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Getting Out of the Boxes


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(I'm a bit girlie and sometimes, punk. Often times, not anything or anybody.)

This past spring, I had a friend over. I had my iPod on shuffle, since I was cooking dinner for us and didn’t want to have to stop to change the music.

At some point, a Dinosaur Jr. song shuffled. My friend pipes up, “Dinosaur Jr. is a hipster band. I know a girl who’s a hipster who likes them.”

Hmm, that was news to me. I remember listening to Dinosaur Jr. in the early 1990s while in college. I recall many of my fellow skateboarder friends enjoying them. I was lucky enough to see Dinosaur Jr. recently and well, I stood right by the stage. There weren’t any Chuck Taylors, Orange Amps (my guitar hero, J. Mascis plays some Marshalls, turned all the way up to 11, seriously), or other hipster paraphernalia of any sort. (Not that there’s anything wrong with hipsters. In some cases, *gasp*, my tastes are similar to theirs with certain things.)

It’s interesting how as humans we love labels. We love to put music, things, and people into neat boxes. I get it and hell, I use labels. It’s convenient to say, “Hey, can you pass me the ketchup?” or, “Can you hand me that book over near that lady over there?” It’s part of our language.

Labels, however, can be used to discriminate, cause pain or hurt, or marginalize others. I never feel bad when I call myself a girl or when a female friend calls me a girl. Yet, when a male calls me a girl, I feel myself shrinking smaller, especially if the male is around my age. I don’t mind if a grandfatherly male uses it. Interesting, huh?

I’ve been into punk rock since 1986. Since I was born in 1972, I was a bit young to go to Max’s Kansas City or CBGB’s. Just sayin.’ Over the years, I’ve had my fair share of rude comments made to me by other punk rockers. Of course, the P-Word (poseur) has been dropped in my direction. I’ve always give that word back with much gusto, ‘cause isn’t the whole point of punk rock to be your true self and not fit into any sort of box?

The past couple of years, I’ve been working to get out of the boxes that some have tried to neatly put me in, including ones such as Rebel, Punk Rocker, Self-Help Author, Psychic, Coach, Speaker, Rocker Chick, etc. I’m far too eclectic to fit into any of these. It’s probably why I don’t get media for my book and why I’m not successful as some. I don’t want to be a neatly packaged persona online. So, instead, I just show up as the quirky, weirdo, geeky me…it feels much better than trying to be somebody.

I’m so much more than a punk rocker or punk rock psychic. I wear a lot of jeans and hoodies and even some *gasp*, girlie, trendy clothing at times. Even musically, I don’t fit the typical punk rock profile. I mean, if you saw my iPod right now, you’d crack up. I have everything on there from Amy Winehouse to The Allman Brothers to Albert King to Howlin’ Wolf to Guns ‘N Roses to Cream, and well, everyone in between. Sure, I have some punk music I like, but mostly these days, I’m really into blues and classic rock. Being a musician makes you really open up to many genres of music, I’ve discovered.

Of course, I’m still carrying on with my mission with this website. I believe that punk rock is an internal thing, a type of consciousness. (Read more in my book, A Rebel Chick Mystic’s Guide. Go find it. I’m not your Google, ha ha!). I do feel the most punk rock thing you can do today is follow your intuition. Listening to your intuition requires that you get really quiet, turn off the cell phone, unplug from television, Facebook, and your devices. It requires that you really tune into your heart to feel and notice what feels best for you, instead of zoning out with materialism, accomplishments, being “busy,” overwork, too much food, substances, and keeping up with the Joneses.

So, yep, I’m no longer fitting into the punk rock box…but, well, hey, that’s punk rock, I’d say.

Have you ever felt stuck in boxes? What did you do or think to live more authentically? What advice do you have for us? Share in the comments below.

Rock on,

Lisa Selow,

Punk Rock Psychic™


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