a sincere desire to connect with a deceased loved one, I’m happy to connect you.  Mediumship is a form of healing to help you with grieving, to get closure, or to tie up loose ends with a relative.  I don’t talk to the dead folks to give you advice on your life.  They used to be human, so deceased loved ones have an ego. You get much clearer and elevated information from angels, spirit guides, and ascended masters, not dead relatives.

–Do you want to attract your soulmate?  Well, how about I give you some information about how to attract him or her?  I can’t tell you your next romantic partner’s name, what they look like, or where they live.  Darn, right?  I can tell you how to work on yourself to attract your ideal partner. Actions steps about how to meet him or her will come through in readings.

Psychic readings are so much more than the stereotypes.  I’m a modern psychic.  I give you practical information on how to live more authentically, happily, and with more freedom.  I’m here to empower you, not scare you or dazzle you with my skills.  I’m simply here to help you to move forward.

What questions do you have about the psychic world?  What do you want to know the most?  How can I help you to understand it better?  Feel free to share!



Lisa, Punk Rock Psychic™


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Confessions of a Mildly Left-Brained Psychic


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The right hemisphere of your brain is often associated with creativity, intuition, artistic ability, feelings and emotions, and the big picture.  The left brain is associated with logic, details, reasoning, analytical ability, decision-making, and problem-solving.  I’ve read that people tend to favor one way of being over the other.  Hence, the terms “right-brained” and “left-brained.”  However, most people use both sides of their brains to function in the world.

Some people assume since I’m a psychic and musician that I’m pretty right-brained.  This is true for the most part.  But, I am pretty highly left-brained too.  My engineer husband says it’s ’cause he has rubbed off on me in a positive way.  Yet, I see that I’ve rubbed off on him in good ways too (encouraging him with his guitar-playing and embracing his inner child).

I’ll explain how my mildly left-brain side of my being works in readings.  For starters, I prefer to give you useful information.  I wouldn’t just tell you that your aura is purple and not tell you what that means.  (By the way, aura is a term for the human energy biofield.  Purple is a high vibration color that corresponds to the crown chakra often, possibly inferring a big spiritual connection with the divine.)

I also like to use logical observations with the psychic insights I receive to help you to interpret possible meanings of messages.  These are just a starting point, however.  Actually, I prefer to just tell you what I get and leave the interpretation up to you since you most likely have your own meanings of symbols, etc.

I enjoy sharing knowledge from my spiritual studies with you too.  I don’t just leave you hanging, trying to figure out the terminology of the psychic world.  I also am a big believer in common sense.  If you are getting some guidance to quit your day job, I might ask you simply, “What is your Plan B?”  What are you going to do to earn an income?  Some spiritual folks might say to throw caution to the wind and just trust in the Universe.  That can work, in some cases.  But, it’s always nice to honor your human side that needs the feeling of security, you know?

My mildly left-brained side comes out in daily life too.  I’m a big believer in locating information to help with decisions or to solve problems.  Things such as store hours, names of people/places/things, and other factual information are easy to find on-line.  I dislike having conversations where people are wondering about the facts.  I want to say, “Just look it up and save the time!”  I refuse to be lost when driving, even when a passenger.  I surprised myself on a cruise ship recently with my ability to navigate the big boat.  I was constantly stopped for directions, even on the big boat!  I’m usually the one in my friends who figures out the gratuity at the meal.  I find that I’m a great detective combined with my psychic skills) when looking for lost objects.  Friends often come to me for common sense type of advice, and I don’t mind helping.

At times, I have a hard time being around ungrounded people.  I have my space cadet tendencies at times, mostly when I’m physically tired.  The ungrounded and spacey New Agers or spiritual types are a challenge for me.  Once I was at a yoga ashram to see a lecture by the guru.  We had a break, so naturally, some of us went to use the restroom.  I politely asked the woman ahead of me if she was in line to use the restroom.  Part of the bathroom was sinks and part was stalls for the toilets, which made it easier to determine who was in line, but I still asked since she was stopped in front of me and didn’t go to the next available stall.  She looked at me blankly, saying, “I’m not sure.”  I was shocked by this and it sort of annoyed me.  I just said matter-of-factly, “Hey, you’re either in line or you’re not.”  I wasn’t mean or impolite, but she reacted negatively.  I suppose my bladder was speaking for me, but I was so put off by this ungrounded, spacey way of living.  I realized that the ashram was definitely not going to be my spiritual home.  Of course, there is a time and a place for being in the ethereal.  I mean, if you’re meditating, you might not be fully present in your physical body.  But, if you are not meditating, it’s not good to be spacey–since we grounded folks want to talk to you or not be hit by you in a car!

