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I always like to explore music. I like to look at the roots of my favorite music, along with learning about musical history. My musical collection is very diverse. Of course, I enjoy punk rock, but I also love other genres with protest or rebellion themes. I consider some early folk musicians that say protest songs to be pretty punk rock. I respect Woody Guthrie’s work. For more information on his music, be sure to check out his website:

I selected the song above of Woody’s since it reminds me of the recent revolutions in parts of the world. Some no longer want to put up with fascism or dictators in any form. This music is timeless, isn’t it?

I also adore the music of Frank Turner, who calls himself a punk folk artist. I enjoyed seeing him play live, opening up for Social Distortion recently: music rocks!

I think most forms of music are so close to each other. Music is the language of the soul, as they say. It expresses what is deep inside someone. It can be both a personal and global healing force used to create positive changes.

What music moves you lately? Do you have any examples of music or artists that you’d like to share that are helping to change the world? I’d love to hear about what moves you. Feel free to share and comment here.

Thanks and rock on,

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4 comments to Punk Folk Music

  • I agree. I don’t get stuck in one genre. So many crossover, and the vast majority can provide something to everyone. It may depend on the day, your emotional state, a current situation, but there is certainly something to be gained from them all. (At least I think so. lol)

  • Lisa

    Angie, I so agree, of course :) Sometimes, I’ve found some people to be so intolerant of other genres. It’s their loss :D

    Enjoy the music!

  • for me, it’s been Peter Gabriel for years! Phil Ochs, Bob Marley, K-OS (rapper who does NOT do the smarmy rap out there),and Emanuel Jael (War Child)…lots more. Lucinda Williams for how she expresses herself. Emmy Lou Harris for transcending country. Kate Bush..for just being Kate Bush.

  • Lisa

    I like your taste. It’s always fun to see what others enjoy. My hubby and I together have the most interesting music collection. It makes life interesting and fun!

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