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Why You Don’t Have Limitations on Your Intuition


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Some kind souls recently have wrote me publicly and privately asking for guidance about their intuition. I love answering questions on this topic, not that I come close to having all the answers.

These lovely people wrote things in their emails or messages that made me wanna give them a hug. (I’m a hugger.)

Some said, “I’m too old to start developing my psychic abilities.”

Hey, age is just a number. I’ll bet you were psychic as a kid. You still can do this. You got this.

Others mentioned not being able to sit and meditate.

Being able to meditate isn’t required to be more intuitive. Yes, it helps, but it’s not the only way to access spirit and quiet your mind. 

A few sweethearts argued that they don’t have time to develop intuition.

There’s always small increments of time at traffic lights or in line to steal. Maybe you can start to play intuition games and try to guess where you’ll find a parking spot? Maybe you will feel a strong knowing about which pair of jeans to buy? These count! Intuition is actually a very practical thing that we can use in our every day lives. 

One or two folks mentioned that they have tried for years to be more psychic and have failed.

Oh, honeys, I relate! I’m working my tail off on guitar right now. Anything worthwhile will require practice. You’re not a failure. Don’t give up.

I’m not trying to single out anyone in this post. Rather, I’m trying to help you stop arguing for your limitations. You can do this!

I’m cheering you on and sending you lots and lots of love and good vibes.

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What Satisfies Me the Most


Jul 29, 2011 , , 10 Comments

(Photo Credit: Matt Carman, Flickr, Creative Commons License)

This might sound funny, but the thing that satisfies me the most is check marks.  Well, I mean, check marks on a list of things you need to accomplish.  The one list that I love to put check marks the most on is my weekly workout list.  I feel such a gratifying sense of accomplishment when I put a check mark next to each completed workout daily.  I also like putting check marks in my planner.  I’ve never been able to make the switch to an electronic schedule/planner.  I like the feel of pen and paper too much to have one of those. (And, I do distrust electronic devices at times.)

I’m sure I’ve just programmed my mind to make check marks so satisfying.  Oddly, I don’t like using them with my grocery list.  It’s too distracting when I have to stop to put a check on my list as I breeze around the aisles, hunting for healthy foods.

I’ve tried the check mark bit with my business areas too.  I tend to look at my lists infrequently though so that I can make a big number of check marks when I do.  I love the feeling of a marker, especially if it’s a hot pink or red one.  It’s the fun way of saying, “Done!” and then, “Next!”

I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves the check marks.  What about you?  How do you feel about time management and completing of tasks?  Do you feel good about it?  Or, do you feel anxious since there is always more to do?  Feel free to share, I’d love to hear your thoughts.



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