When I relayed the ashram story to my hubby, he was rolling on the floor laughing.  I didn’t really get what was so funny about it.  I suppose hubby saw that I had evolved into a left-brained being.  Of course, when hubby walked in with my pal’s hubby to pick us up after the lecture at the ashram, the receptionist asked if they were the drivers, there to deliver some packages.  It must have been hubby’s Social Distortion work jacket that caused the receptionist to think that.  Hubby found it hilarious.  Later on, the guru walked by when hubby was in the library waiting and browsing, giving hubby a nod.  You see, gurus and teachers usually make many less assumptions.  Making assumptions is not left or right-brained really.  They are just ridiculous at times.

My female friend laughed at me recently too.  She wanted to pay for a concert ticket using her charge card.  The machine wasn’t working.  I suggested that the guy either 1) write down her information and run it later 2) use the manual charge machine to make a carbon copy, etc. 3) use the bar’s charge machine, instead of the box office’s and just have the bar refund it to the box office.  Both the attendant and friend thought I was brilliant, but really, I was just using my problem-solving skills, mixed with a little creativity.

So, I prefer to live in a both left and right-brained way.  It’s more fun that way.  You’ll make more friends and enjoy life more…ha ha ha!

What do you think?  Do you prefer a certain side of the brain?  Does any of living challenge you?  Feel free to share!


Lisa, Punk Rock Psychic™


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Celebrity Predictions


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(photo credit: Flickr, Creative Commons License, Ben Terrett)

Celebrity predictions!

Did I get your attention?

Although I’m a professional psychic, there are some things that I don’t really appreciate about my field.  Celebrity predictions by psychics is one of the things that I can’t stomach.

I understand why as humans we’re fascinated by well-known people.  I myself enjoy reading about my favorite musicians and artists.  There’s a balance there though for me.  I don’t try to be fan girl #1 of these famous people.  I spend only about one hour per week reading about my favorite well-known people. It doesn’t consume my life.

I think that sometimes, some humans become obsessed with wanting to be famous or at least, a household, brand name.  You can observe some people wanting to ride on the coattails of those who are already established as famous.  I’ve seen this manifest in many ways in my career as a psychic so far.

The main way is for psychics to make predictions about well-known people ’cause gee, if these predictions come true, as a psychic you’ll get recognition too.  Of course, practically speaking, if you are a psychic with a video blog or written blog, you can use the celebrity names as tags.  I suppose it could potentially boost your web rankings–but, at what cost?

I guess that I just don’t get it.

As a professional psychic, it’s hard for me to want to read someone, especially publicly, without receiving the permission from the person/client to give the reading.  This feels very invasive.  I wouldn’t want to intrude in someone’s energy field.  It is sacred, you know?

I suppose one reason some psychics do celebrity predictions is related to their unfulfilled needs.  The one unfulfilled need is most likely attention and recognition, as mentioned.  If you are not feeling happy or fulfilled in your work as a psychic, it might seem exciting to add a little spice or drama by doing some celebrity predictions.

I wonder if some psychics think if they read a celebrity publicly that perhaps the celebrity they read will contact them for a paid reading?  I wonder if you have low self-esteem and self-worth as a psychic if having celebrity clients could be an ego boost?  I’ve always laughed when some psychics talk about their “celebrity clientele.”  I’m sure most of us as professional psychics have read well-known people–what’s the big deal?

I contemplate these things, along with the idea of service.  To me, psychic readings are a form of service.  It’s simply a way to help others.  All it requires is a sincere desire to help, along with the ability to listen to the divine’s messages and relay them to others in a compassionate way.  Connecting with spirit is your birthright.  Actually, you can do it, without the help of a psychic.  However, you might enlist a psychic if you’re stuck or can’t get your own messages.  When you’re feeling stuck, it just means you need to disconnect from your ego and connect to your spirit.  There are many ways to do this–meditation, prayer, being in nature, or using oracle cards.

