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Are You an Inspiration Addict?


Aug 5, 2014 , , 4 Comments

We live in miraculous times. There’s so much information and media that we can partake. It’s possible to buy books, courses, music, and teachings with a few clicks. This is amazing, especially for us types who are spiritual practitioners and students of life.

I’m sure that if you make just a quick glance at any of your social media newsfeeds, you’ll notice a plethora of inspiring quotes, graphics, and links. We have 24/7 inspiration.

Back in the day, we had to dig through physical books, magazines, journals, or other print material to find inspiring quotes or stories. We’d browse the local library, maybe even befriending a librarian who would bring us a large encyclopedia of quotes ‘cause we couldn’t remember if it was Thoreau or Kerouac who said a certain thing.

Once the internet came along, we were able to search for information much quicker. If we were writing a paper for school or a report for work, we still had to do some fact-checking to make sure the information we discovered was correct.

These days, social media bombards our lives. As I type this, I have one more month remaining in a self-imposed, social media detox of four months. I’ve done detoxes before, abstaining from social media for one day, one week, and then, two different times, a one month. I needed a break from being plugged in and to restore my soul, after years of hard work that created quite a bit of exhaustion for me. I also tired of my own ego falling into the self-comparison trap seeing others’ glamorous, happy lives on Facebook.

The thing I worried about missing the most being off social media (besides some people) was the inspiring quotes or graphics in my newsfeeds. Before my hiatus began, I set up a daily quote to be sent to myself through my Evernote app.

So far, I’m cool. I don’t need to scroll newsfeeds on social media sites to be inspired.

Inspiration comes from within.

Sure, things external to us can be inspiring. Really though, those are just triggering what we already know inside of us. If you’ve been alive for 10 or more years, chances are, you already know what or who inspires you. It might change as you evolve as a person. I’m sure that you’ll at least have two or three things or people who bring you joy, inspiration, and reminders of your passions.

I’ve been thinking about this since someone who unsubscribed from my email newsletter wrote that my last two months’ content hadn’t been useful or practical. I had offered free readings to people the past two months, since I wanted to give back. I ended up doing 75 or more free readings.

Um, yeah, I was a bit busy. I’ve also had some paid clients, along with finishing up a training program in oracle cards (Yes, I love to further my skills, even though I’m a natural-born psychic). Sorry I’ve not blogged, written articles, tweeted or posted on social media. I’ve been pretty honest about my challenges health-wise too the past year.

I started to wonder if some are inspiration addicts? I get that it’s part of my job to bring good content and value to those in my tribe. But, if you’re really meant to be part of my tribe, maybe you’d have patience or even be supportive of me? I mean, do I really have to be a content-making machine for you to be interested in me or to care about me?

If you’re constantly checking your social media accounts and newsfeeds or reading things on the internet to get motivated, inspired, or healed, when do you have the time to just simply BE? When do you quiet your mind and allow the divine to work its magic through you? How’s your intuition working? How are you sleeping at night?

Being still and quiet are needed. To me, those are the states that bring the inspiration.

Only you can answer if you’re an inspiration addict. If being online takes up valuable time of yours that could be used to work on your hobbies, passions, business, or things that matter, I’d look at that. If others in your life feel negatively affected by you always being online, I’d also look at that.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Rock on,


Punk Rock Psychic™




  • Linda Ursin
    Aug 5, 2014 at 12:44 PM

    I wouldn’t say I’m an Internet Inspiration addict :) I don’t look to the Internet to get motivated, inspired, or healed. To me social media is a combination of fun and “required for business”, but it’s very easy to get distracted and drift off doing something else. I’ll admit to that :)

  • Lisa
    Aug 6, 2014 at 10:14 AM

    That’s interesting :) Thanks for commenting, Linda xo

  • Karen Creveston
    Aug 27, 2014 at 10:05 PM

    I find that I use social media to prevent me from doing other things, like cleaning house, cooking, exercising, meditating, etc. I’m like “Let me just check facebook real quick, then I will…” and I never seem to get around to the …. I feel I might need to follow in your footsteps and take a vacation from the computer. I just feel sad when I think I can’t check my e-mail, as I have friends all around the US and e-mail/facebook is the only way we stay in touch. I think I will put a post out that I am taking a much needed break. Yes, that’s a great idea! Thanks Lisa!

  • Lisa
    Aug 28, 2014 at 11:22 AM

    I feel you! That’s where I was too. I love keeping in touch with people, but some of that, I’ve discovered that I can do via email, texting, phone, and getting together in person. I feel so overwhelmed at times having 1,000+ “friends” on my personal Facebook. Really, there’s about 10-20 people that are true friends on there LOL. I think it’s finding a balance that works for us. xoxo

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