Spread It Around!

(Photo Credit: las–initially, Flickr, Creative Commons License)

No, I’m not talking about some disease.  I’m talking about spreading the love around, to undo the drama and trauma of life.  Lately, I’m really turned off when some people share things in their Facebook newsfeeds about current events, especially ones that are really distressing.

I don’t live […]

It Came From Somewhere!

A while ago, I was watching, “The Today Show,” and saw a video about the pressure teens face to be perfect.  Here’s the video, if you are interested:

This video really spoke to me.  I am a recovering perfectionist.  (I won’t spill all of the sensitive details, but I will say that I know what […]

Weed or Flower?

(photo by Kol Tregaskes, Flickr, Creative Commons License)

I have been on a quest this summer.  It might sound really obsessive, or even quite funny.  But, I’ll tell you anyway:  I am here to get rid of all weeds!  (Well, at least, the ones on my property!)

I don’t like to use chemicals on my lawns, […]

Tired of walking on eggshells?

With the Easter holiday coming, I have eggs on my mind.  I’m going to color mine and have the Easter Bunny hide them.

Hopefully, in the process, I don’t break too many.  Eggs breaking is not pretty.  They are fragile.  The eggshells are not bulletproof.

Have you ever tried to walk on eggshells? (I mean this in […]