Speaking of ego, I really believe that psychic predictions about celebrities come from a place of ego.  Some of these psychics want the ego boost.  Their egos are driving, saying, “Look at me, I’m special since I predicted x, y, or z about famous person A, B, or C.”  Yeah, that is how ego works.  It will make you feel more special than anyone else, and at times, less than others.  So, it wants you to do things to feel better.  I mean, I’m all about feeling special, but in an equitable way.  Everyone is special in some way, you know?

I was once approached to write blog posts for a website (unmentioned) about celebrity predictions.  I said, “No thanks.”  The pay was really good too.  It just didn’t feel good to me.  I actually felt like I’d be prostituting myself as a psychic–very icky energy!

Sorry, no celebrity predictions in this post.  I’m not a name-dropper.  I’m not an attention seeker (well, I do enjoy attention from my hubby and animal friends!).  I’m not a fame-seeker or wannabe.  I prefer to wear the coat, not ride on the coattails.  If it takes me longer to be a “success,” so be it.

What do you think about psychics who make celebrity predictions?  Do you find this fascinating, annoying, ridiculous, etc.?  Tell me what you think!  I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Feel free to comment here!

Blessings and peace,

Lisa, Punk Rock Psychic™


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Your Mystery is Yours Alone


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(Photo Credit: nora kann fliegen, Flickr, Creative Commons License)

As a professional psychic, people come to me looking for answers.  They would like me to help their lives make more sense, especially during the challenges and difficulties that life sometimes brings.  I also find that some clients want me to make sense of their mystery.

What do I mean by “mystery”?  I mean the following:

–Your unique life path

–Your unique life lessons

–Your unique soul’s journey

Really though, these above things are not a mystery.  You know them in your heart, or perhaps, you call it your gut.  You know them in your spirit, whatever you call it.

I’m just here to help you to remember what you already know.  This might seem weird to get a reading about things you already know.  I’m just a guide or facilitator to help you to recall things like:

–What makes your heart sing

–Your true life purpose

–How to move forward in the best way that honors you

These are sometimes forgotten when we’re busy, stressed, challenged, or otherwise shut down from the magic of life.  Life can feel like a mystery at times.  Your mystery is yours.  You can’t know mine.  I can’t fully know yours.  No one else can know your mystery in a true sense,  other than YOU!

Sometimes, my spiritual friends will comment on my lessons.  I appreciate what they have to say, but I don’t always buy into it 100%.  This is because they don’t or can’t know all of what is going on with me.  They get the top layer, which is only 10-20% of what is really going on with me.

As a psychic, I get messages for myself and clients that go a bit deeper than that, but seriously, I never get 100% of your mystery.  Most of it is up to you to find.  As you take action towards your heart’s desires, more is revealed.

Keep on embracing your mystery.  Love it and be it.  It is yours and yours alone!



©2011, Lisa, Punk Rock Psychic™, http://punkrockpsychic.com

I’m Not Here For Your Entertainment!


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(photo credit: Robbi Babba, Flickr, Creative Commons License)

One of the many pet peeves that I have about my profession is how some will write in their disclaimer:  “Psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only.”  I used to work in the legal field, so I totally understand this is to cover your butt.  I prefer the following:  “Psychic readings are for personal insight purposes only.”

Seriously, you’re an adult, so I trust you not to take my word as gospel truth.  No psychic is 100% accurate.  I’m not the only source of information out there either!  Besides, the Universe gave you free will, so even if you don’t like what a highly accurate psychic tells you about the future, choose to change it instead.  Sometimes, you can’t change things, especially if others are involved. But, chances are, you can change the course of action you take in order to change your fate or destiny, whatever you like to call it.

My personal philosophy about psychic readings is that they are a healing modality, since I use them to help people.  I have studied healing since 1998 when I became a massage therapist and energy worker.  I switched gears in 2005 to do readings professionally.  But, when I changed career paths, I didn’t just hang up my healer’s hat.  I still wear it, often joking to clients, “I can’t help myself ’cause I’m a healer.”  So, I tend to bring in information that is about how you can heal your stuff.  Of course, I’m not here to fix you or give you a magic bullet.  I’m just a messenger or facilitator. It’s up to you to make changes.

Psychic readings are a serious thing to me.  I don’t approach working with you as though I were an entertainer.  I do like to make people laugh (when appropriate).  I just don’t intend or try to impress you.  In the beginning of our session, I might relay  information as confirmation for you.  This helps to foster a connection between us in the client/psychic relationship and this helps spirit to give us more exact information.  But, I’m not into the flash or the glamor of this work.  I’m more into the practical side.  Psychic stuff is useful for our modern lives.  It’s not meant to be magical, mystical, or esoteric.  It might have been back in the day.

