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Sell Out With Me :)


Sep 27, 2012 , , , 8 Comments

The email came as a bit of a surprise to me. I’ll paraphrase, ’cause I’m nice and don’t want to subject you to poor grammar and spelling:

“Dear Lisa,

I’ve been watching your work and reading your email newsletter for a while now. I enjoy what you do, but I must say that I’m very shocked that you are choosing to be published the traditional route. If you are so PUNK ROCK, why wouldn’t you self-publish? Besides, you will make more money selling a self-published book, won’t you? I don’t get it. You’re not walking your talk here. You are a sell out. Just sayin’.”

–Email From Anonymous, Disgruntled Fan

Here’s my response to this email:

“Hi there, Anonymous, Disgruntled Fan,

Thanks so much for writing and sharing your thoughts. It’s always interesting to hear others’ ideas and thanks for taking the time to write me. Much appreciated. –Lisa”

You might be wondering why I didn’t defend myself. Or, why I didn’t just rip into the person. To be honest, I just don’t have the time or energy. Secondly, I’ve been working really hard on not taking things personally. A wise teacher once encouraged me to not take neither negativity or compliments to heart. It is what it is. If you view things as just feedback, in a more neutral way, it will cause you much less suffering, at least in my opinion.

I’ll admit that the term “sell out” had a bit of a charge for me. Yes, I’m punk rock, but isn’t punk rock about doing things your own way? I mean, if getting published by a traditional publisher feels right to me, how is that really selling out? If my goal is to help as many women as possible who read my self-help book, it makes more sense for me to go the traditional publishing route. They have a bigger reach than I do on my own. The idea that you have to figure out or do everything on your own is depressing. Life is short and since I want to follow my dreams, I believe in getting help and support. This is my own version of punk rock! :)

Just some of my thoughts. What do you think about selling out?

I decided to shift the selling out bit by listening to this funny song that came to mind by Reel Big Fish and it’s what I’ll leave you with below.

Let’s sell out together,


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