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You Don’t Need Lots of Psychic Readings


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(Be Your Own Authority, baby!)

(Be Your Own Authority, baby!)

I know it’s bad grammar with my title here, but I’m an informal, down-to-earth kind of gal. I’m sure you knew that.

It’s true though…you don’t really need many psychic readings.


You already know your inner truth.

You are smart. You are wise. You are intuitive and yes, even psychic (It just takes practice and you got this, as they say.)

You know what is best and for your highest good. You really do.

You might get a reading now and then. Maybe it’s once a quarter? Maybe every six months? Maybe once per year? Maybe every 2 years?

You know what is best.

The thing is, I’m not gonna pressure you to get readings. No, I don’t work like that.

I’m in the business of putting myself out of business. I hope that one day, no one needs a psychic reading ‘cause everyone has embraced their inner wisdom and intuitive gifts.

I just invite you to get a reading when it feels right for you. Then, you just email me and ask for a reading. I’ll send you a PayPal link and we’ll work out the day and time…but, it’s not about the money for me. I love giving readings and it’s one of my passions. I’d do it for free and I have, but I burned out. Money just happens to be our modern culture’s exchange. (Sorry, I can’t take chickens as payment, ha ha!).

It’s all really easy.

It really is.

Loving you,

Lisa, Punk Rock Psychic™



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