In modern times, it feels like our world is embracing the psychic more.  It’s becoming more common to see books, classes, authors, teachers, and events related to intuition.  Intuition and the psychic world are more mainstream.  I tend to think of readings (the ones I give at least) as spiritual coaching mixed with the psychic stuff.  Again, I like the practical side.  I am not going to be woo-woo and tell you, “Oh, your aura is purple.”  I’m going to tell you something, well, more useful. Information like how to move forward past blocks comes through in readings.  Or, guidance about how to start an important project.  Messages from your divine team will come through about small life changes you might need to make in order to create the life you desire.  Stuff like that.

No flash.  No sparkles.  No glitter.  I mean, I might be wearing red, glittery nail polish in our session–but, that’s it as far as the dazzle goes.

(P.S.  I know there’s a song by American Idol Adam Lambert that is similar to the title of this blog post.  I know I will get emails about this, so that is why I mentioned it.  Please, don’t send me any links to it.  Hee hee!)

Off to play guitar.  Perhaps, this will entertain a few squirrels and birds in my backyard that hear it through the walls?



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Gimme Gimme Gimme


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(photo credit: RunnerJenny, Flickr, Creative Commons License)

Even though I’m a punk rock chick, I love animals, especially my really cute, sweet backyard squirrel kids.  I call them “squirrel kids” since they adopted us as their parents.  My hubby and I probably go through 40 pounds of “bird” seed each month to feed the squirrel kids.  We get regulars, including three different color varieties–brown, grey, and black.  Injured squirrels or those with health challenges come to our house too, knowing that both Dad and I are Reiki practitioners who can help them to heal.

Even though the squirrel kids are beggars, always asking to be fed, we love them with all of our hearts.  Squirrels are amazing power animals that teach us about trusting in our future needs to be met.  They constantly teach me about trusting that there is unlimited abundance in the Universe (in the form of seed/food, love, fun, etc.), along with setting appropriate boundaries with others.

The squirrel kids’ begging is the only type of neediness that I think I can handle.  Recently, I had to re-evaluate my on-line marketing and my radio show format.  When I first started this website in 2010, I had an offer for a freebie mini email reading for people who opted into my list.  I had a lot of fun doing these, but I recently had to stop doing this.  Although 99% of recipients were grateful, there was 1% who continued to ask me for free readings.  It’s similar to when you get a sample taste of a food at a grocery store and, then, you ask the clerk to give you a whole one for free.  I had tons of fun giving the free mini email readings, but I had to stop so that I wouldn’t get drained.  Even after I took the offer down from my site, I had people write me to ask for a free reading.

I also did readings on my radio show each week for free.  Blogtalkradio changed free accounts to only allow 30 minutes show.  I knew this was an opportunity to retool my show’s format to be more like a talk show.  I do a talk show each week with my husband too, but I always wanted to do one on my own in addition to that one.  Soon after I changed to the talk show format, people were complaining in chat and being abusive towards me since I wasn’t taking callers for readings.  Next, people wrote me emails saying I should give free readings on-air.  I wanted to ask, “Since when it is it your God-given right to receive free readings on Blogtalkradio?”  It felt like a slap in the face since I felt like I was/am providing high value content for people that is not just a one-time psychic reading.  I desire to help people to change their own lives.  I can’t help but to live this mission of mine.

I was shocked and flabbergasted by some of this, needless to say.

Since when are psychic readings supposed to always be free?  Would you ask a doctor, lawyer, hairdresser, plumber, or personal trainer to give you services for free?  How would you feel if your boss asked you to work for free?

I love to be of service and frequently, I do give away my services for free–to those who can’t afford it.  I also like gifting clients with free readings from time to time.  I help friends in a pinch by giving them a reading when they ask for one.  I do my best to help those who need it.  I love gifting people mini readings on my Facebook Fan Page!  However, I had to cut back on the amount of free services that I give away.  I felt more drained by the “gimme gimme gimme” energy of people than by the actual free readings.  It felt a bit intense for me.  I felt pressured to give it all away for free.  Not to sound dramatic, but at times, I felt like people were trying to steal my soul.  Ouch!

Since I attracted these energies, I took it as an opportunity to look at myself.  I saw that I needed to value myself and the service that I provide for others more.  I worked on feeling more worthy and deserving of receiving abundance.  I stopped buying into the old school belief that healers should help others for free.

