The Daily Habit of Writing

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What I love the most about doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge is that it gets me back into my daily habit of writing.  Writing is a process.  It’s a practice.  It’s something that you can’t make time for usually.  You just show up at the page. […]

I'm Doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge Again!

Hi there!  If you recall, I’ve done the Ultimate Blog Challenge before.  I successfully completed it a while back.  (Read my post about what I learned:  I highly recommend that if you’re a blogger that you try this out.  It will bring all kinds of learning and blessings into your life.  Along the […]

I Did It! (Completed the Blog Challenge!)

I woke up this morning silently saying, “Yesssss!” to myself. (Feel free to hear it the way Napoleon Dynamite says it, by the way! Yes, it’s time for a giggle, so you can share in my delight!)

I completed the Ultimate Blog Challenge. This month (April 2011), I wrote 30+ blog posts in […]

Three Chords and Your Truth

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There’s an old saying in music that all you need to write a song is three chords and the truth.  This idea is sometimes attributed to an early country musician.  I also have seen it attributed to a blues musician.  In any case, it’s about keeping things simple.  […]

Muse-ic For Writers

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If you have been following me for a while, you know I’m a huge music fan.  Music is my life!  Of course, just check out my branding–not to state the obvious.

I play electric guitar.  I also am a writer.  Creativity is life force. It’s what makes […]

Public Declarations Keep You Accountable to Your Dreams

Even though it’s April Fools’ Day, this is no joke.  I just joined the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

Oh, goodness, I’m sharing this publicly! (By the way, if you are a blogger and want to give extra oomph to your own blog, check out this Ultimate Blog Challenge.

Speaking of public declarations, have you ever noticed that when […]

Reclaiming My Muchness

I've reclaimed my muchness!

Wow, it’s been over a month since I wrote.  Time flies it seems.  I’ve been working on so many projects.  I realized that I’ve neglected my blog here.  I’m back!

This past month has been about me returning to balance.  I had running around in circles for about eighteen months […]