Sometimes, some people tried to be all cute and loving like my squirrels do when they beg for seed.  “Oh, pretty please?  Just this once?  Can’t you give me a free reading?”


I had to get used to saying, “No,” which in the past was not my strength.  I had to set boundaries, so that I have energy to do other things like work on my music, writing, and other projects.  I felt badly at first about saying, “No,” but I knew it was a lesson for me about balancing the giving and receiving aspects of my nature.

In my prior career, I was a massage therapist.  People always wanted free massages.  Reactions were similar to when I now tell people that I’m a psychic. They want me to give them a reading right there and then.  I now had over my business card and lovingly say, “Now is not a good time for me, but if you contact me for a reading, we can set up a time for you.”  I’m not an on-demand psychic or a fortune-telling machine.  Please, make an appointment.

Gimme gimme gimme…yuck!  If you think about it, it’s human to like free stuff.  But, it’s the ego that wants this gratification.  The ego wants more, more, more.  It is never satisfied.  The ego wants you to always be acquiring, not just physical possessions (ironic that they are called possessions, don’t you think?), but spiritual experiences.  Spirit is timeless and eternal.  Your spirit can’t accumulate experiences because in the spiritual realms, there is no such thing as time.  Spirit is about being, not doing or acquiring.  Plus, underneath everything, you have all of the answers you need anyway.  Psychic readings are just aspect or step towards gaining clarity.

This post feels complete.  Time to go feed the squirrels!

Blessings and gratitude,


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5 Not-So Good Questions to Ask a Psychic About Love


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In a recent post, I talked about the importance of asking good questions when getting a psychic reading.  In case you missed it, here it is:  http://punkrockpsychic.com/uncategorized/5-good-questions-to-ask-in-a-psychic-reading/

Besides career and health, love is the one of the most popular life areas that clients ask me about in my work as a professional psychic.

It’s only human to desire information about love and romance.  I rarely use oracle cards in readings, but when I do, often the cards turn up to be about love and romance, even though the client asked about career or family or another life area.  The question of the heart always comes through first in the reading or through most strongly.  And, well, love and romance definitely are matters of the heart.

Matters of the heart often cause clients to feel sensitive, worried, concerned, or just curious.  At times, it can feel like the most pressing issue on which to gain clarity.  Nothing else will seem as important as the love life sometimes.  Or, the rest of life might be put on the backburner until clarity is found in the love department.

Getting a psychic reading about love and romance is totally acceptable.  It’s very common.   You’re not alone in desiring more clarity.  Chances are, that the question you have, no matter how personal, have been asked before.  (Trust me, I’ve heard it all!  I don’t judge you!)

As a psychic, I always only read the healing potentials in relationships.  (This might not apply if you are being abused or hurt in any way.  I’ll most likely refer you to the appropriate organization so you can get the help that you need.)  I also always tell you to defer to your own inner guidance when it comes to making a decision, especially when it comes to what I call The Clash Decision (“Should I stay or should I go?”).  It’s up to YOU as to whether you stay or go, and I really like to honor your own free will.

After giving thousands of readings about love and romance, I’ve noticed some common questions.  I like to question your questions to challenge you to think for yourself.  Sometimes, thinking can be lacking when it comes to romantic relationships (’cause duh, they are about feelings and emotions). This is where I come in as a neutral, objective listener and facilitator of healing.  I prefer to give you readings that empower you to heal things, but on YOUR end.  Relationships always are about you, not the other person.

The following are 5 Not-So Good Questions to Ask a Psychic About Love, based on my many years’ experience giving readings:

1.  Is he or she “The One”?

No.  There, I said it.  He or she just happens to be the person you’re in love with right now, in this incarnation.  Don’t buy into the popular culture’s ideas about how there’s one soulmate out there for you.  This is hogwash.  There’s literally thousands of people that you are compatible with and could potentially be in love with on the planet.  Don’t even buy into the spiritual ideas about Twin Flames (a term for your missing soul half).

If you’re in love, why question it?  If things feel right and you’re happy, that is all that matters.  By the way, only you know in your heart if your partner is “The One.”  You don’t need to pay a psychic to tell you that!

A better question to ask a psychic:  “What does the divine desire for me to know about my romantic relationship’s lessons and gifts?” This question will give you information about healing opportunities and strengths in your relationship.  This information is much more useful for you.

2.  When will I get married? (Also, frequently phrased as “When will I meet Mr./Ms. Right/My Soulmate?”)

When do YOU want to get married?  Yeah, I could tune in and give you a timeframe, but what if you didn’t like the one I give you?  What if you wanted to meet that special person as soon as possible?

I don’t want to deprive you of making a dream come sooner!  Use your own powers to manifest your ideal partner.  Sit down and write a deadline.  Tell the Universe what you desire in a partner.  Write it all down.  Then, say, “Okay, bring it to me!  I’m ready!”

Wait, are you really ready?  What if the Universe dropped this ideal romantic partner from the sky into your lap…right NOW?  Are you ready?  Or, do you think things like this?:

–I need to lose 10 pounds first.

–I need to get my finances in order.

–I need to heal from my past relationships.

–I need to declutter my house to make room for a new person.

Catch my drift?  I’m sure you have your own excuses because you’re human.  You know, you don’t have to be perfect to attract your perfect partner.  Start where you are because if someone truly loves you for YOU, the rest are just details.  Come as you are, as they say.

A better question to ask a psychic:  “What does the divine desire for me to know about how to attract my ideal romantic partner?” Get ready to get some guidance and well, homework on what you need to do to get ready!  Chances are, the divine will say to get out of the house.  Can you handle that? :)

3.  Will he or she leave their spouse (or significant other) for me?

I refuse to do these sorts of readings.  My personal ethics as a reader will not allow me to read a third party.  I only can read what you need to know.  Obviously, you have some lessons that you are learning.  I can’t know these lessons, but I can help guide you towards gaining clarity and insights.

Only you can decide as to what to do in this sort of relationship.  It’s not an easy decision.  The thing is that you so deserve to be in love with someone who is fully there for you.  That’s all I will say on this.

A better question to ask a psychic:  “What does the divine desire for me to learn while in this relationship?” It’s entirely possible that the divine would like you to learn these lessons in a less painful or less stressful way.  But, then again, it’s your life.

4.  Is my significant other cheating on me?

This is yet another example of a type of reading that I refuse to do.  Again, I can’t energetically spy on another.  If you really want to know, please consider shelling out the cash to pay for a private investigator who specializes in spousal surveillance.

But, do you really want to know?

I highly recommend that you follow your own guidance.  Clearly, your intuition is telling you that something is not right.  Talk to your significant other.  I mean, don’t accuse them of anything.  Just say that you have had concerns about them, and you’re wondering if they are happy in the relationship.  Give them a chance to come clean.  If they don’t, take appropriate actions, as described.  Maybe you will need also to go together for couples’ counseling so that you can work on trust issues.

I’m a psychic, not a private investigator and not a marriage counselor. With these types of questions, I refer you to the appropriate professional.

The better question to ask a psychic:  “What does the divine desire for me to know about healing my relationship? Clearly, some healing needs to occur.  If your significant other won’t change, just work on yourself for a while.  Eventually, things will have to shift.  Change is all there is, according to the Universe.  You will end up getting the clarity you need in time if you go this route.

5.  Does this person love me?

Why not ask that person?  Seriously, ask them!  Save your money.  You can get the answer to this on your own!  And, again, I only can ready situations as they pertain to you.

In one reading I did in the past (not in my own business, by the way), I had a client arrive with about six photographs of her various romantic partners.  The client wanted me to read them and tell her how all of them felt about her.   It turned out that she was dating all of them at the same time.  (Again, I don’t judge.)

I turned the tables to her, asking her which person she felt the most love towards.  I told her it had to be up to her to decide.  She had to learn how to trust her heart.

So, I asked her if I could ask the divine what she needed to know about trusting her heart.  The client wouldn’t hear any of it.  I did my best to give her some information, but she was very dissatisfied with her reading.  It was a blessing because it helped me to leave a situation professionally that was no longer in alignment with my best good.  Also, it made me have a lot of compassion for the human side of love and romance.

A better question to ask a psychic:  “What does the divine desire for me to know about how to follow my own heart in the best way for me?” This question will help you to understand how your internal guidance system works.  You will learn about how your own intuition works.  You will be best equipped with making your own decisions.

So, there you have it.  This blog post will give you some food for thought about getting readings about love and romance.  Have you ever had a psychic reading about love?  Did it challenge you?  Or, was it a positive experience?  I’d love to hear more!  Please feel free to share.



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